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Featured Crystal: Galena

Galena is great for accessing and learning from past lives. Galena is great for anchoring spiritual travelers with its own deeply grounding force, which makes it useful for all types of spiritual exploration, but in particular soul retrieval and past life work.   Galena is lead ore, which means it’s physically heavy; at the same […]

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Mimosa is one of State’s Street’s most unique stores. Its retail store features spiritual and metaphysical items from many different cultures and traditions.

Besides the retail front, Mimosa also has an upstairs Activity Room, where a variety of classes, workshops, and other events help create a space for like minded people to gather and share ideas, be inspired, and move their lives in a more positive, productive direction.

In addition, Mimosa has various in-house services, and participates as a vendor at local community festivals. It also maintains a resource list of spiritual and holistic practitioners in the area.

Check out our resource list, online store and our video to the left for more information.

A Little About Us

At Mimosa we are dedicated to embracing the global diversity of wisdom and belief. We hold in respect all integrity based teachings, systems, and spirit based philosophies. Our mission is to support and facilitate every individual’s vision of what is meaningful to them in the spiritual realm. Without judgment of affiliation to one ideology, we embrace everyone’s right to pursue their beliefs in a respectful and loving environment.

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What's New?

Current Transits

September 11, 2014

Astrological Update for September, 2014 by Barry Kerr (Click here for a glossary of astrological terms.) During September, while the sun travels through practical and earnest Virgo, Venus also is in Virgo while Mercury, which rules Virgo, is in Libra. Venus, planet of relationships, and Libra, sign of relationships are inviting and supporting ...

Aroma Reading with Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach, PhD

August 28, 2014

Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD Which ONE of the following essential oils do you like the most: Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Lavender, Patchouli, Rose, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, or Tea Tree? If you are not familiar with all of their scents, take a look at the picture below and choose which ONE of the 9 bottles you are […]

The Ha Prayer, or Aligning the Triple Soul

August 14, 2014

My Version of the Ha Prayer, the Sacred Dove, or Aligning the Triple Soul by Mari Powers In many traditions of the Craft, and in many new and old Pagan religions, we acknowledge and recognize the triple form of many Goddesses, and some Gods. In the Feri tradition, we believe in the tripartite nature of […]

Home Care for Silver

August 9, 2014

by Cathy Douglas Sterling silver is a popular metal for jewelry, and for a good reason: it’s beautiful, durable, and can be worked into all sorts of shapes and patterns. Silver’s only real downside is that it tarnishes. Tarnish happens when airborne sulfur combines with elemental silver, creating silver sulfide, which makes jewelry ...

Chakras and Auras: A Crystal Healing Approach

August 5, 2014

by Ashley Leavy Chakras are vortices of energy found in the aura, or energy field, of the human body. These energy centers act as satellites to the universe, taking in energy, using it to influence the mind, the body, and the spirit, and then returning it back to the universe. Each chakra rules a specific […]

Four Tarot Cards Discussed

August 1, 2014

by Mari Powers I had questions about two Tarot Cards that were very interesting and led me to think about a couple other cards, as well.  I was asked about the Major Arcana, (Life Passage cards), #13 Death and #16 The Tower. These cards made me think of the 9 and 10 of Swords.  This […]

Interview with Jeremy Anacker

July 31, 2014

A talk about reiki, auras and spiritual development with longtime Mimosa event presenter Jeremy Anacker. Mimosa: When did you first realize you could see auras? Jeremy: When I was seventeen I was invited to a spiritually oriented group and I sat in back with a friend. As the presenter told his story and was expressing […]

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Upcoming Events

Astrology for the Soul

Sep 24, 2014
By donation; $20 suggested, but no one will be turned away. About the Event:Astrology For The Soul, with Evolutionary Astrologer Barry Kerr Each of us is a unique soul, with a unique life path toward purposes. Though there are many ways we can bring this information to our conscious awareness, few are as direct and […]

Exploring the Quantum Keys of Light

Sep 27, 2014
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS EVENT IS NOT BEING HELD AT MIMOSA. IT WILL BE HELD AT UNITY OF MADISON, 601 TOMKINS DRIVE, MADISON. TICKETS: $40 in advance, $45 at the door. On Sale through Mimosa at 608-256-5432. Tickets can be purchased by credit card, check or cash and can be mailed. Enjoy an evening of dynamic […]

“Joyfully Stoned” with Akeeya

Sep 28, 2014
“JOYFULLY STONED” WITH AKEEYA – A CRYSTAL PLAYDAY!!! Bring your crystals and your gemstones. This will be a fabulous Play Day with the Goddess Akeeya. Akeeya is one of the original Founding Instructors certified and accredited by THE Melody, author of “Love Is In the Earth – A Kaleidoscope of Crystals” publications. Akeeya has taught […]

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Psychic Readings Calendar

Psychic: Mari Powers

Sep 17, 2014
Master Tarot and Oracle card reader Mari Powers helps you find guidance from the invisible universe.  She has been offering tarot classes since 1980 and has been performing readings for over 30 years.  In addition, she is an ordained minister for Circle Sanctuary.  Mari is also a Reiki II Initiate and a master in guided […]

Psychic: Mari Powers

Sep 18, 2014
Master Tarot and Oracle card reader Mari Powers helps you find guidance from the invisible universe.  She has been offering tarot classes since 1980 and has been performing readings for over 30 years.  In addition, she is an ordained minister for Circle Sanctuary.  Mari is also a Reiki II Initiate and a master in guided […]

Psychic: Ronna Trapanese

Sep 19, 2014
The Artful Medium, can help you gain focus and clarity with your life’s work by activating your true potential and gifts. With her ability to see spirit guides and angels, she can create a painting for you, and explain its symbols to help you better understand the nature of your guides. (The painting is optional, […]

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