“A Past Life in East India” by Mari Powers

Written by Mimosa
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Even before I remembered a past life experience in India, I had always felt incredibly drawn to India. People would choose gifts from India for me. I majored in East Asian studies in my first two years in college. Once I wanted to go to Nepal, meet a guru and become enlightened. I still love to wear East Indian clothing whenever I can. Hindu8-270x300

A vision of a past life in India happened years after I had let go of that dream of becoming a lifelong adherent of an Eastern religion. I had found another path, yet still loved East Indian culture, especially Hinduism.

During a Samhain (Halloween) ritual we looked for signs of our future in a darkened mirror. There were about twenty-five or thirty of us when our yearly gathering was still small enough to have in a rented space in downtown Madison. We were in the basement of a building called, “Gates of Heaven.”

In the darkened basement, we each held a candle to the side of a handheld mirror. That day I saw an image of a woman filled with power. At the time, I considered it to be a glimpse of the Goddess. Now, I know I was seeing into a past life, having gone backward in time, instead of into the future.

I saw a young woman with long dark hair walking on a dirt road. The backs of her legs are light brown. She is dressed in thin silk and she wore veils on her body and gold in her hair. Her belt and ankle chains jingled as she walked. She was a dancer, and each step she took on the path was light and graceful. Her hips moved gently, swaying in the joy of freedom as she walked. She turned, glanced back at me, and smiled. I had only a glimpse of the side of her face.

She turned a bit more and her eyes were sparkling dark pools. As I looked deep into them, I saw myself reflected there and was filled with light and joy.

It was then that I felt our souls were connected and that I had been that dancer at a temple, one likely devoted to music and arts. I had learned dances that were than over a thousand years old. All dancers in this temple were masters at expressing the ancient stories that uplifted, educated and entertained the community. We were honored and much beloved, female and male dancers alike.

I remember siblings in the community, and later in my life I did have a husband and one child. That was about when I passed the ripe old age of 30 or so. I remember no death experience from this life. Perhaps it was so quick and painless, as to be virtually insignificant.

Also, in this life, I believed in reincarnation my whole life, and death did not have the significance it had in other lives I have remembered. I am sure I was an ancient Hindu during it’s height of glory in the land of milk and honey.

This is the first glimpse I had of that life as an Indian dancer. From this life I attribute my life long love of music and dance, and chanting. I still love chanting with movements to tell a story or to teach a spiritual lesson.

Many years later I would see other glimpses of this life and of others during a combination Reiki healing session with a past life regression. During this session I remembered more, learned more of the purpose of remembering this life, and experienced a healing of my second chakra, as well.

During the Reiki healing journey I passed on a bridge of light from old Ireland into ancient India. It was like a portal opened up for me from above. I saw an India that was so old that the oldest of the tantric carvings on the temples were new. I saw sensual magic carved into stone; couples embracing. I recognized divine Goddesses and Gods molded into brass and gold and also embracing each other, not yet darkened by age. I heard a voice that said, “This was the land of milk and honey.”, and I could feel that it was true.

There was sexual healing here, true gender equality and abundance for all. There were silks and gold, lush fruit and vegetables from the vines and yearly bountiful harvest in the marketplace. I saw many elephants, real and carved. I saw and felt elephants mating, and then they turned to face each other. Their trunks were upraised like the curving of snakes and touched on the underside.

I felt a rush on energy up my pelvis, an opening of channels at the second chakra and throughout my whole body. The orange light healing energy rushed up my spine and turned to a royal purple at my third eye, then rose up to my crown chakra.

I believe this is the life from whence came the my veiled dancer. There was no fear in knowing or sharing with others the mysteries and magic in this life. Lovemaking was sacred magic, as was dancing and all forms of pleasure and joy in life.

This was a place where Goddess worship was unsullied by the restraints of puritanical Christianity. This was a place I was holy in my sensual self. I felt and rubbed the soft pink tongue of an elephant and leaned against its face, and opened further to the sensual healing that elephants bring. This was a place where there was abundance for all and I was whole. I brought this healing back with me as a gift in this life.

I also found that past lives are linked unbound by time and space. The healing I experienced in this life, transmitted itself to a healing to the woman I was in old Ireland as well. And that is yet another story, contained in the chapter on Past Life Regression, in the book I am writing titled, “Dancing in the Center of Magic”.

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