Agate Crystal Family


Picture Name Chakra Properties


  Agate 1, 3 Protection, grounding, stability, harmonizing Yin & Yang, physical strength, balance positive and negative, Working with universal forces
  Banded, Brown 1 Protection from psychic attacks, concentration, centering of the emotional body, memory, present moment awareness
  Banded, White 1, 7 Protection, strength, prevents bad dreams, reduces stress, helps against energy drain, purification, clears obstacles in one’s life
  Black 1 Grounding, protection, inner strength, helps in clear decision making, helps when doling out tough love, keeping peace in stressful households, muscle and joint pain, keeps body in balance, peace and calming
  Blue Lace 5 Peace and calming, speaking one’s truth, crop production, joy, grounding, centered, balanced mind body and spirit, communication with totems, and guides, blocks negative energy, blocks EMP stress
  Botswana, Apricot 2 Emotional balance, heals disorders in reproductive organs (especially women), ease discomfort from menstruation, help minimize problems during pregnancy, fertility, relieve constipation and stomach aches, instill lust for one’s partner, instinctive nurturing, for energetic support during cancer treatment and its side effects.
Botswana, Brown 4, 6, 7 Understanding others’ points of view, realizing inner gifts, reduces anxiety, communication, freedom from worry, speak from the heart
  Botswana, Pink 4 Softens rough personality, optimism, banish fears, gentleness, instinctive nurturing, compassion, fertility, friendships, overcome self-limiting beliefs
  Crazy Lace 1, 3 Protection, grounding, low vibrational stone, stability, strength, balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energies, harmonizes Yin and Yang, clear decision making, helps deal with emotional pain, brings laughter, stamina and energy
  Dendritic 1, 4 Connection with nature, communication with tree spirits, grounding, intuitive wisdom, personal growth, branching out to new pursuits, connection with nature spirits
Fire 1, 2, 3 Strength, connection to Fire element, vitality, reduces fevers, allows one to send bad energy back at those who send it out (like a mirror)
  Leopardskin 1, 2, 3 Communication with animals, helps one determine their animal totem, connection with one’s roots, courage
  Marble 6, 7 Communicating with angels, clarity, clear memory, intuition, clarifying difficult situations
  Medicine Bow 1, 3, 6, 7 Shamanic journeying, ritual or ceremony, connection with totems and guides, wisdom and insight from ancestors, healing on all levels
  Moss 1, 4 Connection to nature (especially plants), balance the chakras, spiritual growth, healing of the physical body, confidence, joy, relieves worries and stress, shamanic journeying, intuitive knowledge (especially herbalism)
  River 1 Reduces negativity, helps with one’s sense of humor, going with the flow, feminine power
  Shiva’s Eye 6 Connection with the energies of Lord Shiva, enhances the power of prayer, deepens meditation, spiritual ascension, karmic upliftment (by removing karmic obstacles and karmic debt), intuition, helps one develop psychic skills, balance and harmony
  Snakeskin 1, 3, 7 Provides energy when exerting large amounts, peace and calming, self-love and relationships, initiate rise of Kundalini, helps on camouflage themselves in crowds or situations, self-esteem, self-awareness, finding lost items, reduce stress and worry
  Tree 1, 4 Roots one to the earth to feel more grounded, deep appreciation for nature and all living things, allows one to channel from tree spirits, aids in all types of growth (physical, spiritual, and mental), encourages exploration, helps clear blockages in Heart Chakra
  Turritella 1, 2 Creativity, heals past emotional pain, sense of oneness with all beings, release unwanted energy, staying grounded during times of great spiritual shifts