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by Liz Zélandais

The Neophyte

Liz Zelandais

Liz Zelandais

I was living in Tucson, Arizona, working with disagreeable people at an income so low, I couldn’t  afford to turn on my air conditioner to offset the 110-degree heat. Then, like water in the desert, even that job and income evaporated. As a newly divorced—and suddenly unemployed—single parent, I was panicked. I had few job-seeking skills, but inner guidance directed me to write down what I wanted from that next, desperately-needed employment.

I timidly wrote out three requests to the Universe:

1) More money

2) Kind and enjoyable co-workers

3) A stepping stone to better jobs and a brighter future

Within two weeks I landed a position as a receptionist at US Home Mortgage, working with great people and earning enough money to make judicious use of my air conditioner. I was even able to save a little. This was a seemingly dead-end job, but I was more than happy that two out of three of my requests had come to pass.

In the eighteen months I worked for US Home, I took on overflow work from the loan processors and closers. Then I was promoted to each of those positions in turn. That experience took me to progressively responsible and well-paying jobs with financial companies—and within five years I was working for a Wall Street firm in New York. Bingo! Third request fulfilled in spades. The Universe—teamed up with a strong work ethic and personal commitment—rocked that original list.

As Above, So Below

My thirty-year career across industries and organizations has demonstrated the importance of employing (so to speak) every tool in both the spiritual and conventional toolbox in getting hired for the right job. Clearing personal energy and invoking spiritual power to pave the path can make miracles in the quest for perfect employment, and those miracles can be facilitated with a well-written resume and cover letter, along with knowledge of current job-search techniques.

Finding the most effective techniques—both metaphysical and orthodox—has been a long and circuitous path for me, often fraught with detours. “Back in the day” I attended a job seminar in which the presenter offered a core focus of getting hired by standing out with originality. His major tip was to submit resumes on brightly colored paper. After following this advice a few times, my true “Eureka!” moment was in realizing that a fine line separates appearing unique and appearing to be a nutcase who is unaware of standard practices of excellence.

Various facets of job hunting are constantly shifting, and it pays to stay abreast of the latest and best practices. For example, the rule of a resume not exceeding one page has become as obsolete as the buggy whip, as has the use of the worn-out “objective”. Social media has given a new and high-impact dimension to most aspects of our lives, and job candidacy is no exception. With this in mind, I made it a point to change my LinkedIn picture with the red hat and martini sunglasses to one that suggests a greater degree of professionalism.

One unchanging and important hallmark of a successful job search is clarity—clarity of personal space and energy, clarity of intent, and clarity in every communication. Communication includes what you are conveying through what you say and how you say it (even to yourself), your body language, how you dress, and—of course—written communication. Going through the process of clarification that sparks a promising job search can provide the added bonus of amping up every aspect of your life.

Taking on the Mantle of Power

The most empowering aspect of job hunting is knowing your own importance in that equation. Too often job applicants appear as job supplicants. “Oh please, give me a job. I really, really need this job. I’ll do anything for you to like me enough to hire me.” True, this is a bit exaggerated; but it is not an exaggeration of the vibe that many applicants exude.

I remember the first time a wise friend informed me, “The job you are seeking is also seeking you. It needs you as much as you need it. Maybe more.” A jaw-dropping revelation, to say the least. Consider that each of us represents a one-of-a-kind package of skills, personality, and experiences that shape our environment and everyone around us. There is a job that needs you and your one-of-a-kind abilities. It is looking for you as much as you are looking for it. That’s power. Use it well.

About Liz: With a successful career that has included working with Wall Street firms, Fortune 100 companies, consulting groups, government agencies, and haute couture, Liz Zélandais knows what it takes to get a great job. Having personally experienced both carefully planned and unexpected job transitions, she has learned how to engage elements of metaphysical traditions as well as conventional job-search techniques to turn crisis into opportunity every time. Liz is a healer, shamanic mesa carrier, and experienced trainer/facilitator who also consults privately.



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