The Care and Feeding of Your Pendulum

  1.  If you are drawn to a particular pendulum, it has probably already chosen you.
  1.  Cleanse your pendulum by rinsing it under cold water or smudging with sage.  
  1.  Always prayerfully ask your questions.  Keep your mind clear and positive.  If you can’t handle learning the answer to a particular question, don’t ask it.
  1.  Pendulums have directional swings — clockwise or counterclockwise, horizontal or vertical straight lines.  These swings are highly individual, and vary from one pendulum to another.  
  1.  Start by asking your pendulum a question you already know the answer to.  First ask a “yes” question, such is “Is my name ________?”  The swing the pendulum uses to answer this question will let you know what its “yes” looks like.
  1.  Repeat step 5 for a “no” response.
  1.  Always stop the pendulum from swinging between questions.
  1.  Unless you’re using a pendulum chart, it’s best to stick to questions with “yes” or “no” answers.  At times the pendulum may also give a “neutral” response which is somewhere in between.
  1.  As you get to know your pendulum, you will go beyond just seeing its response; you will also learn to feel it in the hand you use to hold the pendulum.  This sensitivity will help you fine-tune the answers you get from your pendulum. 

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