Properties for Individual Crystals

Click the link for more information on these wonderful stones. Please note that the titles only give a hint at the properties — all of these stones do MUCH more than just one thing!

Agate Crystal Family
Amazonite to De-Stress
Amber for Health & Balance

Amethyst for Protection & Healing
Amethyst (Vera Cruz) to Connect with Your Higher Self
Apache Tear: See Obsidian
Aquamarine for Tranquility
Apophyllite for Pure Energy
Aragonite for Everyday Grounding and Support
Aventurine (Green) for Wealth

Bismuth for Concentration
Bloodstone for Inner Strength

Calcite Crystal Family
Carnelian for Strength & Focus
Celestite for Prayer & Meditation
Chalcedony for Soft, Soothing Energy
Chrysaberyl / Alexandrite for Shapeshifters
Chrysocolla for Earth Lovers
Citrine for Success & Positive Energy
Copper for Maintaining Equilibrium

Emerald for Peace & Calming

Fairy Stone for Connecting with Nature
Fluorite (Rainbow) for Balance & Stress Reduction

Gaia Stone for Goddess Energy
Garnet for Vitality
Goldstone for Positive Thinking

Hematite for Grounding
Herkimer Diamonds for Clarity

Iolite for Direction

Jade for Luck & Prosperity
Jasper Crystal Family

Kyanite for Angel Energy

Labradorite, the Spiritual Beauty
Lapis Lazuli, Stone of Heaven
Larimar for Peace & Joy
Lepidolite for Emotional Stability

Malachite far Psychic Protection
Moldavite for Spiritual Growth
Moonstone (Rainbow & White) for Goddess Energy
Morganite for Emotional Healing

Obsidian for Personal Growth (includes Apache Tears & Snowflake Obsidian)
Onyx for Strength
Opal for Heart Healing
Opalite for Childlike Wonder

Peridot for Spiritual Protection
Pyrite for Confidence

Quartz (Blue) for Inner Happiness
Quartz (Clear) for Amplification of Energy
Quartz (Rose) for Relationships
Quartz Crystal Family

Ruby for Finding Your Inner Purpose

Salt (Himalayan / Tibetan) for Cleansing and Purification
Sapphire (Blue) for Communication
Selenite for Purification
Shungite the Super Healer
Snowflake Obsidian: See Obsidian

Tiger’s Eye (Golden), the Power Stone
Topaz (Golden) for Inner Light
Tourmaline (Black) for Protection and Removing Negativity

You can download an ebook with many more crystal properties here: Healing Properties of Crystals & Stones, by Ashley Leavy