aromatherapy and the higher heart chakra

The Chakras are an ideal roadmap for personal growth and development. In 2017 we are journeying through the Chakras and focusing on one Chakra a month. May brings us to the Higher Heart Chakra, the ‘Healers Chakra’ and the center of charity, volunteerism, humanitarianism. This month, the Higher Heart asks you, “How are you a light in the darkness so that others can find their way?”

Brief Overview of Chakras: The Chakras are the main energy centers in our subtle body. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura or electromagnetic field. There are main Chakras, minor, subpersonal, and transpersonal Chakras. The Chakras’ function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. Each chakra is associated with certain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual interactions. Each chakra has personal growth themes, functions, and purposes. The concept of the Chakras has been around for thousands of years.

The Higher Heart Chakra is a newer emerging chakra. Not a traditional “yoga” chakra. It is located between the Heart and Throat chakras on the Thymus. This energy center was gifted to us at the beginning of time, but lie dormant until recently. It is here to help us integrate and process the new energies coming to the earth. It is activated in those who have reincarnated at this to help heal humanity and help us move into the Age of Aquarius, the 5th dimension, a time of peace and harmony. Not many people teach about this Chakra. I feel as if part of my life mission is to share that there are many more than just 7 chakras! The Chakra and energy system has been evolving as humans and the energies on earth have been changing. We are waking up and becoming multidimensional! I consider the Higher Heart a main Chakra. It reflects a person’s understanding, acceptance and practice of the universal concepts of Universal Love and Compassion. Activated in Healers, as it shows a person’s ability and/or calling to healing/teaching work. Its functions’ include unconditional love for all of humanity, healing the world around you, increasing the vibration of humanity, practicing the lessons of the heart, serving, donating, volunteering, giving back to your community in some way, generosity, altruism, and humanitarian work. Those with an activated Higher Heart feel that they are here for some greater purpose and that they can influence the world by their actions.

May 2017 Higher Heart Chakra Forecast: Its very appropriate that the Higher Heart is the Chakra of focus for May. I have been pondering lately why people volunteer. Currently, I am involved in more volunteer and charity projects than I ever have been in my life. In fact, I am volunteering almost as much as I am working for pay. Some of the volunteer projects I am involved in were quite difficult to get accepted for and are considered “prestigious”. So, I have been thinking about why people volunteer and donate their money and time? So I did a little research and talked to others heavily involved in charity work. People report volunteering because 1) causes are close to their heart, 2) to make a positive change in their community, 3) to make the world a better place, 4) to build up their resumes, 5) to learn a new skill, 6) For the unique opportunity and benefits/perks, 7) because they feel called to, 8) To pay it forward, 9) For self-reflection and self-awareness, and 10) To boost their mental, physical, and spiritual health. Serving your community is a function of the Higher Heart. Many people have only the chakras below the heart activated and therefore their whole life-experience is based in the consciousness of ego, fear, and survival. The Heart and Higher Heart Chakras are leading to a consciousness based in love and community and therefore to a life in abundance, peace, joy, and satisfaction. By volunteering and donating you can help shift your consciousness to a higher level. As you heal and raise your vibration you help heal all of humanity and raise both the vibration and consciousness on the planet. So this month, the higher energies are asking you to explore how you serve humanity. If you currently don’t volunteer, donate your time or money, or do some sort of service/humanitarianism, WHY NOT?? Most people think when we talk about “healing” humanity we are referring to setting up a healing business like yoga, massage, Reiki, etc. We can heal the world in a lot of different ways. The world and humanity need a lot of help right now. How can you assist?

Higher Heart Chakra Blend:
~ 6 drops Rosewood (or Ho Wood)
~ 2 drops Thyme
~ 2 drops Tea Tree
~ 2 drops Hyssop
~ 1 ounce of a vegetable oil like coconut, jojoba, or almond

Blend the essential oils into the vegetable oil then massage some over the Higher Heart area. Lightly thump the Higher Heart area three times and repeat the following affirmations: “I am experiencing a higher calling now. I help heal humanity now. I help heal the world now.”

Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA is a Holistic Health Consultant, Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, and Reiki Master Teacher with a PhD in Health Psychology. Her business, Mind, Soul, and Self LLC is based out of Wisconsin. For more info on Dr. Christina and her upcoming Chakra Retreats, Chakra Classes, Chakra Bootcamps, or to schedule an individual reading or appointment, please visit Many Blessings and Be Well!

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