Beyond the Chakras

by Jeremy Anacker

(llustration: Sree Chakra by Rajithsiji, via Wikimedia Commons)

When one feels the call to have a direct experience of their spiritual self there is a seeking process that very often begins with the study of the seven main chakras. This can be done without even knowing about the infinitely rich and dynamic energy self which these chakras exist  within. Contemplate that you are witnessing a vast lake with seven whirlpools of energy. Can you imagine contemplating the flow of water through the whole lake rather than just these seven selected areas of whirling water?

In this metaphor the whole energy self finds its natural state of circulation, buoyancy and beauty when there are no interruptions. To me the essential first step to discovering one’s own true energetic nature begins with your thinking. Well rehearsed thought patterns create energy patterns. Humans learn things during childhood and into adulthood from their families and their community that can create interruptions in this overall state of vitality, beauty and potential power.

The most obvious unhelpful thought patterns are those that create shame, guilt, fear, hate and resentment. Any well practiced belief that one is unworthy or small in some way creates darkness in the energy field which can manifest in so many places to include the chakras and then consequently cause an interruption in the overall natural state. Perhaps it is most important to know that unhelpful or darker energy patterns begin to manifest on the more subtle areas of one’s energetic field and eventually strengthen and take root in areas that are closer to the body. This is detected as a lack of ease or ‘dis-ease’ and yes, this can be the ancestor to a physical disease manifesting in the body. One’s overall attitude sets the tone for the state of the energy field. If one is consistently dedicated to being intimately conscious of their own energy field and refrains from using unhelpful mindsets, the benefits begin to show in the field. There are also countless books written about the beneficial effects of thought on the body. I often think of how the brain has available a warehouse of chemicals that can create benefits of feeling and vitality in the body.

When one is moving towards spiritual awakening the thought that initially gets challenged is the understanding that you are only a physical body. In order to move forward you have to have some willingness to put this thought aside so that room is made for other considerations. On the journey you are likely to run into the vast array of powerful affirmative thought material that emphasizes repeating statements to yourself such as, “I am a radiant and magnificent spiritual being” or “Divine love flows from the core of my being.” These are definitely empowering beliefs that create an uplifting energy reality throughout the aura and into the environment spreading to other individuals around you.

As one explores this material on an intellectual level, various practices are often recommended such as self applied energy techniques, Reiki, acupressure or tapping of the meridians. One’s journey is enhanced dramatically when one goes to a class or finds a mentor who is at-least a little farther along on the journey. As an individual that has been working on giving feedback on energy fields for over 25 years, I have experienced the increase of flow and harmony in individual energy fields countless times.  I am always thrilled to see how dynamic the natural state is after it gets running, which usually comes about in a personal energy session or a group energy dynamic.

I highly recommend trying an energy session with someone who is dedicated to a truly holistic picture of you as an integral and fully energetic being, where challenges to thinking patterns and a clear invite to the realization of the spirit are foremost.

Jeremy Anacker is a Reiki Master, Aura Seer, Channeler and Group facilitator of over 25 years. His work began at 18 years old in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he fully developed his lifelong intuitive abilities and became a co-founder for a non-profit specialty school for transformational learning. On the journey to feeling more familiar with this experiential material you are also invited to try a free introductory class on the nature of the energy field and aura seeing which runs on Saturday, August 6 @ 6pm or contact Jeremy for an energy feedback session. See more info on his ‘Affinity Group’ Meetup page at:

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