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“Astrology as Spiritual Psychology” by Shelley Jordan

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The symbols, myths and metaphors of astrology have been gathered across the centuries from a variety of cultural sources. Based on an underlying philosophy that assumes some kind of interrelationship between the sky and the earth, astrological thinking has thrived during the past two thousand years across the globe. The Middle East, the Greco-Roman world, Asia, and medieval and Renaissance Europe have all nurtured astrological thought in its varying forms. Marginalized as a consequence of the Scientific Revolution in the 17th century, astrology underwent a rebirth during the 20th century beginning with the theosophical movement, from whose hands it passed during the depth psychology heyday of the 1960s and 70s., when it adopted the rhetoric of Jungian psychoanalytic theory. A recent flush of interest in Vedic astrology has added another facet to contemporary astrology’s richly complex and syncretic theory and practice. Appropriated by the New Age movement, astrology once again demonstrates its resilience and capacity to adapt to the cultural and historic moment. Zodiac signs in circle.

When viewed as an esoteric philosophy for self examination and introspection, astrology can be incorporated into a personal spiritual practice. Its symbolism offers a catalyst for self discovery and personal development. As a vehicle for contemplating the self by means of its archetypal images, astrology also has the ability to describe personal cycles and stages of life. The birth chart can provide a mirror for the soul and its purpose. The chart is a spiritual mandala that outlines the contours of the soul’s focus and its psychological predispositions.

If you remove prediction from astrology, taking away the assumption that fate, destiny, health, wealth or disaster can be determined from the birth chart, what remains is a representative model of the interior landscape of the psyche. This distillation process leaves a pure, symbolic and spiritual technology of the sacred that can stimulate introspection and self awareness.

Using the birth chart as a mirror of insight into the landscape of the soul can enable higher levels of self awareness, improvement and spiritual maturation. The chart can aid in identifying and describing problem areas, and in this capacity can be said to be diagnostic. Those same challenges also contain the potential to become areas of strength, because all astrological archetypes contain a full range of healthy and unhealthy possibilities. By holding as goals the highest expressions of potential in the chart’s dominant archetypal images, astrology can become a prescription for spiritual evolution.

Astrological archetypes are highly fluid and subjective in nature. One’s personal relationship with them can change over time. The more self aware one becomes as a result of inner exploration and a quest for self, the greater the possibility of finding inner peace and happiness. You have to know who you are to be happy, to know what will make you happy, in contrast to what another person might find satisfying. External mandates contribute to the hive mentality. Only knowledge of the true self, which is capable of growth and evolution, can align the personality and the soul. A temperate and thoughtful contemplation of the birth chart – astrology with a light touch – can awaken self knowledge and an awareness of larger spiritual and developmental cycles. In this way, harmony between the self and the cosmos is possible.

Runes at a Glance

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talisRunes are an ancient form of writing used in northern Europe, including Germany, Scandinavia, and the British Isles. The listing below is a very basic chart of the Scandinavian runes known as the “elder Futhark.” In modern times, people often use runes for divination, in writing magical texts or spells, or as talismans.




What it means

What it may signify


Fehu (f)


Wealth, prosperity, status, power


Uruz (u)

Aurochs (ancient cow)

Strength, courage, determination


Thurisaz (th)

Thor, or a giant

Protection, obstacles, stubbornness


Ansuz (a)

Voice of the gods

Wisdom from a higher source


Raidho (r)


A journey, whether physical or otherwise


Kenaz (k)


Knowledge, study, skill, ideas


Gebo (g)


Gift, love, union, mutual responsibility


Wunjo (w)


Good luck or good news, family, harmony


Hagalaz (h)


Disruption, misfortune, shock


Nauthiz (n)


Poverty, distress, something lacking


Jera (j)


Success, productivity, cycles


Eihwaz (ei)

Yew tree

Change, flexibility, empowerment, safety


Perthro (p)

Cauldron or dice cup

Mystery, chance, seeing the future


Algiz (z)


Protection, communication, friendship


Sowilo (s)


One’s will, success, good health & fortune


Tiwaz (t)


Justice, leadership, self-sacrifice


Berkana (b)

Birch tree

Feminine energy, nurturing, love, beauty


Ehwaz (e)


Service, trust, self-control, a helper


Mannaz (m)


Self, rational thought, friends, consciousness


Laguz (l)


Water, intuition, skrying, dreams, the moon


Ingwaz (ng)

Ing (fertility god)

Sexual energy, fertility, union, intense creativity


Othila (o)


Home, family, inheritance, ancestors


Dagaz (d)


Beginnings & endings, cyclic change, destiny

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Crystal Properties Booklet

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This guide to the metaphysical properties of common stones is a searchable version of Crystal & Gemstone Properties & Attributes, a booklet prepared by Mimosa partner and Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Leavy. Click on the link below to download a copy of this booklet.

Crystal Properties Booklet (Free Download)

Ashley shares this information as a courtesy to Mimosa customers and the general public. You may keep a copy of this booklet on hand for your own use, but please do not make any other copies without permission. To ask such permission, or to find out more about stones, please check out Ashley’s website or the Mimosa’s Website.

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