bismuth for concentration

Bismuth is a chemical element that usually combines with other substances into ores. But when it’s in a pure state and isolated from the outside environment, it can form little pyramids with an amazing rainbow sheen.

Stone lore: Crystal healing uses many types of minerals to promote natural healing in humans and pets, but a few minerals heal though a more direct route. Bismuth is one of these. This chemical element is the active ingredient in Pepto-Bismol, and over-the-counter remedy for digestive complaints. Pepto-Bismol was originally formulated over a hundred years ago to deal with infant diarrhea, at the time the number one cause of death among babies in the United States. The original formula was a complex concoction, and no one really knew how it worked. Once scientists figured out that bismuth was the active ingredient, the useless parts were removed, leaving the pink liquid we know and love today. You wouldn’t ordinarily think to swallow a rock to settle your stomach, but the bismuth in Pepto-Bismol really works!

Care and caution: Please don’t use this in elixirs. (Given the information above, the reason for this should be pretty obvious.)

Properties: Use at any chakra. Bismuth is a semi-metal. In nature, it is silver-gray and is not found in its crystallized form. Bismuth does not crystallize naturally, because there is usually not enough space for its crystals to form properly. With a little help from humans, it is melted and re-crystallized into a beautiful iridescent rainbow form. Bismuth is excellent for improving concentration and visualization, especially for use during Shamanic journeying. It aids in the shape-shifting practices of the brujo/bruja. It has also been known for its ability to lift one’s awareness to the celestial realm while maintaining grounding. Bismuth is a stone of transformation, moving things from chaos to order. In addition, Bismuth has been known to promote cooperation in group situations and also in relationships.

Fun fact: The mountains on Venus are covered with “bismuth snow,” a bismuth sulfide which condenses from the atmosphere and accumulates at higher elevations. A similar “snow” on Venus forms from a sulfide of lead.