Amethyst, Vera Cruz

Crystal message: “I gently deliver you with life lessons and important messages from your guides and angels to assist your spiritual growth while on the earth plane. I connect you with the violet ray of divine knowledge and wisdom, stimulating your inner knowing.”

Common Properties:

– Promotes spiritual ascension and growth

– Connects you with your higher self

– Instills an attitude of compassion

– Promotes thoughts of Lovingkindness

– Dissolves the ego consciousness

– Enhances the nurturing aspects of your personality

– Opens your heart chakra to divine guidance and love

– Helps you connect with your guides and Angels so that you can better serve others

– Opens your eyes to important life lessons and the reasons for having them

– Helps keep you humble when you experience “spiritual success” or progress

– Promotes deep states of meditation

– Stimulates your intuition and inner knowing in order to provide you with guidance about your life path and soul purpose

– Encourages you to “be here now” by helping you appreciate the present moment and the gifts it has to offer you

Color violet Colors: Violet; Purple; Lavender
vera's chakras Associated Chakras: Heart (4th); Third Eye (6th); Crown (7th)
aquariuspisces Zodiac Signs: Aquarius; Pisces
A composition of natures basic elements

water element

Elements: Air; Water
violet Companion Flowers: Violet
Fresh lavender flower on white Companion Essential Oil: Lavender
morganite stone Companion Stone: Morganite
vera cruz Common Origins: Vera Cruz, Mexico

Notes: As Vera Cruz Amethyst is a variety of Amethyst, its properties also apply.

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