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Crystals for Empowering the Goddess Within by Ashley Leavy

Goddess Crystals for Empowering the Goddess Within

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Goddess Crystals for Empowering the Goddess Within

by Ashley Leavy

There is a movement by modern women in the metaphysical community to reclaim feminine power and embrace the goddess within, but what does this really mean and how can it be accomplished by using goddess crystals?


Crystals for Empowering the Goddess Within by Ashley Leavy


Goddess Discovery Book - Mimosa Books & Gifts

The Goddess DIscovery Book was created to give you tools to help you awaken and connect to the power of your inner Goddess, this book is overflowing with knowledge and tools to help you tune in to your inner power and start your spiritual journey inward.


For many, this is about acknowledging the important role of femininity and the divine feminine in modern society, but it can also be about embodying the archetypes of goddesses throughout history.

Tapping into this goddess power can be done through ritual and ceremony, with prayer, or even through meditation.  And when you combine these methods with the energy of goddess crystals, the connection to a particular goddess is amplified.






Chakra Crystal Goddess Statue - Mimosa Books & Gifts

This gypsum-cement Chakra Crystal Goddess Statue makes a great addition to any altar, healing arts room, or sacred space. The light color lets the vibrant chakra stones really pop while still displaying subtle, feminine detail.


Certain goddess crystals correspond to particular goddess archetypes.  So if you wanted to connect with or embody the energetic archetype, the traits or qualities, of a specific goddess, you need only to reach for the stone that embodies her spirit and energy.  You can then carry this stone with you, wear it in a piece of jewelry, or meditate with the crystal to connect with the energy of your chosen goddess.






Wild Kuan Yin Oracle - Mimosa Books & Gifts

The Wild Kuan Yin Oracle will be your light in those moments when the darkness seems too much. When the loving peace of spirit seems too far away from the troubles of the physical world, this oracle deck channels the energy of the Divine Mother to bring you comfort.



For example, if you were trying to bring more love or compassionate energy into your life, you may want to embody the qualities of Aphrodite, Kuan Yin, or Venus.  So you could choose to work with goddess crystals like Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, or Copper to embody the vibration of love, compassion, and the archetypal qualities of your chosen goddess.








Following are some popular goddess crystals. Feel free to Pin this image to Pinterest to save it as a handy reference guide!

Goddess and Crystals - Mimosa Books & Gifts


Aphrodite: Rose Quartz Durga: Golden Tiger’s Eye Ishtar: Imperial Topaz Mani: Rainbow Moonstone Selene: Selenite
Artemis: Blue Kyanite Freya: Emerald Isis: Lapis Lazuli Nike: Hematite Venus: Copper
Athena: Rainbow Fluorite Gaia: Chrysocolla Juno: Black Pearl Nut: Nuumite White Buffalo Calf Woman: Howlite
Bastet: Carnelian Green Tara: Green Tourmaline Kali: Black Obsidian Parvati: Rhodochrosite White Tara: White Jade
Brighid: Fire Agate Hathor: White Moonstone Kwan Yin: Pink Opal Pele: Lava Rock Yemaya: Abalone
Ceridwen: Labradorite Hecate: Black Moonstone Lakshmi: Citrine Persephone: Black Onyx
Demeter: Petrified Wood Hera: Pyrite Luna: White Pearl Saraswati: Blue Lace Agate
Diana: Silver Hestia: Dolomite Maat: Red Jasper Sekhmet: Yellow Jasper


Get in touch with your inner goddess with our FREE Goddess Crystals Printable Altar Cards or Oracle Deck!


Ashley Leavy is the Founder & Educational Director of the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy – where their mission is to share the power of crystal healing with people all over the world. If you’re curious about using crystals to make positive changes for yourself, your friends & family, or your clients, then Love & Light is the place for you to learn and connect with others.  The Love & Light School offers a broad range of training programs and free resources for wellness professionals and crystal enthusiasts from all around the world.


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Introduction to Runes by Mimosa

Rune Meanings for Modern Day: An Introduction to Runes

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Rune Meanings for Modern Day: An Introduction to Runes

Runes are an ancient form of writing used in northern Europe, including Germany, Scandinavia, and the British Isles. The listing below is a very basic chart of Scandinavian rune meanings known as the “elder Futhark.” In modern times, people often use runes for divination, in writing magical texts or spells, or as talismans.

Introduction to Runes and Rune Meanings by Mimosa

You may have heard of or encountered the runic alphabet before but been mystified by its cryptic appearance. Unlike the alphabet we use today, each rune acts as a symbolic representation for some aspect of life. Once you understand these meanings, runes can become a powerful tool for divination, spellwork, and more.

The Elder Futhark consists of 25 runes (24 with characters and one blank rune). The image below provides the name and symbol for each rune, and the following chart describes the historical rune meanings and what it may signify in divination. Feel free to Pin this image to Pinterest to save it as a handy reference guide!

Introduction to Runes - Names and Rune Meanings


What it means

What it may signify

Wyrd (  )


All knowledge, cosmic power, fate, destiny, gateway, blank space, void

Fehu (f)


Wealth, prosperity, status, power

Uruz (u)

Aurochs (ancient cow)

Strength, courage, determination

Thurisaz (th)

Thor, or a giant

Protection, obstacles, stubbornness

Ansuz (a)

Voice of the gods

Wisdom from a higher source

Raidho (r)


A journey, whether physical or otherwise

Kenaz (k)


Knowledge, study, skill, ideas

Gebo (g)


Gift, love, union, mutual responsibility

Wunjo (w)


Good luck or good news, family, harmony

Hagalaz (h)


Disruption, misfortune, shock

Nauthiz (n)


Poverty, distress, something lacking

Isa (i)


Stasis, stillness (desirable or otherwise)

Jera (j)


Success, productivity, cycles

Eihwaz (ei)

Yew tree

Change, flexibility, empowerment, safety

Perthro (p)

Cauldron or dice cup

Mystery, chance, seeing the future

Algiz (z)


Protection, communication, friendship

Sowilo (s)


One’s will, success, good health & fortune

Tiwaz (t)


Justice, leadership, self-sacrifice

Berkana (b)

Birch tree

Feminine energy, nurturing, love, beauty

Ehwaz (e)


Service, trust, self-control, a helper

Mannaz (m)


Self, rational thought, friends, consciousness

Laguz (l)


Water, intuition, scrying, dreams, the moon

Ingwaz (ng)

Ing (fertility god)

Sexual energy, fertility, union, intense creativity

Othila (o)


Home, family, inheritance, ancestors

Dagaz (d)


Beginnings & endings, cyclic change, destiny


Wooden Runes - Mimosa Books & Gifts

We love the rustic, natural feel of this rune set, which is perfect for beginners!


Although we feel that the physical weightiness of wooden or ceramic rune tiles can’t be beat, especially when you take the time to cast them as part of a ritual or ceremony, you can alternatively incorporate rune oracle cards into your divination practice. There are several great decks of rune oracle cards available and you can use these along with your favorite layouts and spreads rather than casting them (which we must admit does sometimes make interpreting rune meanings a little bit easier than with casting).




Runes for Beginners - Mimosa Books & Gifts

Our favorite parts were the mnemonics Chauran provides for each rune, making the task of memorizing the alphabet much more manageable.



If you want to deepen your knowledge of runes and rune-casting for divination, healing and more even further than this introductory post, there are several excellent books about runes you may be interested in adding to your reading list. Some focus more on history and lore of runes while others are geared for more of a practical, hands-on approach to working runes as part of your spiritual practice.




Womanrunes - Mimosa Books & Gifts

This book and card deck set contain all you need to start interpreting and using runes from a contemporary angle.



Based on an adapted set of runes created by Shekhinah Mountainwater in 1987, Womanrunes approach the runic alphabet from a more woman-centric perspective than traditional interpretations.







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New Year, New Moon

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New Year, New Moon

by Payton Udo

The New Moon is known as a time of new beginnings and letting go. While some of us may wait until the New Year to make a change or start anew, the moon kindly reminds us each month that we are capable of starting fresh whenever we please. As a cycle comes to an end and a new one begins, it is important for us to continue to set new goals and intentions so we are able to keep growing and learning. May we correct our mistakes and learn by them, or learn something new and keep bettering ourselves, so we are steps closer to the person we desire to be.

While we may have pondered certain goals that we could make, and briefly told ourselves we are going to make a change, did we consciously set an intention to make that change? Are we making reachable goals that we can be proud of? Did we make room in our hearts to move on and grow?

Luckily, each new moon is an opportunity for use the energies of the universe to set and solidify intentions.Try spending this day with a New Moon meditation around your intention for the month. Craft yourself a ritual or a ceremony for the promise you intend to make yourself, or for rebirth and new beginnings. Spend time to reflect on your past month and figure what it is you can shed from the past that no longer serves you.

The Universe has granted us with a plethora of tools to help us cleanse, strengthen intentions, and keep us motivated. We suggest the following tools to help you make the most of this New Moon.

Palo SantoPalo Santo for the New Moon - Mimosa Books & Gifts (translated to “holy wood”) is a great smudging tool that has been used for thousands of years. Known as the bark of the frankincense tree, it has traditionally been used by the Incas and Shamans for energy cleansing and healing. Cleanse your energies by burning a piece of this wood before setting your intention, so that they may be fresh and vitalized.



Clear Quartz for the New Moon - Mimosa Books & Gifts


Clear Quartz is one of the highest vibrational crystals that the earth has given us. It’s crystalline structure is so special that it is known to amplify your electromagnetic field. This crystal is an amplifier of all other crystals and intentions. Create yourself a grid full of clear quartz to draw in even more of the New Moon/Eclipse energy and strengthen your ritual or intentions.


Garnet for the New Moon - Mimosa Books & Gifts


Garnet is a great stone for setting intentions due to its properties of motivation and vitality. Try including this in a crystal grid with quartz and any other crystal that may represent what it is you are striving for this month. Garnet will help you stay motivated, feel revitalized, and draw in prosperity and abundance.


Mini Taper Altar Candles for New Moon Ritual - Mimosa Books & Gifts



Candles:  Light a white or black candle to help evoke positive manifestation in order to make a positive change in your life.  White candles are known to drawn in positive energy, while black candles help dispel negative energy and call in protective energy.