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Aroma Reading with Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach, PhD

Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD

Which ONE of the following essential oils do you like the most: Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Lavender, Patchouli, Rose, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, or Tea Tree?

If you are not familiar with all of their scents, take a look at the picture below and choose which ONE of the 9 bottles you are the most attracted to or drawn to.  It’s ok if you are not quite sure why you are drawn to it. Don’t think too hard either….it should be the first bottle that pops into your mind.

aroma reading Mimosa article

Oils from left to right:

Bergamot: Symbolizes balance, particularly mental/emotional balance. Bergamot is the best oil for emotional conditions, anxiety, depression, stress, anger, etc. Bergamot is also associated with money and financial well-being. Have you been feeling a little “off” lately? Bergamot asks you to further explore your emotions…..are you in control of your emotions or are your emotions in control of you?

Ylang Ylang: Sacral Chakra Oil. Symbolizes sensuality, sexuality, and the balance of male/female energies. Is a potent aphrodisiac. Also symbolizes a kundalini awakening and the meeting of Shakti and Shiva. Ylang Ylang asks you to take a look at the role both male energies (yang, assertive, active, outward, heat) and female energies (yin, intuitive, passive, inward, contemplative, cool) play in your life. Are you a balance of both yin and yang? Why or why not?

Sandalwood: Assists to find spiritual purpose, ground, and center energy. Sandalwood helps to link the base chakra to the crown. One of the most important spiritual oils. Sandalwood asks you to further explore your spirituality and your “life purpose.” Why are you here? Are you doing what you are meant to do? Are you living or existing?

Lavender: The most popular essential oil/herb and perhaps the most overused. Associated with healing and the healing arts. Symbolizes integration, balance, healing, protection, and purification. Also associated with the third eye. Lavender asks that you take a look at your life path, goals, and aspirations…..are you clearly seeing the whole picture or just what you want to see?

Patchouli: Symbolizes Mother Earth, The Forests, and Nature. A Root chakra oil, patchouli is associated with foundation, trust, protection, and security. Patchouli asks you to look at your connection to earth….have you been spending enough time in nature? Is your energy stuck “up in the clouds?” Connect to mother earth in some way today.

Rose: Is the highest vibrating essential oil and symbolizes Divine Feminine energy. A very powerful heart chakra oil that represents love, self-love, and the higher emotions….compassion, peace, joy, harmony. Rose asks you to take a look at what type of emotions you have been experiencing lately….lower emotions like depression, anger, greed or have they been heart centered emotions? What do you need to do to shift your emotions to a place of love?

Eucalyptus: Is a potent throat chakra oil and symbolizes communication; both listening and speaking.  Are you speaking your truth? Are you an assertive communicator? Do you let others walk over you and take advantage of you? Eucalyptus also aids in healing and protection….physical protection as well as energetic protection. Eucalyptus asks that you take a look at your relationships and how effective the communication is in all of them. What role do you play and what can you do to make your communications efficacious?

Jasmine: An extremely feminine oil strongly connected to the moon and the mysteries of the night. Jasmine is symbolic of the bond of love and passion. Has been used in love potions for centuries. Are you a romantic at heart? Are you seeking a loving partner? Jasmine asks that you take a deep look at what or who you truly desire.

Tea Tree: Traditionally is associated with cleansing and physical healing medicinal properties, but has very powerful emotional properties. Symbolizes deep levels of emotional healing and past life issues. Have you just undergone a personal transformation? Tea Tree asks you to evaluate what burden you are carrying from the past that does not serve you a higher purpose. How can you release it?

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The Ha Prayer, or Aligning the Triple Soul

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My Version of the Ha Prayer, the Sacred Dove, or Aligning the Triple Soul

by Mari Powers

In many traditions of the Craft, and in many new and old Pagan religions, we acknowledge and recognize the triple form of many Goddesses, and some Gods. In the Feri tradition, we believe in the tripartite nature of our own souls. This mirrors the beliefs of the indigenous people of Hawaii, who practice the native religion involving the Kahuna, and in the ancient religions of Egypt, where people also were believed to have a triple soul. Even Hinduism has a belief in the three parts of the human soul. To my knowledge, only the Feri branch of the Craft believes this, and it came to the founders, Victor and Cora Anderson, from the Kahuna tradition. Each Feri teacher I have read teaches the Ha Prayer to help us align our triple soul. In true Feri “tradition”, each has written it a little differently. When I began to practice it, it changed a little for me as well, and it is this version I will share here.

Aligning the triple soul is somewhat like centering and grounding, yet it is also much more. It gives us the energy to work our true will, as our child self and emotional body openly communicates with our thinking self, and for lack of a better term, our “over soul” as well. It feeds us what has been called manna, chi, and the life energy from the multiverse itself, to our body, heart, mind and soul. Then it gets them all working together and creates harmony in ourselves and our will behind our prayers.

Though we refer the triple soul, and sometimes the triple will, we feed the body first. The number four is a number sacred in the ancient Hawaiian religion, so the aligning our tripartite soul involves breathing and holding the breath in rounds of four. This is the way I do this exercise:

I take three or four slow clearing breaths and clear my mind. I then begin breathing in the life force to the count of four, hold it for four counts, breath out for four counts and hold the emptiness in my lungs for another count of four before beginning another round of breathing. I do the whole breathing cycle four times.

Now for the rest of the exercise, that requires visualization and energy work. On the first round of breathing, I feed my physical body. I draw energy from the earth and air into my body on the inhale, on the hold, and on the exhale. On the second empty four count hold before my next breath, I energetically bond the energy in my body for strength and health.

This is different than a lot of breathing exercises in that the exhale feeds me. Many breathing exercises, like cleansing breaths, involve a sort of in the good and out with the bad type of visualization. For me, the inhale, the first hold of the energy, and exhale all feed me. The second holding to the count of four with empty lungs, fixes the energy in place.

On the second round of breathing, I feed my emotional body. I visualize this as a close aura of blue light energy, about two inches all around my physical body. This body in Feri is sometimes called the Fetch, the Sticky One, or the inner child. I draw energy from the blue fire in the belly of the earth and air into my body on the inhale, on the hold, and on the exhale. On the second empty four count hold before my next breath, I energetically bond the energy in my inner aura for strength and health.

On the third round of breathing, I feed my mental body, or thinking self. I visualize this as a luminous golden light egg all around me, extending out a foot or so from my physical body. As I fix this energy in place, it empowers my mind, (and second part of my triple soul), with clarity and the ability to focus my thoughts.

On the fourth and final breath, in what may be one, or the beginning of four rounds of breathing, I visualize a white dove above my head. This dove represents my connection to the greater multiverse, and my own personal over soul. I draw in air and waves of manna like water, then lift my head back, and blow up and out the combined manna collected into my sacred dove above my crown chakra.

If I am only doing one round of breathing, I begin blowing with a “Ha”, and finish emptying my lungs, by blowing upwards through my mouth in a breath like the wind. If I am doing a round of four breaths times four, I simply blow the air like the wind to my sacred dove on the first, second and third rounds, and save the “Ha” sound for the fourth and last round.

After the final breath with the “Ha” sound, I make a prayer. I then say, “What is this flower above my head?” (For me it is almost always the Lotus Flower, though sometimes it is the Rose.)  I ask, “What is the work this Gods would have me do?” I contemplate the answer(s). I then state, “I would know myself in all my parts. My triple soul is aligned. I am whole”. If I need to verbalize a specific prayer, I do. Then I say, “It is done.”

The Ha Prayer is used to align the triple soul. Any prayer said with it acquires all the manna gathered and shared. If there is no specific prayer, this alignment gives me a deep sense of relaxation, a connection to the greater multiverse and a sense of being whole. If there is a prayer, I have the same sense, yet also know that my prayer has been heard and will be answered in a positive way. When my triple soul is aligned, all prayers are good and have power.

Most of the time, I do this without a specific prayer in mind and verbalized, and simply enjoy the benefits of increased manna and a sense of relaxation; I am in alignment and at oneness.

(c) 2014 Mari Powers

Image via Wikimedia Commons: Contemplation, by Ghassan Salman Faidi

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Home Care for Silver

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by Cathy Douglas

Sterling silver is a popular metal for jewelry, and for a good reason: it’s beautiful, durable, and can be worked into all sorts of shapes and patterns. Silver’s only real downside is that it tarnishes. Tarnish happens when airborne sulfur combines with elemental silver, creating silver sulfide, which makes jewelry turn first dingy yellow, and then black. Silver jewelry usually needs a good cleaning once or twice a year, plus regular touch-ups. Some silver jewelry is rhodium-plated. This gives it a shiny finish without polishing, though if you wear the piece a lot the plating may wear off.

At the store, we use a chemical silver dip to do the heavy lifting, tarnish-wise. It works, but you may not want to use a noxious chemical like this at home. Chemical dip has has to stay away from food and pets, and mustn’t touch skin, eyes, etc. Even the fumes make some of us feel sick.  Another downside to silver dip: the chemical reaction that does the cleaning releases sulfur back into the atmosphere. Yup, the very same element that causes tarnish in the first place. So if you dip, let your silver air out before putting it away. Also, be careful with gemstones. If dipped too frequently, finishing polishes used on lapis, onyx, malachite, and some other stones can degrade.

Fortunately, there are more convenient and less toxic ways to take care of silver at home. One the simple polishing cloth. We have single cloths for sale at the store for a dollar each, and one usually lasts a good long time. Variety stores often carry larger packages. These are simple to use, best for a quick surface wipe. Of course, they can’t get into the grooves of a chain, or completely clean three-dimensional decoration.

Both dips and silver cloths work by removing the black layer of silver sulfide that forms when the piece reacts to sulfur in the air, which is a byproduct of aging plant material and food. Unfortunately, these methods also remove a thin layer of silver every time. Here’s another method that removes only the sulfur, leaving 100% of the silver intact:

Find a pan big enough to lay your tarnished jewelry out flat, then cover the pan with aluminum foil. Lay the jewelry on top of the foil, so that as much silver as possible touches the aluminum. Boil enough water to cover all the jewelry, then mix in baking soda at a ratio of one cup soda per gallon of water. Pour the soda/water combination into the pan. (Careful, it may froth up a bit.) Light tarnish will disappear completely after soaking a couple minutes, though for really dirty pieces you may have to repeat the process. After a couple minutes, lay the jewelry out to dry. Then just brush off any excess baking soda with an old toothbrush or fuzzy cloth. That’s it! The aluminum foil is the magic ingredient; sulfur atoms like aluminum better than silver, which is why they’ll happily jump off your jewelry.

A few types of gemstones may degrade in boiling water. With biological stones like amber, copal and jet, it’s safer just to use a cloth.

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Chakras and Auras: A Crystal Healing Approach

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by Ashley Leavy

Chakras are vortices of energy found in the aura, or energy field, of the human body. These energy centers act as satellites to the universe, taking in energy, using it to influence the mind, the body, and the spirit, and then returning it back to the universe. Each chakra rules a specific section of the physical body, specific emotions, and certain aspects of one’s spiritual self. There are seven major chakras found along the spine, but there are many other minor chakras located all throughout the physical body.

In crystal healing*, the seven chakra system is most commonly used. However, there are many minor chakras that can be used under particular circumstances. In fact, all of these chakras are influenced by the crystal’s healing energy during a healing session, but the energy is typically more precisely directed to the body’s seven main energy centers. By placing crystals on the chakras, one can use the healing vibrations given off by the crystal to correct any imbalances within the chakra.

Typically, crystals are associated with specific chakras based on their color, but this is not always true. Some crystals have other inherent properties that allow them to be used on chakras other than those that are associated with their color. These exceptions can be discovered after research or intuitive insights about additional properties that the crystal may have. These associations may even vary from person to person so it is important that one takes time to connect with a particular crystal before placing it on the body.

Please Note: The seven most commonly known chakras have been numbered 1-7. Other minor chakras have been bulleted. This listing appears in order from the area below the feet toward the area above the crown of the head.

– Gaia Gateway Chakra (Black Crystals)

– Earth Star Chakra (Brown Crystals)

1. Root/Base/Perineum/Muladhara Chakra (Black, Brown, or Red Crystals)

– Coccygeal Chakra (Burnt Orange or Rust Crystals)

2. Sacral/Pubic/Spleenic/Pelvic/Swadhisthana Chakra (Orange Crystals)

– Navel/Sea of Chi’i/Door of Life Chakra (Yellow-Orange or Gold Crystals)

3. Solar Plexus/Diaphragmatic/Power/Manipura Chakra (Yellow or Gold Crystals)

– Lower Heart/Sacred Heart Chakra (Green Crystals)

4. Middle Heart/Shoulder Blades/Anahata Chakra (Pink Crystals)

– Higher Heart/Ascending Heart/Thymus Chakra (Teal Crystals)

– Base of Throat/Base of Neck Chakra (Turquoise Crystals)

– Zeal Point Chakra/Mouth of God/Talu/Lalana Chakra (Blue Crystals)

6. Third Eye/3rd Eye/Brow/Ajna Chakra (Indigo or Violet Crystals)

– Manas Chakra (Indigo or Violet Crystals)

– Indu Chakra (Indigo or Violet Crystals)

– Upper Forehead Chakra (Dark Indigo or Deep Violet Crystals)

7. Crown/Sahasrara Chakra (Violet, Golden, or Clear White Crystals)

– Golden Crown Chakra (Gateway Chakra) (Gold Crystals)

– Causal Chakra (Gateway Chakra) (Teal & Pink or White Crystals)

– Soul Star Chakra (Gateway Chakra) (Gold & Clear White Crystals)

– Stellar Gateway Chakra (Gateway Chakra) (Gold & Silver Crystals)

Crystal Layout to Activate the Chakras:

In this layout the healer should place a stone of the corresponding color on each of the seven main chakras. This exercise will open the energetic pathways within the subject and will also activate the major and minor chakras within the subject’s body. This technique is best used with tired or fatigued subjects, or those who are under a great deal of stress.

To begin, you should choose a colored stone that is appropriate for each of the seven main chakras, using the color correspondences listed above.  Beginning at the root chakra, you should place a red stone, such as Garnet or Red Jasper, at the base of the subject’s spine.  Next, you should place an orange stone, such as Carnelian, on the subject’s sacral chakra, about two inches below the subject’s navel (about half way between the subject’s pubic bone and belly-button).  Then, you should place a yellow stone, such as Yellow Aventurine or Yellow Calcite, on the subject’s solar plexus chakra, about two inches above the subject’s navel, between the subject’s belly-button and his or her breastbone.

You should then move to the subject’s heart chakra and choose a green stone, such as Green Fluorite or Green Aventurine, and place it in the center of the subject’s chest.

Next, you should place a blue stone, such as Blue Opal or Blue Quartz, on the subject’s throat chakra at the center of the throat.

Then, you should place an indigo (dark blue) stone, such as Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite, at the subject’s brow chakra, located between and slightly above the subject’s eyes.

Finally, you should place a violet stone, such as Sugilite or Amethyst, at the subject’s crown chakra, located on the top of the subject’s head.

If terminated crystal points are used, the terminations should face toward the subject’s crown.

If you do not have enough colored stones to use, or if you would prefer to use clear quartz only, the quartz crystals may be used without other stones. The quartz should be programmed to the color of each chakra before being placed on the subject’s body.

After the stones have been placed on the body, you should infuse each chakra with energy by placing your hands just above each stone. To infuse a chakra with energy, you should bring white light energy in through your crown chakra and pass it through your hands to charge the area with energy from the universe. To bring white light into your body, you should be grounded and centered. Then, you should visualize your crown chakra opening and, as you inhale, visualize a stream of universal light beaming into the crown of your head. You should then exhale and push the light down through the palms of your hands. You can now transfer this energy into the subject.

You should begin this energy-infusion at the brow chakra, and then you should move to the crown chakra. After this, you should move to the root chakra and continue up the spine to the sacral, solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras. You should then again infuse the brow and crown chakras with energy. You should spend at least three to five minutes at each chakra or until you intuitively feel that there is sufficient energy at each chakra.

Crystal Layout to Balance the Chakras:

This technique can be utilized to balance the energy of each chakra and is particularly best utilized with subjects that suffer from anxiety, anger, ADD, or a great deal of stress.

To begin this technique, repeat the laying on of colored stones from the previous exercise, but stop before beginning the energy-infusion technique. Then, return to the root chakra and place a stone of the complementary color next to the stone that has been placed at each chakra. Work up the chakras, beginning at the root and moving up toward the crown, using the following colors:

  • Root Chakra: Green stone
  • Sacral Chakra: Blue stone
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Violet stone
  • Heart Chakra: Pink stone and Red Stone
  • Throat Chakra: Orange stone
  • Third Eye Chakra: Red stone
  • Crown Chakra: Yellow stone

If you do not have enough colored stones to use, or if you would prefer to use clear quartz only, the quartz crystals may be used without other stones. The quartz should be programmed to the color of each chakra before being placed on the subject’s body.

The stones in this technique should not be infused with energy. Instead, they should be left to transmit healing, balancing energy into the subject’s aura and subtle bodies. The crystals should be left on the body for approximately twenty minutes or until you intuitively feel that the subject has absorbed the healing energy.

The most important thing to remember as you are placing stones on the subject’s body is that the stones should all be aligned with the subject’s spine. This assures that the energetic channels are properly opened.

If you find it difficult to remember the correspondence between color and the chakras, you should try to memorize the following acronym: ROY G. BIV (i.e. like a man’s name).

R (Red) O (Orange) Y (Yellow)

G (Green)

B (Blue) I (Indigo) V (Violet)

The chakras also correspond to particular auric realms (layers of the energy body).

Please Note: This listing appears in order from the innermost layer toward the outermost layer of the aura:

-Physical Body

-Etheric Body

-Emotional Body

-Mental/Vital Body

-Astral Body

-Etheric Template

-Celestial Body

-Causal/Ketheric/Intuitive Body

An Exercise for Aura Health:

You should strengthen and protect your aura in various everyday life situations. You should especially strengthen the aura if you know that you will encounter an individual that will drain your energy, as this is extremely detrimental to the auric body. This should also be done if you know that you will have to spend time in a negative energy environment or deal with a situation surrounded by negative energies and emotions.

To protect the aura, you should close off your energy body to others by engaging in the protective posture (feet crossed at the ankles and with thumbs and fingers touching).

To strengthen and energize the aura, you can undertake the nostril breathing technique. In this technique, the breath is used to strengthen the auric field and to balance the mind and the physical body. This technique is performed by alternating your breaths, breathing in through one nostril and then out of the other.

To begin the technique, hold the nostrils between your thumb and index finger. Place your right thumb and finger over your nostril (without squeezing) and exhale. Then connect your tongue to your palate just behind your front teeth. Next, press your thumb against right nostril to close it and inhale through your left nostril for approximately three seconds. While keeping your right nostril closed with your thumb, press your index finger onto your left nostril. Your nose should now be closed between your thumb and finger. Keep your nostrils pinched shut for approximately 15 seconds. If 15 seconds is too long for you, then reduce the time limit to amount that you feel comfortable with. Now, remove your thumb so as to open your right nostril, but continue holding your left nostril closed with your index finger. Slowly release your breath through your right nostril for approximately three seconds.

Remove your right hand from your nose and place your left hand on your nostrils with your thumb pressing on your left nostril. Inhale through your right nostril for approximately three seconds and press your left index finger onto your right nostril, so as to close it. Hold this breath for approximately 15 seconds. Then, remove your thumb to open your left nostril, but continue to press your right nostril closed with your index finger. Slowly release your breath through your left nostril for approximately three seconds.

Repeat this exercise, while alternating nostrils for approximately three to five repetitions.

To purify the aura, you can perform the cleansing vortex exercise. In this exercise, you should visualize a whirlwind of purifying, healing, white light which surrounds the entire auric body (beginning at the Causal/Ketheric Body). You should then visualize this whirlwind removing all negative energy and transmuting it into positive energy. Then, you should visualize that the vortex departs into the earth and this positive energy is released into the earth for the good of all beings.

Once the aura has been strengthened, protected, and cleared, you are ready to absorb the healing energy of the crystals.

This process should be followed by a mindfulness meditation exercise and focused breathing.

*Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. The information within this guide is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Crystal Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.

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Four Tarot Cards Discussed

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by Mari Powers

I had questions about two Tarot Cards that were very interesting and led me to think about a couple other cards, as well.  I was asked about the Major Arcana, (Life Passage cards), #13 Death and #16 The Tower. These cards made me think of the 9 and 10 of Swords.  This is the text of the question that got me to thinking.

the tower

The Tower, from the Paulina Tarot

QUESTION:  I’ve been drawing cards daily (From the Paulina deck) and I drew The Tower yesterday. It set my day in motion putting me in a tail spin. It was a tough day. A friend also did a layout and in the position of Relationships and drew the Tower card. She is interpreting that as having to do with our relationship and maybe it’s time to let go.  Any thoughts? Another question I have is when cards come up such as the Death card or The Tower card how can I interpret these cards without feeling a sense of doom?

ANSWER:  Let’s take one card at a time.  The first is, #16, the Tower.  It has various names in different decks, and yet the similarities are greater than the differences.  I like to let people know that it was poet  W. B. Yeats’ favorite card.  It is a difficult transition card, yet it is lightening quick.  The repercussions are tremendous, yet we can move through the changes it brings very quickly and learn a lot in these types of life passages.

The most progressive of the decks I use adds the words “Self Awakening” to this card.  Yeats and I both think of this card as sudden illumination and destruction ordained by the “Gods.”  I often describe it as the “no shame, no blame card.”  This is where a force beyond human control strikes at the walls we have built up around ourselves and brings them tumbling down.  These walls are of our own construct, and what once may have kept us safe now has become a prison.  An outside powerful force strikes and our only choice is to take a leap of faith seeking our safety and freedom. It is like abandoning a sinking ship before it goes down.  We ought to seek freedom from the crumbling stones of our own making.  Most important of all, it is followed by the 17th Life Passage Card, the Star.  This is the card of hope and faith, of embracing magical thinking, of wishing upon a star and believing it will come true.  (It is that, and so much more.)


When you get the Tower in a reading, you should first look at placement in the layout.  If it is your card for the day, it is only for that day, perhaps just for that moment or part of a day.  Ask yourself, what barriers are coming or need to come down?  From what do I set myself free?  And above all, no shame, no blame.  Ask what has been a survival mechanism, a safe haven that is not useful any longer, and the “Gods” have seen fit to strike and tear it down for us.  We are suddenly ready to let go and move on.  It is how we meet this challenge that is important.  The faster we move, the quicker the process is over.


Death, from the Paulina Tarot

Now, I would like to share my thoughts on the life passage card #13, the Death card.  I have seen this portrayed as Transition, Metamorphous, the Phoenix, the Journey, Banshee Crone, Rebirth and Les Mortes (Death and Transformation).  The Death card is all of these.  I have never gotten the Death card in a reading that related to an actual physical death, unless it was about a relative or friend who had passed.  The endings and new beginnings card has most often been about a relationship, a job, a move, a change of mind or point of view. It could also be about a shamanic journey or to alert a person of messages from the Mighty Dead.  It may be a longer process than with the Tower, yet is an end and a new beginning always. It is informative to think of the card’s placement after and before in the Fool’s Journey, our lives.  The Death card is thus cradled between “The Hanged One” and “Temperance” which represent a greatly expanded perception and the spiritual alchemist.  The “Hanged One” is the perceptual flip card, and is a major visionary change.  Temperance is the patience to transform Self, represented by Lead, into Gold.

The “Death” card, between the two, is the closing of one door to open another.  In the simplest of terms, it is cleaning out your closet before you can buy new clothes!  In a more complex tone, it is the transformation of the tadpole into the frog, the caterpillar into the butterfly, and the shedding of a snake’s skin in order to grow.

nine of swords

Nine of Swords, Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

In addressing these questions, I also thought of the 9 and 10 of Swords as difficult or challenging cards.  Swords are generally the most challenging of all four Tarot suits.  Of course, the meaning of these cards in a reading depends on the layout and placement.  If they are in the past, that is a good thing. Swords are usually representative of the element of Air.  Air relates to the mind, thinking, perception and communication.  Whatever tool you choose to associate with Air is in the place of the East, of new beginnings.  I always say, if you have not changed your mind lately you may not have one.  It is the mind that most often confuses us and can lead us astray.  There are also some wonderful exceptions to this norm. I think of the 9 of Swords as the “get out now card,” or stop thinking like that, or your will face a very difficult closure.

Ten of Swords, Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

Ten of Swords, Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

The 10 of Swords, is that difficult closure.  I often call this the “game over card.”  A person has followed the wrong train of thought and has lost the battle.  10’s are always a closure.  And though they all signal a new beginning, some closures are more difficult than others.  This is a tough one, and yet there is a relief. The “going around the wheel” hamster brain is finally done.  We must accept the fact that thinking the same way over and over and finding no answers or peace is one definition of insanity.  Now we are free.  It is time to feel the relief associated with new freedom, to let go and change our minds.

I owe much appreciation to the person who posed these initial questions to me.  It got me thinking, and writing!  I look forward to sharing other insights with you.

© Mari Powers, November 2012

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