Aromatherapy with Geranium Essential Oil

Aromatherapy with Geranium Essential Oil

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Aromatherapy with Geranium Essential Oil

By Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA

Geranium essential oil (Pelargonium graveolens) has very feminine energy and is nurturing and comforting. It is cooling, sedating, relaxing, balancing, and is fabulous for anxiety, stress, nervousness, and tension.  Geranium essential oil is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra as it may energetically regulate the adrenal glands and clear excess heat. It’s empowering, boosts confidence and self-esteem, and resonates with Solar Plexus themes and functions. It can be used to alleviate PMS and menopausal symptoms and energetically regulate the reproductive system, making it a must-have women’s oil. It can also be used as an insect repellant during the hot summer months.

A Message from Geranium Essential Oil:

Glamour Shot - Mimosa Books & Gifts

Rose-like aroma and minty undertones

The message Geranium shares with us is to connect to goddess energy and the divine feminine. Whether you are male or female, focus on self-care and nurturing yourself by getting a massage, reading a good book, taking a day off of work, or allowing yourself to sleep in. Spend some time with your mother or grandmother if you are lucky enough to still have them in your life. Take a walk in nature and revel in the beauty of Mother Earth. Connect to the moon in the sky at night and infuse that energy into your aura and energy field. For the females: meet up with your girlfriends for coffee or cocktails or focus on rekindling old female friendships or creating new ones. Wrap the goddess energy around you this month and let it embrace you.

Goddess Essential Oil Blend Recipe:

• 3 drops JasmineAromatherapy with Geranium Essential Oil Supporting Image - Mimosa Books & Gifts
• 2 drops Rose
• 2 drops Clary Sage
• 2 drops Geranium
• 5 drops Neroli
Combine the essential oils together in an amber bottle and slightly swirl together to create a synergy. This blend is for inhalation via a diffuser, few drops on a cotton pad or tissue, or in an aroma inhaler.
As you breathe in the aroma, state the following affirmations to yourself:

“I invoke the goddess within. I am beautiful, nurturing, and worthy of love.”

Lava Necklace - Mimosa Books & Gifts

Wear any scent you like close to your nose and your heart.

Want Our Free DIY Aromatherapy Spa Recipes?

Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach is a Holistic Health Psychologist, Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, and Reiki Master Teacher.  Interested in learning more about herbs, aromatherapy, and essential oils? Christina offers face to face and online aromatherapy and herbs classes and certifications. Visit Mind, Soul, and Self LLC for more information.

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Astrology for Self Discovery and Personal Reflection

Astrology for Self-Discovery & Personal Development

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Astrology for Self-Discovery & Personal Development

by Shelley Jordan

The symbols, myths, and metaphors of astrology have been gathered across the centuries from a variety of cultural sources. Based on an underlying philosophy that assumes some kind of interrelationship between the sky and the earth, astrological thinking has thrived during the past two thousand years across the globe. The Middle East, the Greco-Roman world, Asia, and medieval and Renaissance Europe have all nurtured astrological thought in its varying forms.

Astrology for Self Discovery and Personal Reflection

The Rebirth of Astrology

Marginalized as a consequence of the Scientific Revolution in the 17th century, astrology underwent a rebirth during the 20th century. Beginning with the theosophical movement, from whose hands it passed during the depth of the psychology heyday of the 1960s and 70s., astrology came to adopt the rhetoric of Jungian psychoanalytic theory. A recent flush of interest in Vedic astrology has added another facet to contemporary astrology’s richly complex and syncretic theory and practice. Appropriated by the New Age movement, astrology once again demonstrates its resilience and capacity to adapt to the cultural and historic moment.

Astrology for Self-Discovery

Astrology Bible by Judy Hall - Mimosa Books & Gifts

Introduce yourself to the planetary science of astrology for self-discovery.

When viewed as an esoteric philosophy for self-examination and introspection, astrology can be incorporated into personal spiritual practice. Its symbolism offers a catalyst for self-discovery and personal development. As a vehicle for contemplating the self by means of its archetypal images, astrology also has the ability to describe personal cycles and stages of life. The birth chart can provide a mirror for the soul and its purpose. The chart is a spiritual mandala that outlines the contours of the soul’s focus and its psychological predispositions.

If you remove prediction from astrology, taking away the assumption that fate, destiny, health, wealth or disaster can be determined from the birth chart, what remains is a representative model of the interior landscape of the psyche. This distillation process leaves a pure, symbolic and spiritual technology of the sacred that can stimulate introspection and self-awareness.

Supporting Image 1 - Mimosa Books & Gifts

Using Your Astrology Chart as a Mirror to the Soul

Using the birth chart as a mirror of insight into the landscape of the soul can enable higher levels of self-awareness, improvement and spiritual maturation. The chart can aid in identifying and describing problem areas, and in this capacity can be said to be diagnostic. Those same challenges also contain the potential to become areas of strength, because all astrological archetypes contain a full range of healthy and unhealthy possibilities. By holding as goals the highest expressions of potential in the chart’s dominant archetypal images, astrology can become a prescription for spiritual evolution.

Your Relationship with Astrology

Astrology Grid Cards Front - Mimosa Books & Gifts

Astrological sign cards include crystal recommendations tailored to your sign, plus instructions for performing your own crystal affirmation!

Astrological archetypes are highly fluid and subjective in nature. One’s personal relationship with them can change over time. The more self-aware one becomes — as a result of inner exploration and a quest for self — the greater the possibility of finding inner peace and happiness. You have to know who you are to be happy, to know what will make you happy, in contrast to what another person might find satisfying. External mandates contribute to the hive mentality. Only knowledge of the true self, which is capable of growth and evolution, can align the personality and the soul. A temperate and thoughtful contemplation of the birth chart – astrology with a light touch – can awaken self-knowledge and awareness of larger spiritual and developmental cycles. In this way, harmony between the self and the cosmos is possible.

Supporting Image 2 - Mimosa Books & Gifts

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Japa Malas: Working with Mala Beads

Japa Malas: Working with Mala Beads

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Japa Malas: Working with Mala Beads

by Cathy Douglas

Japa malas, often simply called mala beads, is a string of beads for counting repeated prayers, mantras, divine names or affirmations. It’s very much like to a Catholic rosary. The Buddhist or Hindu mala has 108 beads, plus a tasseled “guru” bead, the bead that starts and ends the repetitions. Some also have three “spacer” beads for conveniently dividing the recitations.

The Significance of Mala Beads:

The number 108 is significant to both Hindu and Buddhists, and it’s said there are 108 meanings of the number, including the number of deities, the 108 sins we must overcome, etc. The mala help connect the physical act of reciting the mantra with the spiritual benefits of the practice.

The mala itself is not passive, but actively transmutes energy, and wearers should be conscious of this power. For one thing, if one wears the mala as jewelry, it’s apt to collect all kinds of stray energy present in the everyday world–not all of it beneficial. Some even prefer to keep the mala in a special bag, and handle it only when in use. Whether you choose to keep your japa malas protected or to perform regular energetic cleansing, a mala well cared for absorbs considerable pure energy from use in sacred practice.

Cleaning & Cleansing Your Mala Beads:

Singing Bowl 2 - Mimosa Books & Gifts

This lovely singing bowl is a great way to enhance your meditation sessions, and can also be used to cleanse your mala as described in our article.

A mala shouldn’t need much physical cleansing. In fact, the oils of the skin that penetrate the material of the mala are said to help form a bond between the mala and its owner. But it may need energetic cleansing from time to time, especially if you wear it while under stress. Sound can purify the mala; either ring tingshas over it, or place it in a singing bowl and then softly strike the bowl. Another simple method is to expose the mala to either strong sun or moonlight. Typically malas are used in conjunction with incense for meditative/prayer/ritual purposes, which can also cleanse your mala beads. In addition, it’s considered strongly positive to have the mala blessed by a teacher, especially at first.

Working with mala Beads - Mimosa Books & GiftsHow to Use Japa Malas:

There are variations on ways of using japa malas, but here’s a good basic method: To count with the mala, most traditions specify you should hold the mala with your right hand. Using the thumb and the fourth finger to hold the mala, pull the beads toward you with your third finger, starting with the one next to the guru bead. Chant one repetition per bead until you return to the guru. (There are variations on which fingers to use, but most agree you should avoid using the index finger, which denotes ego.) If you’re doing more than 108 repetitions, when you get to the guru bead, turn the mala around and go back the other way. It’s important not to “run over” the guru bead. Here’s a short video to illustrate: How to use a Mala.

Malas are made from many materials, which carry different meanings:

Crystal: Crystal properties apply to the mala. Crystal has the benefit of being smooth, and substantial in weight.

Rudraksha seeds: Rudra is another name for Shiva, and aksha means eye. The tears of Lord Shiva destroy ego and attachment, and also promote healing, protection, and strong blood flow. These malas are best used by those leading a pure life.

Bodhi seeds: Boddhi (holy) tree is another name for the Sacred Fig, the tree the Buddha sat under when he gained enlightenment. As you might guess, the words buddha and boddhi related, both having to do with enlightenment.

Tulsi wood: Also called Sacred Basil. Hindus consider this plant–more a large shrub than a tree–to be a living goddess. A tulsi mala clears the aura and strengthens devotion, and is specially holy to Vishnu. Tulsi tea an elixir of life which helps with stress, pain, adaptation; tulsi wood contains many of these same properties.

Sandalwood: The scent of sandalwood conveys inner peace. A mala made of sandalwood is good for deepening meditation, calming, and seeking after the within. Real sandalwood is growing rarer. Beads carved of real sandalwood are oblong, smooth and somewhat uneven–never rough textured or perfectly round. The scent of real sandalwood is subtle, but it remains present in the wood as the mala ages.

Lotus Seed Mala - Mimosa Books & Gifts

Lotuses and their seeds symbolize overcoming hardship and adversity, and this 30-inch mala works as a great reminder to stay strong and persevere.

Lotus seeds: Lotus petals deflect water, and so the lotus mala symbolizes the “falling away” of worldly things the understanding of impermanence. Since lotus seeds are light, they darken with age even more than other materials. Perhaps that’s why they symbolize the steady growth of wisdom and power.

Rosewood: A mala made of rosewood excels in healing the self and others, as well as the manifestation of whatever is needed for healing.

Bone: Yak bone is a common material for Tibetan malas, and encourages the owner to contemplate mortality. Accepting the reality of impermanence helps us focus on living in the present moment. Sometimes bone beads are carved into little skulls. Using its bone for a sacred item like a mala honors the yak.

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Crystals for Empowering the Goddess Within by Ashley Leavy

Goddess Crystals for Empowering the Goddess Within

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Goddess Crystals for Empowering the Goddess Within

by Ashley Leavy

There is a movement by modern women in the metaphysical community to reclaim feminine power and embrace the goddess within, but what does this really mean and how can it be accomplished by using goddess crystals?


Crystals for Empowering the Goddess Within by Ashley Leavy


Goddess Discovery Book - Mimosa Books & Gifts

The Goddess DIscovery Book was created to give you tools to help you awaken and connect to the power of your inner Goddess, this book is overflowing with knowledge and tools to help you tune in to your inner power and start your spiritual journey inward.


For many, this is about acknowledging the important role of femininity and the divine feminine in modern society, but it can also be about embodying the archetypes of goddesses throughout history.

Tapping into this goddess power can be done through ritual and ceremony, with prayer, or even through meditation.  And when you combine these methods with the energy of goddess crystals, the connection to a particular goddess is amplified.






Chakra Crystal Goddess Statue - Mimosa Books & Gifts

This gypsum-cement Chakra Crystal Goddess Statue makes a great addition to any altar, healing arts room, or sacred space. The light color lets the vibrant chakra stones really pop while still displaying subtle, feminine detail.


Certain goddess crystals correspond to particular goddess archetypes.  So if you wanted to connect with or embody the energetic archetype, the traits or qualities, of a specific goddess, you need only to reach for the stone that embodies her spirit and energy.  You can then carry this stone with you, wear it in a piece of jewelry, or meditate with the crystal to connect with the energy of your chosen goddess.






Wild Kuan Yin Oracle - Mimosa Books & Gifts

The Wild Kuan Yin Oracle will be your light in those moments when the darkness seems too much. When the loving peace of spirit seems too far away from the troubles of the physical world, this oracle deck channels the energy of the Divine Mother to bring you comfort.



For example, if you were trying to bring more love or compassionate energy into your life, you may want to embody the qualities of Aphrodite, Kuan Yin, or Venus.  So you could choose to work with goddess crystals like Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, or Copper to embody the vibration of love, compassion, and the archetypal qualities of your chosen goddess.








Following are some popular goddess crystals. Feel free to Pin this image to Pinterest to save it as a handy reference guide!

Goddess and Crystals - Mimosa Books & Gifts


Aphrodite: Rose Quartz Durga: Golden Tiger’s Eye Ishtar: Imperial Topaz Mani: Rainbow Moonstone Selene: Selenite
Artemis: Blue Kyanite Freya: Emerald Isis: Lapis Lazuli Nike: Hematite Venus: Copper
Athena: Rainbow Fluorite Gaia: Chrysocolla Juno: Black Pearl Nut: Nuumite White Buffalo Calf Woman: Howlite
Bastet: Carnelian Green Tara: Green Tourmaline Kali: Black Obsidian Parvati: Rhodochrosite White Tara: White Jade
Brighid: Fire Agate Hathor: White Moonstone Kwan Yin: Pink Opal Pele: Lava Rock Yemaya: Abalone
Ceridwen: Labradorite Hecate: Black Moonstone Lakshmi: Citrine Persephone: Black Onyx
Demeter: Petrified Wood Hera: Pyrite Luna: White Pearl Saraswati: Blue Lace Agate
Diana: Silver Hestia: Dolomite Maat: Red Jasper Sekhmet: Yellow Jasper


Get in touch with your inner goddess with our FREE Goddess Crystals Printable Altar Cards or Oracle Deck!


Ashley Leavy is the Founder & Educational Director of the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy – where their mission is to share the power of crystal healing with people all over the world. If you’re curious about using crystals to make positive changes for yourself, your friends & family, or your clients, then Love & Light is the place for you to learn and connect with others.  The Love & Light School offers a broad range of training programs and free resources for wellness professionals and crystal enthusiasts from all around the world.


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Introduction to Runes by Mimosa

Rune Meanings for Modern Day: An Introduction to Runes

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Rune Meanings for Modern Day: An Introduction to Runes

Runes are an ancient form of writing used in northern Europe, including Germany, Scandinavia, and the British Isles. The listing below is a very basic chart of Scandinavian rune meanings known as the “elder Futhark.” In modern times, people often use runes for divination, in writing magical texts or spells, or as talismans.

Introduction to Runes and Rune Meanings by Mimosa

You may have heard of or encountered the runic alphabet before but been mystified by its cryptic appearance. Unlike the alphabet we use today, each rune acts as a symbolic representation for some aspect of life. Once you understand these meanings, runes can become a powerful tool for divination, spellwork, and more.

The Elder Futhark consists of 25 runes (24 with characters and one blank rune). The image below provides the name and symbol for each rune, and the following chart describes the historical rune meanings and what it may signify in divination. Feel free to Pin this image to Pinterest to save it as a handy reference guide!

Introduction to Runes - Names and Rune Meanings


What it means

What it may signify

Wyrd (  )


All knowledge, cosmic power, fate, destiny, gateway, blank space, void

Fehu (f)


Wealth, prosperity, status, power

Uruz (u)

Aurochs (ancient cow)

Strength, courage, determination

Thurisaz (th)

Thor, or a giant

Protection, obstacles, stubbornness

Ansuz (a)

Voice of the gods

Wisdom from a higher source

Raidho (r)


A journey, whether physical or otherwise

Kenaz (k)


Knowledge, study, skill, ideas

Gebo (g)


Gift, love, union, mutual responsibility

Wunjo (w)


Good luck or good news, family, harmony

Hagalaz (h)


Disruption, misfortune, shock

Nauthiz (n)


Poverty, distress, something lacking

Isa (i)


Stasis, stillness (desirable or otherwise)

Jera (j)


Success, productivity, cycles

Eihwaz (ei)

Yew tree

Change, flexibility, empowerment, safety

Perthro (p)

Cauldron or dice cup

Mystery, chance, seeing the future

Algiz (z)


Protection, communication, friendship

Sowilo (s)


One’s will, success, good health & fortune

Tiwaz (t)


Justice, leadership, self-sacrifice

Berkana (b)

Birch tree

Feminine energy, nurturing, love, beauty

Ehwaz (e)


Service, trust, self-control, a helper

Mannaz (m)


Self, rational thought, friends, consciousness

Laguz (l)


Water, intuition, scrying, dreams, the moon

Ingwaz (ng)

Ing (fertility god)

Sexual energy, fertility, union, intense creativity

Othila (o)


Home, family, inheritance, ancestors

Dagaz (d)


Beginnings & endings, cyclic change, destiny


Wooden Runes - Mimosa Books & Gifts

We love the rustic, natural feel of this rune set, which is perfect for beginners!


Although we feel that the physical weightiness of wooden or ceramic rune tiles can’t be beat, especially when you take the time to cast them as part of a ritual or ceremony, you can alternatively incorporate rune oracle cards into your divination practice. There are several great decks of rune oracle cards available and you can use these along with your favorite layouts and spreads rather than casting them (which we must admit does sometimes make interpreting rune meanings a little bit easier than with casting).




Runes for Beginners - Mimosa Books & Gifts

Our favorite parts were the mnemonics Chauran provides for each rune, making the task of memorizing the alphabet much more manageable.



If you want to deepen your knowledge of runes and rune-casting for divination, healing and more even further than this introductory post, there are several excellent books about runes you may be interested in adding to your reading list. Some focus more on history and lore of runes while others are geared for more of a practical, hands-on approach to working runes as part of your spiritual practice.




Womanrunes - Mimosa Books & Gifts

This book and card deck set contain all you need to start interpreting and using runes from a contemporary angle.



Based on an adapted set of runes created by Shekhinah Mountainwater in 1987, Womanrunes approach the runic alphabet from a more woman-centric perspective than traditional interpretations.







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New Year, New Moon

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New Year, New Moon

by Payton Udo

The New Moon is known as a time of new beginnings and letting go. While some of us may wait until the New Year to make a change or start anew, the moon kindly reminds us each month that we are capable of starting fresh whenever we please. As a cycle comes to an end and a new one begins, it is important for us to continue to set new goals and intentions so we are able to keep growing and learning. May we correct our mistakes and learn by them, or learn something new and keep bettering ourselves, so we are steps closer to the person we desire to be.

While we may have pondered certain goals that we could make, and briefly told ourselves we are going to make a change, did we consciously set an intention to make that change? Are we making reachable goals that we can be proud of? Did we make room in our hearts to move on and grow?

Luckily, each new moon is an opportunity for use the energies of the universe to set and solidify intentions.Try spending this day with a New Moon meditation around your intention for the month. Craft yourself a ritual or a ceremony for the promise you intend to make yourself, or for rebirth and new beginnings. Spend time to reflect on your past month and figure what it is you can shed from the past that no longer serves you.

The Universe has granted us with a plethora of tools to help us cleanse, strengthen intentions, and keep us motivated. We suggest the following tools to help you make the most of this New Moon.

Palo SantoPalo Santo for the New Moon - Mimosa Books & Gifts (translated to “holy wood”) is a great smudging tool that has been used for thousands of years. Known as the bark of the frankincense tree, it has traditionally been used by the Incas and Shamans for energy cleansing and healing. Cleanse your energies by burning a piece of this wood before setting your intention, so that they may be fresh and vitalized.



Clear Quartz for the New Moon - Mimosa Books & Gifts


Clear Quartz is one of the highest vibrational crystals that the earth has given us. It’s crystalline structure is so special that it is known to amplify your electromagnetic field. This crystal is an amplifier of all other crystals and intentions. Create yourself a grid full of clear quartz to draw in even more of the New Moon/Eclipse energy and strengthen your ritual or intentions.


Garnet for the New Moon - Mimosa Books & Gifts


Garnet is a great stone for setting intentions due to its properties of motivation and vitality. Try including this in a crystal grid with quartz and any other crystal that may represent what it is you are striving for this month. Garnet will help you stay motivated, feel revitalized, and draw in prosperity and abundance.


Mini Taper Altar Candles for New Moon Ritual - Mimosa Books & Gifts



Candles:  Light a white or black candle to help evoke positive manifestation in order to make a positive change in your life.  White candles are known to drawn in positive energy, while black candles help dispel negative energy and call in protective energy.

Elements of Ritual by Mari Powers - Mimosa Books & Gifts

Ritual: The Elements of Creating Ceremony

Ritual: The Elements of Creating Ceremony

By Mari Powers

The handout I share when I am teaching ritual and ceremony is an outline, and a sort of shopping list. I have learned from many expert teachers who know how to make a ritual rock. So this is a distillation of what I learned and what came from within or through me. It is meant to be passed on in the context of a class, yet I felt was useful to a greater audience. If you would like me to help you craft a ceremony or to facilitate a special ritual for you, I am available through Mimosa several times a week to consult. (I am interchanging the words ceremony and ritual in this brief article.)

Elements of Ritual by Mari Powers - Mimosa Books & Gifts

There are lots of choices on this crib sheet. What is selected and how it varies is a matter of the type of ritual, the audience, size of location and whether it is a solitary, small group or large group ritual. (And yes, even solitary rituals have an audience: the non-humans we invite.) A wedding, a child blessing and a memorial service are ceremonies. There are seasonal rituals, ceremonies honoring beloved ones, initiations and other rites of passage — and many more. Yet they all follow the same pattern for me.

Ritual is ceremonial and custom. When something called a ritual is codified, stagnant, I think it becomes more of a rigid practice than it is a true ritual or ceremony at all. Yet, many true new ceremony weavings can contain elements of regular practice and share traditions for their type. A wedding includes vows. A memorial includes memories shared. A seasonal ritual works with elements of time, location and is generally communal. It is a paradox.

The esoteric elements of ceremony are generally experienced and handed down orally. It is also important to note that a spiritual daily, weekly, monthly practice is not ritual or ceremony. It may follow a similar form yet the intention is much different. The intention is to improve the quality of your spiritual life. Rituals also do that, yet the intentions are much more narrowly focused and reap transformational benefits of a different type. Improving on something that anchors, nurtures and sustains is a practice. Ceremonies are one of a kind, even mixed with some traditional or repeatable elements as a part of the whole. And of course you can use some things from your spiritual practice in ritual or ceremony. Especially when you share practices with kindred.

The lines blurry some, and I wanted to be specific in language to distinguish the two. Not all people who can facilitate ritual have a regular practice, though it may be rare. Not all people who have a regular practice can, or choose not to, do ritual and ceremony.

Essential Elements of Ritual and Ceremony

Intention: It’s best to focus on one, or two at the most. State your intention clearly.

  1. Create sacred space
    1. Cast a circle
    2. Call in deities
    3. Call in Elements
    4. Drum with intention
    5. Welcome and Greeting
    6. Create an ambiance
    7. Meditate
    8. Chant communion into being
  2. Focus energy
    1. Chant
    2. Focus on talisman
    3. Repeat affirmations
    4. Read a poem
    5. Listen to a song
    6. Invoke or Evoke, Aspect
    7. Guided meditation
    8. Visualize, speak and will
  3. Become magically active; raise energy
    1. Like waves
    2. Like a peak
    3. Drumming
    4. Singing
    5. Sharing from the heart
    6. Dancing
    7. Guided Visualization
    8. Charging objects
  4. Direct energy
    1. Use Feri Flame
    2. Reiki
    3. Will and visualization
    4. Shout it out
    5. Blow it out
    6. Hum
    7. Chant
    8. Stop drumming
    9. Crystal bowl
  5. Open sacred space, ground and center
    1. Poem
    2. Music
    3. Touch the Earth
    4. Guided visualization
    5. Alignment
    6. Tree and Root
    7. Devoke, Hail and Fare Thee Well
    8. Give thanks
    9. Share
    10. Open Circle
    11. Blessings
    12. Feast
    13. Praise
    14. Hugs

* State intention(s) clearly upfront.

* Use as many sensory elements as possible.

* Preparation of space and tools is simply a pre-ceremony task, after Intention and adding or changing after outline is complete.

* The first rituals were Sacred Theater to connect with / honor the ancestors and mark important individual and communal life events.

Recipes for natural body-care products

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By Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA

The whole person and all of their experiences interact and influence well-being (mind, body, spirit, energy, environment, social, sexual, occupational, etc.). The old holistic paradigm of just mind/body/spirit does not adequately represent the whole person. True holistic healing addresses EVERY aspect of being human. True “wholistic” whole person care. Addressing a person on all levels of their being can maximize health and wellness.  Each dimension is equally important. If one area of our life is off balance, it can lead to dis-ease and disharmony. An important (and often neglected) part of holistic wellness is self-care. Self-care is basically “taking care of yourself.” It can involve many things like eating well, exercising, getting good sleep, setting aside alone time, getting a massage, getting your hair and nails done, and doing things you enjoy. We are all busy and finding the time to take proper care of ourselves can be hard. We often put others first and make excuses for our own well-being. But if you don’t nurture yourself, it won’t be long before your battery is drained and you are exhausted, sick, stressed out, and running on empty. Regular self-care is mandatory. Spring is almost here — a time of rejuvenation and renewal. So it’s the perfect time to splurge on ourselves a little bit, have a self-date, and create a home spa day!

Since aromatherapy is a holistic method that treats the entire person and is the art and science of using essential oils, for psychological, spiritual, and physical well-being, a holistic spa day would not be complete without aromatherapy! Below are some ideas for a day of rejuvenation and my favorite aromatherapy recipes for some pampering and relaxation. So enjoy, relax, unwind, and de-stress!

  • If you have children, ask friends of family for help taking care of them so you can have a day to yourself (asking for help is an important part of self-care)
  • Sleep in late
  • Stay in your pajamas all day
  • Eat breakfast in bed
  • Turn off your cell phone and computer
  • Do something you really enjoy but have not done in a while…paint, read a book or magazine, etc
  • Take a nap
  • Pamper yourself…..

Now on to the spa recipes!

Tropical Vacation Bath Soak:

Add 10 drops jasmine essential oil and 10 drops of ylang ylang essential oil to cup of coconut milk and mix well. Add to hot bath then get in and soak! Consider playing some soft music and lighting some candles to set the mood.

Brown Sugar Body Scrub:

1/2 cup Brown Sugar
1/4 cup oatmeal
2 tablespoons honey
½ ounce Sweet Almond or other carrier oil of your choice
10 drops Vanilla Absolute essential oil
5 drops Sandalwood essential oil

Using a metal spoon, stir together sugar, oatmeal, honey, and oil in a glass or ceramic bowl. Drop in the essential oils and stir until thoroughly mixed. In the bath, massage the sugar body scrub into your skin using gentle circular motions and then rinse, towel dry and moisturize.

Aromatherapy Body Butter:

(Makes 2 1/2 to 3 cups whipped butter)
1 cup organic raw shea butter
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup almond oil
60 drops total of essential oils (You can use whatever oils you wish)

Melt shea butter and coconut oil in the top of a double boiler. Remove from heat and let cool for 30 minutes. Stir in almond oil and essential oils. Place oil mixture in freezer or outside to chill. Wait until oils start to partially solidify then whip until a butter-like consistency is achieved. Place in clean, glass jar and enjoy!

Aromatherapy Face Cleanser:

1/3 cup Lavender hydrosol
1/3 cup Rose hydrosol (rose water)
1/3 cup Geranium hydrosol
2 tablespoons Vegetable Glycerin
8 drops Lavender essential oil
1 drop Geranium essential oil
3 drops Chamomile essential oil
4 drops Rose essential oil

Pour all the ingredients into a clean, sterile 8oz dark glass or PET plastic bottle. Shake well. To use, dampen your skin with warm water, then gently massage cleanser into your skin. Rinse, pat dry and moisturize.

Face masks:

Oily skin: (1 TBSP green clay, 1 drop rosemary, 1 drop lavender)

Dry skin: (2 TBSP mashed avocado, 1 drop roman chamomile, 1 drop rose)

Normal skin: (1 TBSP oatmeal, 1 drop geranium)

Mix above ingredients well and moisten with green tea or water. Apply to your face and leave on for 10 minutes. Then wash face well and moisturize.

Face Moisturizer:     

½ ounce jojoba oil
3 drops carrot seed essential oil
3 drop Roman chamomile essential oil
3 drops rose otto essential oil

Blend together ingredients in a glass bottle or container. Wash face and hands thoroughly before use. Massage liberally into the face and neck, concentrating on dry patches.

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Interested in learning more about aromatherapy and herbs? Join Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach for ‘Holistic Healing with Herbs,’ a 6-month certification program starting April 14, 2018 in West, Bend, WI:

About: Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA is a Spiritual Counselor, Holistic Health Consultant, Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Master Gardener, and Reiki Master Teacher with a PhD in Health Psychology. Her business, Mind, Soul, and Self LLC is based out of Wisconsin. For more info on Dr. Christina and her upcoming Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, or Natural Perfume classes or to schedule an individual reading or appointment, please visit Many Blessings and Be Well!


Neroli for Serenity, Peace & Comfort

By Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA

Life happens. Things beyond our control and things within our control. A loved one may pass away. We don’t have the money to pay a bill. Our car breaks down. We get into a disagreement with a friend. Stress at work is unbearable. We have too much to do and not enough time to do it. We all experience hard times. Sometimes it seems like nothing can go our way and we think the universe hates us. We ask “why me?” We just want to scream and cry in frustration.  Neroli essential oil offers comfort, calmness, and a warm embrace to help you cope with and recover from difficult times.   

Neroli (Citrus aurantium var. amara) is distilled or solvent extracted from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. It is also known as orange blossom or orange flower. It is native to India and China. It has a florally citrus aroma; soft and beautiful. Neroli essential oil can be pricey due to the number of flowers required to produce the essential oil as well as the production process itself. But it is a wonderful addition to your natural health care. Neroli essential oil is very relaxing and can relieve chronic anxiety, depression, fear, shock, agitation, and stress. Neroli Oil is a powerful sedative and is regarded as one of the best antidepressant remedies. Neroli resonates with the Heart Chakra and can evoke higher emotions like peace, joy, love, compassion, gratitude, and serenity. It can relax and soothe the soul and uplift the spirit. It brings balance to the mind, heart, emotions, and soul.

Recipe for Serenity, Peace, and Comfort

  • 3 drops Neroli Essential Oil
  • 1 drop Lemon Balm (Melissa) Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Mandarin Essential Oil
  • 1 drop Rose Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Cedarwood Essential oil
  • ½ ounce vegetable oil like coconut, almond, or grapeseed
  • A little bottle, bowl, or container to mix oils in

Directions: This blend is meant to be inhaled. As you prepare the blend, have the thoughts and intent that you are inviting calmness, serenity, and peace into your life. Put a few drops in your hands, rub together, cup over your face, and deeply inhale several times. As you breathe in the aroma, state the affirmation: “I maintain my calm with inner peace and strength. I maintain my inner calm in the midst of chaos.”

Interested in learning more about aromatherapy and herbs? Join Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach for ‘Holistic Healing with Herbs,’ a 6-month certification program starting April 14, 2018 in West, Bend, WI:

About: Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA is a Spiritual Counselor, Holistic Health Consultant, Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Master Gardener, and Reiki Master Teacher with a PhD in Health Psychology. Her business, Mind, Soul, and Self LLC is based out of Wisconsin. For more info on Dr. Christina and her upcoming Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, or Natural Perfume classes or to schedule an individual reading or appointment, please visit Many Blessings and Be Well!

Rosemary for clearing the way

by Christina Wilke-Burbach

Note: The Aura Cacia rosemary essential oil we carry at Mimosa is Rosmarinus officinalis grown in Morocco.

New Year, New You! The beginning of the year is traditionally a time for us to assess the previous year and to plan for the upcoming one. Many of us make resolutions and then abandon them halfway through the year. We start with really good intentions and begin the year highly motivated to bring change to many areas of our lives. But then discouragement sets in as we either get overwhelmed, stressed out, or unforeseen obstacles spring up along the way.

Rosemary essential oil can assist you in clearing the way and overcoming these barriers. Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) is a woody perennial aromatic shrub in the mint family. It is native to the Mediterranean area and grows well in the Midwest. The flowering tops are steam distilled to produce the essential oil. Rosemary can have several different chemotypes depending on where and how it is grown. Chemotypes are the same plant species, but the chemical makeup is different due to environmental differences like temperature, amount of light, elevation, etc. For example, Rosemary grown in Spain will have different chemical constituents that Rosemary grown in the United States. Due to the chemistry, each chemotype of Rosemary can have similar, yet slightly different uses. When a plant has a chemotype, it is designated in the botanical name. For instance, Rosmarinus officinalis ct. cineole has higher levels of the chemical 1, 8 cineole in it and is great for respiratory concerns. Rosmarinus officinalis ct. camphor contains more camphor and is better for muscles aches and pains. Rosmarinus officinalis ct. verbenone is a cell regenerator for the skin and is not quite as stimulating as the other two chemotypes.

Overall, all the Rosemary chemotypes are invigorating, stimulating, and refreshing. Rosemary empowers the mind and is helpful for overcoming mental fatigue and sluggishness by stimulating and strengthening the entire nervous system. It enhances memory, focus, and mental clarity while aiding alertness and concentration. Rosemary (especially the Cineole and Camphor chemotypes) can help you cope with stressful conditions and see things from a clearer perspective. Rosemary can also provide you with support and self-confidence to help you trudge forward during difficult times. Rosemary also helps clear negative and dense energy in both your aura and environment. Often times we are our own biggest barrier with self-defeating beliefs and self-talk. Rosemary can help clear this rubbish out of the way. Inhalation and diffusion is the safest and most effective way to use essential oils for memory, mood, and concentration. Always make sure to dilute essential oils in a vegetable oil if applying topically. Please do not put Rosemary essential oil near or on the face of infants and children due to some of the active chemical constituents in Rosemary.

Recipe for Mental Clarity:

  • 3 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
  • 4 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • 2 drops Peppermint Essential oil
  • 6 drops Orange Essential Oil

Directions: This blend is to be used in a diffuser. As you prepare the blend, have the thoughts and intent that you are ready to release energy, beliefs, patterns, and obstacles in your way. Turn the diffuser on and breathe in the aroma and state the following affirmation. “My thoughts are clear and focused. I am motivated, energized, invigorated, and will break through any barrier that gets in my way.”

Interested in learning more about aromatherapy and herbs? Join Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach for Holistic Healing with Herbs, a 6-month certification program starting April 14, 2018 in West Bend, WI.

About: Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA is a Spiritual Counselor, Holistic Health Consultant, Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Master Gardener, and Reiki Master Teacher with a PhD in Health Psychology. Her business, Mind, Soul, and Self LLC is based out of Wisconsin. For more info on Dr. Christina and her upcoming Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, or Natural Perfume classes or to schedule an individual reading or appointment, please visit Many Blessings and Be Well!


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Your first thought may be that the fox is cunning and swift, and that this might go for you as well. While foxes are both cunning and swift, they have many more qualities as a guide and totem. This quick canid is excellent at adapting to any situation or overcoming any obstacle with creativity and wit. Their wisdom and intelligence guide us to all possible ways to overcome problems and obstacles. With the fox as your totem, you are more introverted, as foxes tend to keep to the shadows and watch from a distance. While this may seem dark, it really just means you actively take an interest in the lives of those around you, and that you care enough to pay attention. However, this doesn’t mean that foxes can’t be playful or outgoing. While they may not exactly be a social butterfly, foxes do have a gregarious side. This goes well with your ability to adapt to any situation, including ones where you have to portray a different aspect of yourself. Seeing a fox in a dream may indicate that someone is deceiving or tricking you. But being a fox, this will give you the wisdom to overcome this trickery. Being a fox also means you may find yourself more active at night than during the daytime. As foxes are nocturnal, you may also find your creativity or wit working overtime during the peak hours of the night.  

The Sun is in Capricorn. What does that mean for your sign?

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Capricorn: December 22 – January 21

As the third earth sign in the zodiac, Capricorn relates to practicality and purpose, but now not just for our self or those close to us, but for society.  Scorpio opens our heart to our soul. Sagittarius inspires us to find meaningful context for our soul. Now, naturally, in Capricorn, we want to apply our expanded, soulful beliefs to our purpose in the world. Through careers, philanthropic pursuits, businesses and other ambitions, we learn how to set goals, make plans, conspire with others, and manage time, people and resources. By bringing order to our vision, we ground inspired ideas into practical realities. This begins by taking charge of our own lives: accepting responsibility for our own emotions, applying discipline to our thoughts and actions, and holding ourselves and others accountable. Though we may feel driven to make our mark in our world and receive some level of recognition for our achievements, it is integrity that becomes most fundamental to our measure of success.  Are we living our lives in alignment with the beliefs and higher intuitive truths we’ve come to embrace and thus serving our soul’s intended potential for giving to this world.

If our ego is healthy and strong and has awakened to the awareness of our soul’s spiritual divinity, and we have attuned to a metaphysical wisdom, then we are more likely to hear and listen to that inner voice of divine guidance that gives intuitive and moral direction to our choices, helping us stay aligned to our soul’s plan. By doing so, we also align our self with the divine logic of a larger, higher, collective destiny, and in this way, the hidden forces of divinity can support the manifesting of our own unique higher potential, bringing us personal rewards while also furthering the collective evolution of our world.

If we have not yet awakened to spirit, then our Capricorn organizing energy is applied to more ego-driven goals and plans, still informed by the illusions of separation, death and fear and out of balance with the emotional needs of the opposing sign of Cancer. Personal wealth and power become the goals that promise more control, order and protection in our lives, even if it requires we become numb to the pain it causes in others and ourselves.  And to the extent we are still experiencing the unhealed wounds of our personality, our personal pain and shadows can fuel our worldly ambitions in ways that manifest much pain for others.   

Through the many experiences we have in pursuing our worldly purpose and contributions, sooner or later, we learn to become attuned to the collective rhythms of souls merging into creative synergy and we re-discover the feelings of belonging that reflect our divine oneness. Welcome Aquarius.

Look below for your birth sign (sun sign) to see what particular challenges/opportunities are being brought to your awareness this month. (These can also hold true if you have your Moon, Rising sign or a number of planets in the sign.)

Aries: As with the rest of your life, Aries, when it comes to career and purpose, you need plenty of autonomy and freedom to go your own way. In your career, it’s best that you lead or are given your own track. Or perhaps be an entrepreneur. In any case, it’s your ability to assert your unique identity that informs your goals, your associates, your style and your success. During this time, you may feel a surge in ambition that can set your course for some time to come, so be sure to check your ego and ask your higher self for direction.

Taurus: As another earth sign, Taurus, your steady and practical approach is helpful to reaching goals that are grounded in reality. For this reason, colleagues and clients find you reliable and trustworthy. This is a good time to promote those qualities in yourself. At the same time, watch for signs that your vision and goals may be too conservative, too cautious. Is it possible to think bigger without falling off the edge?

Gemini: if your professional life lacks stimulation and activity, you will feel frustrated more during this month. Your desire to learn, share, and communicate need a purposeful outlet, so set some goals that will honor that. It may take more than one profession or maybe some extra philanthropic activities. Make sure your intellectual strengths are recognized, yet be discerning with it. Sometimes, wisdom equals silence.

Cancer: Cancer is opposite Capricorn, so your challenge during this time, Cancer, is to integrate your sense of responsibility and outward achievement with your sensitivity to emotions and nurturing of others. This is a good time to examine how well you balance your work and home lives. Do you know when to stop caring about your colleagues’ personal troubles? To get things done in the world we usually have to remain a bit aloof from emotions; ours and others’. You’re probably better off in a profession that incorporates your feelings.  Your soul kind of wants that.

Leo: This is a good time to shine your individual light into your profession. You have power, strength and leadership skills to bring to the table. Let your playful and creative urges inform the goals and plans you and your team choose. You can inspire others by being yourself, and by being in tune with your soul, you act as a catalyst for positive change in the world.  

Virgo: Ok Virgo, this would be a good time to do a reality check around the goals and plans that you and others have set. Perhaps you’ve already seen some room for improvements. Now, more than ever, is the time to share and apply. Your critical and exacting style needs to be recognized and if you offer your insights with a soulful sensitivity, you will bring appreciated order to your ambitions.

Libra: Now is the time to notice if your professional environment and relationships feel balanced and in harmony. More importantly, is what you are doing creating more fairness and beauty in the world? Your social skills are important to what you bring to your worldly purpose, so make sure you are in a place to use them. This Capricorn month is a good time to draw attention to your own strengths and how it serves others.

Scorpio: You may feel an intense need for recognition in your work during this time, Scorpio. Others may notice your ability to dig deep, do the research, find the resources, and handle crisis situations. When you are connecting to your soul, you are a catalyst for transformation in the world. Be conscious during this month of how much drama you experience or create. Your own willingness to show vulnerability may allow others to be more authentic, enhancing their worldly purpose, too.  

Sagittarius: During this month, Sag, you will be more sensitive to the limits of your work environment and mission. If you are not feeling plenty of room for adventure, travel or deep meaning in your work, now is the time to take note and make goals for changing that. If you are bored, ask for change. Freedom to wander, literally or figuratively, is key. Your natural enthusiasm contributes greatly to your success in life, but is contingent on your goals having deeper meaning to you. Help others remember the bigger picture, too.

Capricorn: This is your time, Capricorn. Seize the day. Set those goals. Make those plans. You are a manifestor and your soul is counting on you bringing order to all you touch. As you keep aligned with your soul’s intuitive guidance, you attract those who can serve your cause well. Be mindful that they are whole human beings, with feelings and needs of their own. However important the goal, the best plan of action is one that respects everyone, so include people’s feelings into the plan, at some level.

Aquarius: Changing the world is at the heart of your self-identity, Aquarius. You see so much that needs innovation and redesign. And you have original and ingenious insights to answers. Does your career path honor you this way? Now is a good time to ask these questions. Are you serving the right people that align with your values? Are you ready to create your own unconventional career path? More than most of us, you want to contribute to humanity, so make sure you are creating your life as you need.  

Pisces: Engaging with the world at large with purpose and ambition is not your natural state, Pisces. Yet, your compassion for humanity draws you onto the world stage, nevertheless. If you can stay attuned to your deep soul wisdom, your heart will guide and protect you. If during this time you are aware of confusion, fantasy or a need to escape, look to the people who surround you. Make sure you have colleagues who are grounded, to whom you can delegate practical tasks, on whom you can rely for practical advice, and appreciate your sensitivity and need for tranquility.

Barry Kerr, a certified soul-based astrologer, has 36 years of experience with an international clientele, including many medical professionals and alternative healers. He and Kristine Gay, a licensed psychotherapist, are owners/practitioners at Inner Essence Center in Madison. Both have extensive training in soul-guided healing of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. Barry offers astrology, energy healing and transformational coaching by phone, Skype or in person in Madison, WI. Inquiries are welcome – free 15 minute consultation to explore if this is for you.  Visit for more information or email Barry at or call 608-345-2470.


Great Central Sun Chakra Aromatherapy Forecast

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The Chakras are an ideal roadmap for personal growth and development.  In 2017 we are journeying through the Chakras and focusing on one Chakra a month. December brings us to the Great Central Sun Chakra, a transpersonal chakra and your connection to God Consciousness. It is the highest vibrating chakra…all that ever was and all that ever will be. It is where you access higher consciousness, your higher self, and the divine. This month, the Great Central Sun asks you – Can you find God (the divine) in everything and everyone? Do you find God in yourself?

Brief Overview of Chakras: The Chakras are the main energy centers in our subtle body. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura or electromagnetic field. There are main Chakras, minor, subpersonal, and transpersonal Chakras. The Chakras’ function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. Each chakra is associated with certain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual interactions. Each chakra has personal growth themes, functions, and purposes.  The concept of the Chakras has been around for thousands of years; but the energy coming to us from the cosmos is changing. We are receiving potent and new energies of high frequency light from the universe. The 7 main chakras were appropriate for us these past 2000 years. As we move into a new era, new chakras above and below the physical body are forming and others are waking up from dormancy to help us evolve into our new future.

The Great Central Sun Chakra is a Transpersonal Chakra and is located at the center of the universe. It is not in our physical body, but in our etheric/energy body. This chakra is located in the highest dimension. It is the highest vibrating energy center. Its color is usually seen as ultraviolet or iridescent. The Great Central Sun is the Source and Center of the Universe. God Consciousness. The Universal Mind. It releases cosmic rays, light and love to all of creation and all of the cosmos. The Great Central Sun is doorway to the cosmos and beyond. It is full consciousness, where you become one with the source energy/creator of all. It is the point of origin of all physical and spiritual creation.

December 2017 Grand Central Sun Chakra Forecast: December is a month filled with religious and spiritual celebrations. It is perhaps the ‘holiest’ of all the months in the calendar year. For many people, December is a time to share with family and friends and celebrate the divine. But what does the divine truly mean to you? This month, as you celebrate the holidays (Holy Days), take some time to contemplate your own divinity. Can you find God (the divine) in everything and everyone? Do you find God in yourself? Can you connect to the divine? How? Do you feel connected with your higher self? Do you feel a strong connection with the universe/God/The Divine? Are you aware of and celebrate this connection all year, or only on certain holidays?

Message: “Listen to your higher self and sense what it is asking of you. Connect with the stars as you stand on earth and feel what your soul is yearning for. Open your mind and your heart to all that is out there and see what feels right for you. You are not alone and only you can define the undefined for yourself. Allow your connection to source to flow through you until you feel infinite peace” ~Laurel Virtues Water

Great Central Sun Chakra Aromatherapy Blend

  • 6 drops Lotus essential oil (Nymphaea caerulea)
  • 5 drops Sacred Frankincense oil (Boswellia sacra)
  • 4 Buddha Wood essential oil (Eremophila mitchelli)

This is a meditation blend meant for a diffuser. Prepare the oils in your diffuser and then lay down in a quiet space and close your eyes. Inhale the aroma and conceptualize/visualize what you think the source/universe/divine/God looks like to you. Visualize the center of the universe. As you do this, state the following affirmations: “I am connected to the Source and Center of the Universe. I honor the divinity inside me.”

If you are interested in learning more about the ‘The Grand Central Sun, your light body and merkaba, the ascension process, and connecting to your higher self, spirit guides, angels, and higher energies of the divine” please visit the Chakra Mini-Series page for monthly $17 online mini chakra classes

About: Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA is a Spiritual Counselor, Holistic Health Consultant, Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Master Gardener, and Reiki Master Teacher with a PhD in Health Psychology. Her business, Mind, Soul, and Self LLC is based out of Wisconsin. For more info on Dr. Christina and her upcoming Chakra Retreats, Chakra Classes, Chakra Bootcamps, or to schedule an individual reading or appointment, please visit Many Blessings and Be Well!