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Get to Know Your Angels

by Kelly Lingen

Do you believe in angels? Many people do believe in angels, visualizing them peacefully resting on clouds or floating around in the heavens somewhere. It’s easy to forget that angels are actually but a mere request away, ready and willing to jump in and help us with just a moment’s notice. They want to be of assistance to us, but they will not come barging in unannounced. It’s just not their style. We have to ask them. You might be wondering how you should ask for their help, or which Angel you should even ask to help you (there’s a lot of options!). Here I’ll give you the basic 411 on angels, how to welcome them into your life, and who you might want to reach out to depending on your needs or issues.

Calling Angels: There’s no right or wrong way to ask an angel to help you. You can literally say the words “please help me,” and your guardian angels (yes, you have more than one!) will be at your service in an instant. In addition to speaking the words with your voice, you can also just think the words. Angels can read your thoughts, and a thought that’s intended just for them will undoubtedly be heard. This is a great way to call on them when you are numbed by fear or anxiety. If you’re unable to speak the words aloud, don’t worry. Your angels will hear your thoughts and act on them without hesitation. Some people like to write letters to their angels. This is another excellent way to ask them to assist you. Write them a thoughtful letter, taking care to be clear with your words. Tell your angels what you are struggling with, what you need, or what you wish to bring into your life. When you’re finished writing your letter, take it to a place where you can safely burn it. Your written words will travel to your special angels via the smoke and ashes – and they will be received.

Chat with Your Angels: While angels expect absolutely nothing from you, they surely appreciate some regular dialogue with you! When you find some quiet time alone, talk to your angels. Talk to them like you would with your Earthly friends. Angels love to hear your thoughts, desires, and concerns. Share your worries and anxieties with them and ask that those be lifted from you. Just getting them out will lighten your load, and angels are excellent listeners! Take some time, too, to listen back. Angels will reply back to you by way of symbols, signs, animals, other humans, or you may even hear their voices in return. Hectic schedules and busy lives are distracting. We are often so busy go-go-going that we miss some of these replies or signs. Don’t forget to pay closer attention to small details. A small object on the ground, a sign on the side of the road, or a beautiful encounter in nature might be communications from your angelic guides.

The Angel Directory: Who should you call in a moment’s notice? Any of your guardian angels or the Archangels can and will help you! Your guardian angels are able to help you with all sorts of things: protection, finding lost items, making an important decision, alleviating fear and worry – you name it. But if you have a specific concern or issue you’d like help with, you might want to call on an Archangel. Archangels are heavenly experts with their own specialties. Below is a “directory” of Archangels. You can call any of them at any time – they are always available to you.

Ariel: Typically depicted as a female, Ariel’s expertise are in the areas of nature and animals. For environmental concerns, animal welfare, or anything that deals with nature, call on this archangel. If you have pets at home, ask her to watch over them and protect them. Ariel is also helpful when your pets are sick or in need of medical care. She always wants to extend a helping hand to environmentalists, veterinarians, and anyone who works with nature or animals.

Azrael: This Archangel is a great one to call on if you are coping with grief or loss of some kind. Azrael guides those who are crossing from this life to the next, and he also comforts and counsels those who are left behind. If you’ve lost a loved one (pets included), ask Azrael for some heart healing. Azrael is a wonderful angelic guide to call on if you provide care for elderly patients or if you are a Hospice worker. Those who lovingly care for people who are close to transitioning are special people indeed – Azrael always wants to assist them in providing a loving, comfortable, and dignified passage.

Chamuel: This lovely Archangel is one of peace. During times of turbulence inflicted by war, politics, or anything of the sort – Chamuel can be called upon to promote feelings of peace and goodwill towards others. In addition, Chamuel can help you locate lost objects! Pick up a pendulum and ask Chamuel to help you find something important that you’ve misplaced!

Gabriel: Archangel Gabriel adores children and those who are trusted to watch over them. If you are a parent, teacher, or caretaker of children, ask Gabriel to help you be the best caretaker you can be. If you’re worried about your kids or issues they are struggling with, this Archangel can guide, help, and protect them. Gabriel can also be of great assistance to writers, actors, and artists. Need some divine inspiration? Give Gabriel a call!

Jophiel: Jophiel sees beauty in all things. Could you be kinder to yourself? Are you your own best friend? If not, ask Jophiel to help. Self-love is her specialty, and she can help you love and care for yourself the way you love and care for others. Would you like to beautify your environment but don’t know where to start? Ask this Archangel to inspire you be it at home or at work. She can inspire some beautiful changes in your home or office as she is a divine interior designer! She’s also an excellent Archangel to call on if you’re struggling with negativity. She can help you transform negative situations and thoughts into positive ones.

Metatron: Once human, Metatron is a very popular Archangel who is known for helping children…especially Indigo and Crystal children. Children who are very sensitive to the world around them can really benefit from Metatron’s presence. And while angels of any sort don’t ever interfere with free will, you can ask Metatron to assist those who cannot ask for themselves. Oftentimes children fall into this category. He will provide a feeling of security, and is very comforting for children and adults alike. This Archangel is also a magnificent teacher. If you are studying something of a metaphysical or spiritual nature, Metatron can help you progress quickly through your studies.

Michael: Michael is a loving but fierce protector! You can call on him for absolutely anything and he will be there, but he is especially known for providing immediate protection in any situation. Whether you need energetic protection, physical protection, or emotional protection – he’s your guy. When you feel afraid or worried for any reason, call on Michael. Midwest winters can make for some hazardous driving conditions, especially around the holidays – ask Michael to protect you and your family during your travels.

Raphael: This Archangel of healing is the perfect one to reach out to if you or your loved ones have health issues or injuries. Ask for Raphael’s healing touch, and for guidance in seeking appropriate healing modalities or health practitioners. He is a miraculous healer and always at your service when a health concern arises. If you are a healer of any kind, it’s nice to have the comfort and guidance of Raphael while you work to heal others.

Raguel: Need some guidance or healing when it comes to relationships? Ask Raguel to intervene. Raguel is the Archangel of harmony, and he can help you find healthy relationships, mend relationships, or assist you in letting go when a friendship or relationship no longer serves the highest good of the individuals involved. This Archangel can also help you create a harmonious atmosphere at home. Say “hello” to Raguel and “goodbye” to arguing, sibling rivalry, and tension in the home.

Uriel: If you could use some guidance when it comes to communication (especially at work!), call on Archangel Uriel. Group projects, presentations, and important meetings are this Archangel’s specialties. When you ask Uriel for guidance and wisdom, you’ll find that the answers will just start coming to you. Divine inspiration at its best.

This directory is far from complete, but it’s a good start if you’re just slightly curious about the angelic kingdom. There are other helpful Archangels that aren’t mentioned here, and I would definitely recommend getting to know more about them if you’re interested in working with angels.

During the holidays especially, the presence of angels can be so helpful. Traveling, lots of relatives, excited kids, missing someone special, and crazy shopping can bring about a mixture of joy, stress, and sometimes even sadness. Call on the angels to bring you comfort, happiness, safety, and good health during your holiday season!

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December Astrology Report

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By Barry Kerr

The Winter Solstice is on December 21.

At the winter solstice, when the Sun moves into Capricorn, astrologers look to the sky for insights into what this new year may portend. As we mark the beginning of the return of the light with longer daylight, this is the beginning of a new cycle of gestation, birth and growth, not only for nature, but also for the human spirit.

Baked into this year’s solstice chart there remains the waning, yet still powerful Uranus/Aries square to Pluto/Capricorn, an aspect that began over five years ago. Collectively, we’ve seen a struggle between the status quo of the plutocratic establishment and humanity’s need for authentic, revolutionary and systemic change that allows for individual human rights. This will persist for another four years.

Uranus went retrograde last July. As it goes direct at the end of this month, the confusion from the recent election results will begin to clear and a new wave of populist uprising will press for further changes.

Currently, Jupiter in Libra joins this dynamic by opposing Uranus and will continue to do so until next November. Jupiter’s drive for expanded understanding will at times inspire us to relate to others with hope and generosity, yet at other times our enthusiasm may spill over as impatience and provocative bluster. Jupiter’s square to Pluto indicates we will be challenged to renew our confidence and optimism in the face of continued blows to our hopes. Our strategy to sustain through these challenging times will be to bring our best to each and every relationship we have, being conscious to intend unity and oneness, even with perceived enemies we may have never met in person. Jupiter’s sextile with Saturn and trine to Venus, thankfully lend a balancing sensibility and social ease to our good intentions. In coming years, as the Uranus-Pluto aspect weakens, this personal approach to relationships will pay off, individually and collectively.


In this solstice chart, the Sun trines the North Node, indicating that all of us will feel drawn to step outside the comfort and safety of our home and family in order to lend our individual voice to the public forum. The Sun’s sextile to Mars will enhance our willingness to be assertive. However, with Mars conjoining Neptune in Pisces and both opposing the North Node, there is also a strong temptation to escape the awareness of the suffering around us by turning to addictions of entertainment, food, sports, etc. If we allow ourselves to remain aware of the pain around us, while applying our spiritual wisdom to self-care, we will more likely intuit the words and actions we need to stay engaged in the collective process around us in a way that does not diminish us or others. Creativity, artistic expression and spiritual maturity are needed here in ways that provide practical service to each other.

Another aspect for this yearly forecast is the Sun squaring the Moon. The Sun and Moon, among other things, represents the father and mother principles, or masculine and feminine principles. Collectively, humanity is coming to terms with the ways we have infused our societies institutions with our limited understanding of those principles and how the resulting shadow energies that have emerged.  If humanity were a “family”, this square aspect challenges us to question both “Dad” and “Mom” in how they may have contributed to or enabled abuse and neglect in our human “family”. Perhaps we are ready to resolve that polarity to a new level of consciousness and thus a new collective paradigm. There are planetary aspects on the horizon that point to great potential for breakthroughs in consciousness and better times ahead.

Barry Kerr, a certified soul-based astrologer, has 35 years of experience with an international clientele, including many medical professionals and alternative healers. He and Kristine Gay, a licensed psychotherapist, are owners/practitioners at Inner Essence Center in Madison. Both have extensive training in soul-guided healing of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. Barry offers astrology,  energy healing and transformational coaching by phone, Skype or in person in Madison, WI. Inquiries are welcome – free 15 minute consultation to explore if this is for you.  Visit for more information.


By Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA

December is filled with celebrations of religion and spirituality. In nature, it is a sacred time as wildlife slumbers, sleeps, and hibernates; preparing for rebirth in the spring. The Winter Solstice is this month and symbolizes the return of light. Winter is traditionally a time of self-reflection and deep inner work. This is the most magical time of the year. So of course, Frankincense, one of the most revered sacred and spiritual oils is our intuitive essential oil for this month. Frankincense (Bosweilla ssp.) is a resin formed when an incision is made into the tree. The tree oozes a liquid gum that is hardened and then distilled into an essential oil. Frankincense originates from Somalia, Ethiopia, India, and Arabia. Like many essential oils that originate from resins, Frankincense is helpful for respiratory and skin concerns (bronchitis, congestion, scars, wrinkle, dry skin). Frankincense is also sedating, relaxing, and is great for anxiety, stress, sleeping problems, and nervousness. It can help quiet the mind and assist in meditation and contemplation. It can assist in communicating and connecting with the divine and higher realms. Frankincense resonates with the Crown Chakra and helps heals related spiritual and existential concerns. It can raise your vibration and cleanse negative, low vibrating energy from your aura. Overall it is a fantastic oil for holistic healing with many mind/body/spirit uses. A great oil for every healing toolbox.

My Frankincense Forecast for December 2016: At the Winter Solstice, we call out with our innermost being for the return of the light and we honor its impending return. This Solstice I know we all are feeling a great need for the light to come back, not just with the sun returning this year, but also for humanity in general. 2016 has perhaps been the toughest year in recent times for many on a collective level. The Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, is honored by many traditions as a sacred and rich time. The longest night is a fruitful time for setting intentions, to be birthed with the newborn Sun. What you dream of and set intent for now can grow with the Sun, and gain momentum in Spring. The dark before the dawn, just like new Moons, can be a powerful moment of magic, drawing in what you’d like to see happen in the New Year. Take some time in contemplation and meditation to clearly visualize what you want. Then release it to the universe to be manifested. And remember, it is always darkest before the light returns. Have hope and faith. Things will get better.

Holy Winter Solstice/Yule Aromatherapy Recipe

  •         3 drops Frankincense
  •         3 drops Myrrh
  •         3 drops Palo Santo
  •         5 drops Sandalwood
  •         6 drops Cedarwood

Add to 2 ounces of water to make a mist/spray. Feel free to add any water safe gemstones or crystals to the bottle if they call out to you. This will then be a Gemstone Aromatherapy Blend. Great for clearing energy and setting sacred space for meditations, ritual, and celebrations.

Blessings for a wonderful holiday season and new year. Love and Light~

Aroma Readings are a divination technique using essential oils developed by Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach, a Holistic Health Psychologist, Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, and Reiki Master Teacher.  She offers individual Aroma Readings as well as teaches Aroma Readings in her level 2 ‘Holistic Healing with Aromatherapy’ certification series. Interested in learning more about herbs, aromatherapy and essential oils? Visit Mind, Soul, and Self LLC for more info:

Frequently Asked Questions About Crystals

People have a lot of questions about crystals, and we’re happy to share their enthusiasm! Here are some things people often wonder about:

So I just bought a crystal. Now what do I do with it?

There are so many things you can do with crystals! You can carry one in your pocket, or a bunch of them in a medicine pouch. When the purpose of the crystal has to do with your everyday life, this is often a good bet. You can wear the crystal too, either as a readymade piece of jewelry or by placing a piece in an inexpensive cage necklace. One great thing about these cages is that you can switch the crystal out as your needs change. At other times you might want to keep a crystal where its energy is most needed, like in your home or office. Or keep the crystal close while you sleep — maybe in the pillowcase or under the mattress — to work through your subconscious or dreams. Crystals can go with you in your car, on your altar, in your bra, in the refrigerator — whatever makes sense according to the crystal’s purpose!

Where do all these crystals come from?

We buy from many different sources: gem shows, general distributors, specialized crystal warehouses, out-of-the-way rock shops, and dealers we cross paths with. If we know where a crystal was mined, we’ll share this on the display sign. Unfortunately, a lot of the time we just plain don’t know. We can try to make an educated guess. This is easy with minerals that only come from one location, like mystic merlinite (Madagascar) or larimar (Dominican Republic). Sometimes we can also judge by appearance. For example, turquoise can come from a lot of places, but we can guess that a lower grade piece is probably from China, whereas higher quality pieces often come from the American southwest.

Are the crystals at Mimosa natural or manmade?

Most are natural, but a few are either manmade or need human help to achieve the forms you see in the store. Here are some common ones:

  • Goldstone and opalite are glass containing ground-up metals or minerals.
  • Orgonite is a manmade plastic with mineral and metal inclusions.
  • Bismuth is a natural element, but has to be isolated from its usual companion minerals to form the little pyramid shapes we sell.
  • Some citrine is actually heat-treated amethyst. (More on this in a bit.)
  • Aura quartzes are natural quartz exposed to metallic vapor. (Keep reading for more on this, too.)
  • A lot of turquoise is reconstituted, meaning it’s real turquoise that’s been ground up and reformed. Sometimes coloring or adhesive are also added.
  • Howlite and agate are often dyed and made into inexpensive jewelry and doodads. We’re not too crazy about these fakes, generally, but a few odds and ends have made their way onto our shelves. We’ll always be upfront with you about what these items are made of.

Does size matter?

It’s not the most important thing, but yes, sometimes size makes a difference. After all, symbolism is part of magic, and every stone is unique. Size is one characteristic of the individual stone that contributes to its certain symbolic meaning. So even though black tourmaline of any size helps protect your home, a pebble in the corner may tend to be forgotten, whereas a substantial chunk next to the front door gives off just the vibe you’re looking for.

What about different shapes?

Yes, shapes make a difference too. Here are some common ones and their uses:

  • Wands are especially good for directing energy.
  • Rounded stones help with comfort and healing.
  • A pocket, palm or worry stone is great to carry with you, as a daily reminder of your intentions and goals.
  • Pyramids and points pull in energy.
  • A merkaba connects you with the spiritual realm, including angels and guides.
  • Seer stones are designed for skrying, helping you “see” with your intuition and work with your third eye.
  • Hearts and eggs… well, obviously!

How can I know natural from heat-treated citrine?

You can tell a lot by the color. Natural citrine’s pale yellow shades to gray — not surprising, since it has the same chemical makeup as smoky quartz. Manmade citrine is created by exposing amethyst to high temperatures (in the neighborhood of 1000 degrees). It’s yellow, but with an orange-to-brown tint. Since heat-treated citrine is basically amethyst, its mineral makeup differs from that of natural citrine. The two have basically the same metaphysical properties, yet manmade citrine is physically different. It has also been artificially exposed to intense heat, which is likely to alter its energy.

What are wands?

Wands direct energy. As a healing tool, they move healing energy to specific parts of the body. They can also direct energy to another crystal or some other object, preparing it to receive your intention. Some wands have seven smaller crystals attached because they’re designed to work with the chakras. On others, one end is rounded while the other comes to a gentle point. These wands are designed for massage.

Is aura quartz real or artificial?

It’s manufactured from natural quartz and metallic elements. To create it, quartz is heated to extreme temperatures (like about 1600 degrees) and exposed to vaporized metal. A thin, iridescent film of metal clings to the surface of the crystal. Different metals or combinations of metals produce different colors.

How to Get the Most out of a Psychic Reading

– Come into the reading with a positive attitude. Even if you’re facing difficult times, the purpose of the reading is to help you find clarity to move beyond the difficulty.

– A good reader will give you guidance that will help you use your own free will to improve your life. The reading is not about “fate,” it’s about possibilities.

– It’s perfectly fine to come into a reading without a specific question. Often the best readings come when we’re simply open to whatever Spirit wants to tell us.

– Keep an open mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re skeptical about psychic readings, as long as you come in without prejudging or demanding “proof.” Just be prepared — you may get more out of the reading than you ever dreamed!

– Be prepared to hear the answer you need, even if it’s not necessarily the answer you hoped for. You can be confident that this information comes to you for your highest good.

– There’s no hard and fast rule about how often to get a reading. For some people once a month is right, while for other people it’s more like once a year. Let your instinct be your guide.

– Generally, it’s best to avoid coming to the same reader with the same question over and over again. Sometimes people do this because they secretly hope “this time the answer will be different.” An honest reader will never give a different answer just because it’s what the client wants to hear. However, if something has truly changed — especially if you’ve made positive steps to take control of the situation — this may be the perfect time to come in for a follow-up reading.

– There’s also no rule about whether it’s better to see one reader or many. It’s kind of like seeing a doctor: Often it’s best to stick with one doctor who knows you well, but at other times you may need a second opinion or a specialist.

– Different readers have different specialties. One reader may have a special interest in animal communication, another may specialize in past lives, another may have lots of experience with dream interpretation. If you have a specific need like this, Mimosa’s staff will be happy to make a recommendation.

– Sometimes a message you receive won’t make sense right away because something has come through to the reader about your future. If you’re confused about why you received a message, write it down and hold onto it. If a message about your future came through to the reader, chances are it’s important.

– One of the best things about getting a reading is that it can help you learn to use your own intuition. A good reader is always happy to help you learn to use your own skills in your everyday life.

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