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Mimosa is one of State’s Street’s most unique stores. Its retail store features spiritual and metaphysical items from many different cultures and traditions.

In addition, Mimosa has various in-house services, and participates as a vendor at local community festivals. It also maintains a resource list of spiritual and holistic practitioners in the area.

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A Little About Us

At Mimosa we are dedicated to embracing the global diversity of wisdom and belief. We hold in respect all integrity based teachings, systems, and spirit based philosophies. Our mission is to support and facilitate every individual’s vision of what is meaningful to them in the spiritual realm. Without judgment of affiliation to one ideology, we embrace everyone’s right to pursue their beliefs in a respectful and loving environment.

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What's New?

Your Real Sign Is the One You Were Born With

October 27, 2016

by Cathy Douglas We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about a supposedly “new” sign of the zodiac and whether all of us need to worry about our signs changing. The short answer is, simply, no. What happened is that a recent NASA article about the constellations caught the media’s attention, and the media […]

November 2016: Scorpio, Pluto & Current Transits

October 27, 2016

By Barry Kerr The Sun moved into Scorpio on October 22. In traditional astrology, Mars rules the signs of Aries and Scorpio. In Aries, our fiery Martian will learns to assert it self boldly, selfishly into the world, to claim its right to be here. In Scorpio, that same willfulness must adjust and respond to […]

October Aromatherapy Recipe: Elemi

October 13, 2016

by Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA As we move into October, when the sun is transiting through the constellation Libra (represented by scales), we start to see a shift into more balance. It’s been a turbulent year for many people but the winds are changing and it is starting to slowly calm down. So it’s […]

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Psychic Readings Calendar

Psychic: Brenda Hammon

Oct 28, 2016
A gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, empath and natural medium. Brenda can connect with Angels, Guides, & Guardians. This ability comforts & uplifts her clients on their life path. She is also able to channel messages through her writing and art. Clients receive a handwritten message from their guides along with their reading. A lifelong student […]

Psychic: Mari Powers

Oct 29, 2016
Master Tarot and Oracle card reader Mari Powers helps you find guidance from the invisible universe. She has been offering tarot classes since 1980 and has been performing readings for over 30 years. In addition, she is an ordained minister for Circle Sanctuary. Mari is also a Reiki II Initiate and a master in guided […]

Psychic: Ronna Trapanese

Oct 30, 2016
Ronna Trapanese, the Artful Medium, can help you gain focus and clarity with your life’s work by activating your true potential and gifts. With her ability to see spirit guides and angels, she can create a painting for you, and explain its symbols to help you better understand the nature of your guides. (The painting […]

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