Calcite Crystal Family

Name Chakra Properties
Apple Root (1)
Sacral (2)
Resist temptation, health & vitality, balance male & female energy, heal reproductive organs
Aqua Throat (5) Communication, connect with ancient cultures (especially Atlantis & lemuria), connect with spirit guides & angels, heal past life trauma, spiritual upliftment
(aka Master Shamanite)
Root (1)
Earth Star
Shamanic journeying, meditation, powerful spiritual protection, grounding, dispels negative energies, prevents psychic attacks, spiritual cleansing and purification
Blue Throat (5) Cooling anger, emotional balance, peace & tranquility, truth in communication, strengthen the bones, relieve cold & flu symptoms, relieve joint aches, joy & happiness
Brown Sacral (2) Communication with inner self, playful relationship with one’s inner child, balances emotions, joy and happiness, relieves intestinal upset, helps one see the love they deserve
Champagne Sacral (2)
Solar Plexus (3)
Enhance self-confidence, Inner light shine through, aids digestive system, increase joy and happiness, prosperity, abundance, stabilizes emotions, gratitude
(Incl. Optical)
Crown (7) Dreams, visual imagery, meditation, astral travel, cleansing aura, motivation, removing negative energy, skin blemishes, tension headaches, spiritual awareness, psychic powers, memory, dispels laziness
Cobaltoan Heart (4) Lift the spirits, heal the emotional body, increase feelings of safety, compassion & empathy
Emerald Solar Plexus (3)
Heart (4)
Self-love, heal a broken heart, grounding & protection, shield the aura, balance an overburdened heart chakra
(Incl. Optical)
Sacral (2)
Solar Plexus (3)
Encourages self confidence, letting your inner light shine, joy and happiness, abundance & prosperity, enhance gratitude, emotional stability
(Incl. Optical)
Heart (4) Vitality, remove disease, stimulate plant growth, connection with nature, remove negative thoughts, relieve joint pain, diminish jealousy
Honey Sacral (2)
Solar Plexus (3)
Encourages self- confidence, aids the digestive system, stabilizes the emotional body, joy and happiness, abundance & prosperity
Orange Sacral (2) Banish depression, cleanse & detoxify body, cleanse energy environment, remove negativity, reproductive health, channelling, motivation, dispels laziness, intuition, immune system, remove warts & other skin blemishes
Sacral (2)
Solar Plexus (3)
Crown (7)
Enhances will and self-confidence, instills optimism, calms sarcastic, pessimistic and overly analytical personalities, soothes anger and frustration, balances hormones, detoxes kidneys, calms anxiety, soothes nerves
(Incl. Optical)
Heart (4) Friendship, opening the heart, group cooperation, emotional soothing, difficult work situations
Rainbow All Positive thinking, joy, heals negative feelings. Combines healing properties of all calcites.
Red Root (1) Purify the blood, detoxify internal organs, heals injured muscle tissue, connection with the fire element, aids in birthing and the delivery process, inner strength, calms fear, problem solving, attracts love
Rootbeer Sacral (2)
Heart (4)
Communicate with one’s inner self, playfulness, relationship with inner child, joy and happiness, positive effect on digestive system, removes self-hatred
Strawberry Root (1)
Heart (4)
Vitality, secual and creative energies, removes emotioanl blockages, motivation, willpower, elevates the spirit, removes depression, dispels laziness, determination
Tangerine Sacral (2) Emotional balance, positive energy, resistance to infection, recovery from illness, general immune system enhancer