Meet the Staff

pretty Ashley

Ashley Leavy

Ashley is a current Owner of Mimosa. She began working at Mimosa in October of 2006 and officially bought in as an owner (along with her husband Zach) in January of 2009. Ashley is a Certified Master of Crystology and is endorsed and accredited in the Melody Level I and Level II Laying on of Stones & Laying on of Hands Workshops. She has always had a passion for crystals and is happy to share this knowledge with you during your next visit.


Courtney Paulus

Courtney is very excited to help people on their spiritual journey. She attended school at the Madison Psychic Institute and is also learning to read tarot. She is currently taking Ashley’s classes to become a Certified Crystal Healer. She is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner and working on starting her own private practice. Courtney has studied many healing modalities. Ask her if you have any questions about meditation or connecting to your Higher Power. She is very knowledgeable in energy healing.


Zach Leavy

Zach is lucky enough to be married to Ashley. A professional horticulturalist and gardener, he fills in at Mimosa whenever he is needed. He is a long-time believer in the underlying spirituality of all things and enjoys helping people find whatever they might be looking for.



Luna Lang

Luna (aka the Sparkle Goddess of Bling), began working for Mimosa back when it lived on Henry Street and Kudo (the big black Majestic Cat) ruled the premises. She is a very spiritual Fairy Sprite who loves, gemstones, jewelry, crystals, and anything else that sparkles (especially bindis). Luna is a loving devotee of Ammachi (also known as the Hugging Saint). She enjoys yoga, kirtan, bellydance, and is very fond of plants and beings of Light and Love who reside at Mimosa and elsewhere. Luna brings a very creative and artistic beauty to Mimosa (especially with her window displays and hand-made bags).


Kelly Lingen

Kelly started working at Mimosa in the summer of 2012. An avid collector of rocks and crystals, Kelly became a Master of Crystology after completing the Melody Level I and Level II Laying on of Hands and Laying on of Stones workshops (where she met Ashley!). She also became a Certified Crystal Healer after completing Ashley Leavy’s CCH program through the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy. In addition to her work with crystals, Kelly’s areas of specialty include pendulum dowsing, tarot and oracle card readings (she is also a reader here at Mimosa), fairies and other elementals, and crystal skulls. When she’s not working at Mimosa, Kelly is a freelance writer.




Latasia Dhami

Latasia is a sarcastic, silly, spiritual creative who works primarily as a freelance graphic/web designer and photographer. She started at Mimosa about 6 months ago because of the positive vibes in the shop and her love of spiritual awakening, interest in crystals, and fondness for healing and helping people in everything she does. Creating authenticity and social awareness in society is Latasia’s guiding principle. Conversations about veganism, design concepts, cats, photography, and spirituality are welcomed and encouraged!