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Ground, Center and Shield

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by Mari Powers

As more people awaken to their psychic gifts and have more experiences of what we call a paranormal nature, there is a great desire for education on how these gifts develop and manifest. There are many theories on why this awakening is occurring, from the astrology of these times to the practices of meditation, mindfulness and yoga. Some people are simply born especially talented in several of the various forms of these gifts, and have always been. It is also a part of our human, animal and divine natures. Everyone has experienced some form of what is unexplained awareness and knowing, or at least knows someone who has. I believe it is becoming more common for a variety of reason, yet it is also becoming more acceptable to share and talk about these experiences. Those who have been especially gifted are in all cultures of the world, past and present. These people are no more rare than those who have a natural gift for music or math, athletics or fine art.

In any case, all gifts need to be nurtured, practiced and protected. Repression of a natural gift is a waste of talent. However, some gifts can be curses if they are cursed by people in a society. Psychic gifts in particular can cause anxiety, confusion and heartache when the people who have them to any extent are not trained to develop them properly and to protect themselves physically, ethically and from unintended misuse. For example, a person who is very empathic and feels other people’s feelings is often a person others go to for understanding, support and confirmation of their own feelings. This can be very draining for people with these gifts and they need training in having good emotional boundaries to protect themselves.

People who see, dream or know of natural disasters, illness in another person or a tragedy to come in the future not only doubt their own sanity from time to time, but actually feel as if they could or should have done something to stop what is way beyond their control. Precognition is not the same as having responsibility any more than knowing who is calling you on the phone out of the blue made someone call you.

Grounding is the art and science of discernment. It is connecting to the earth and our own bodies in knowing what is a true psychic or paranormal experience and what is fantasy, worry, anxiety or something else. We practice grounding exercises to be fully present, strong, clear in our hearts, minds and bodies. It strengthens our connection to the earth and natural visible universe. It helps create sacred space wherever we are and protects us from being drained physically, emotionally and energetically. Grounding is especially good for our bodies.

Centering has more to do with being in touch and aligning with our authentic selves. In this case, selves is plural, as humans are multi-faceted. We are made up of many parts, and the total is more than the the sum of our parts. Many times our bodies want one thing, our hearts another and our mind may argue with both. Alignment of the parts of ourselves helps us to know ourselves and to focus, getting different needs met and acting in accord with our deepest spirit. We can do centering exercises to come to accord within ourselves and to honor the different parts of ourselves, as well as the whole. Centering helps us to know and act upon our true will.

Shielding involves the actions we take to keep out negative thoughts and energies — feelings and opinions that are not truly ours. This may include cleansing ourselves of mental or emotional baggage we carry unaware. It gives us the quiet we need to recharge, renew and learn to block or filter toxic thinking, negative emotions or to process and transform these thought forms and feelings that are helpful to us or anyone else. There are times we need or want to be open, and times to rest, hibernate and unplug from external influences that distress us. Shielding protects us from being (or feeling) vulnerable and honors our need to rest and renew.

Anyone can develop and benefit from these three skills, whether they think they are psychic or not. For anyone, they are great for basic stress relief. For those who know they are psychic, and have experienced stronger reactions that can come from being to open to too much energy for too long, these tools are a welcome gift and need to be part of a regular spiritual practice.

For more on this topic, see Mari’s related article on The Ha Prayer.

Mari will host a workshop on this topic on Saturday, November 29. Click here for more information.

Copyright Mari Powers, November 18, 2014

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Current Transits

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Astrological Update for Nov 20 – Dec 18, 2014

by Barry Kerr

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22:

Sagittarius’s spiritual intention is to inspire us to explore truth in all directions, not as beliefs, but as experience and knowing. A healthy, conscious Sagittarius is developing a sense of spontaneous freedom beyond the limits of our conditioned past, learning to trust intuition and divine guidance. Spending time alone and with nature, we learn to listen to our inner voice of higher self and speak from this source, uncensored. In maturity, we allow others to have their truths while we remain centered in our own.

Inner Planets:

During December, the Sun, Mercury and Venus will be transiting Sagittarius. This will

precipitate your desire to explore and communicate your truths with others. Mars will head into Aquarius by the 5th, increasing your motivation to be with friends and groups, especially if it allows for activities that challenge the status quo.

Full Moon: Dec 5-7

During the December 6th full moon in Gemini, let your heightened curiosity be applied toward your own willingness to speak and listen from intuition. Healing Chiron, in mystical Pisces, squares (90 degrees) the moon and sun, inviting an awakening to greater understanding and meaning to come to you through your attention to just “being” without need for argument or persuasion. Allow your heart to openly receive another’s beliefs and ideas and just sit in wonder.

Saturn and Chiron:

As Saturn, planet of structure and responsibility prepares to end it’s two and half year journey through Scorpio by the end of December, entering Sagittarius for the next two and half years, it will be squaring (90 degrees) Chiron, the wounded healer during all of December. It’s a good time make yourself accountable for any unfinished apologies or forgiveness in your intimate relationships. Doing so will put you in a good position to reap the rewards of expanded awareness in those same relationships, with promising adventures to follow.

Good Sagittarian activities into December.

To heal and evolve your Sagittarius self, be more adventurous. Explore inwardly and outwardly. Travel. Read an inspiring book. Spend time alone and in nature. Notice how you experience your truth, your beliefs and your responses to others.

Good Sagittarian questions to ask yourself into December:

Do you cling to the familiar? Do you prejudge situations based on past experience? Are you able to listen to others intuitively, hearing the meaning behind their words? Or do you think you know what others are saying without really listening? Do you need to feel right or get caught up in arguments? Are you attached to your religious beliefs? Do you resist others’ beliefs or ideas? Do you listen to and trust your own intuition? Do you speak from your higher consciousness, free from self-censorship? Does your life have meaning? Are you comfortable with and perhaps even excited with the idea that you barely know anything about what is?

Barry Kerr, a certified soul-based astrologer, has 33 years of experience with an international clientele, including many medical professionals and alternative healers. He and Kristine Gay, a licensed psychotherapist, are owners/practitioners at Inner Essence Center in Madison. Both have extensive training in soul-guided healing of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. Barry offers astrology readings and coaching by phone, Skype or in person in Madison, WI. Inquiries are welcome – free 15 minute consultation to explore if this is for you. Visit for more information.