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Aura Quartz for Vibrant Color

Aura quartz is made by exposing quartz crystals to vaporized metals. Below is a list of the different kinds of aura quartz.

Name Color(s) Metal(s) Properties
Amethyst aura purple magnesium & platinum 6th & 7th chakras; spiritual wholeness, joy, meditation, instill a sense of childlike wonder, connect with nature & fairy realm
Angel / Opal aura pale multi- colored silver & platinum 4th & 7th chakras; opening to deep spiritual experience, connecting with angels & guides, lovingkindness, safety, security, peace
Apple aura green nickel 4th chakra; purify energy body, balance & align chakras, digestive problems, bring about necessary change, instill courage
Aqua aura teal blue gold 5th & 6th chakras; opening to psychic insight, connecting heart & throat chakras (speaking inner truth), spiritual evolution
Champagne aura golden gold & iron 3rd & 7th chakras; divine healing energy, opening to new experiences, stimulating conscious awareness, spiritual ascension
Cobalt aura dark blue w/ gold flashes cobalt 6th chakra; non-attachment, meditation, helps one connect with emotions, dissipates anger, connecting to water element
Melon / Orange / Tangerine aura / Imperial Gold mellow orange copper, gold, & iron 2nd, 3rd & 4th chakras; compassion, forgiveness, emotional healing, repair damaged relationships, promotes joy
Rainbow / Flame aura dark multi- colored titanium and/or niobium 1st, 6th & 7th chakras; enhance psychic insight, connect spiritually with nature, lucid dreaming & dream recall, self-reflection
Rose / Ruby / Raspberry aura pink silver, gold, & platinum 4th chakra; lovingkindness, easing emotional trauma, recovering from abuse, detoxing, tactful communication
Sunset Aura Yellow and Purple iron and/or platinum & gold

with titanium and/or niobium

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, & 7th chakras; joy & happiness, relieve seasonal affective disorder, enhance self esteem & personal power, spiritual grounding, enhance psychic insight, self-reflection
Sunshine aura yellow iron and/or platinum & gold 2nd & 3rd chakras; joy & happiness, relieve seasonal affective disorder, enhance self esteem & personal power, spiritual grounding
Tanzan / Celestial aura cornflower blue iridium & gold 5th & 6th chakras; astral travel, connecting to angelic realms, gaining intuitive guidance, communicating with the other side

Ultra Aura Quartz

Recently, a new line of aura quartzes have come onto the market known as Ultra Aura Quartz. The companies that make these crystals have been secretive about what combination of metals they use to create them, and they’re so new that we don’t yet have much information about their specific metaphysical properties. We’re listing them for you below for your reference, using the traditional aura quartz most closely associated with each one (generally by color) as a reference.

Name Color Nearest Traditional Aura Quartz (for comparison)
Cotton Candy Aura vibrant pink to magenta Rose Aura
Cranberry Aura pale purple Amethyst Aura
Daffodil Aura (also sometimes called Moonglow) lemon yellow Sunshine Aura
Kiwi Aura (also sometimes called Verde) lime green Apple Aura
Peach Aura deep orange Melon Aura
Pistachio Aura pale green Apple Aura
Sugar Aura pale pink Rose Aura


opalite for children and inner children

Opalite is a 100% manmade material, a type of glass. A small amount of opacifier — often fluorite or titanium dioxide —  is added to molten glass, which is then cooled slowly enough that some of the SiO2 crystallizes. The resulting glass is very appealing, a semi-opaque glass showing flashes of blue and orange. Use at any chakra to clear and balance the energy center, to connect one with the air and water elements, to transmute negativity into positive energy, for emotional balance, to instill a sense of childlike wonder, and to promote a feeling of comfort and safety (as if in the womb). It may be used at all the chakras. Sometimes it’s also called Tiffany stone.

Magic eggs: A special type of opalite is the feng shui egg, or magic egg. The “magic” refers to the amazing way the opalite and the shape come together to reflect light, changing as the light passes through the egg from different directions. Especially appealing when grouped and/or placed in water, they are a symbol for new beginnings, rebirth and regeneration. They may come with either a glossy or matte finish, a difference which can make a big difference in the way they reflect and distribute energy.

Care and Safety: Since it is basically glass, opalite can break into sharp pieces. Kids love it, but please make sure they handle it carefully.


goldstone for positive thinking

Goldstone is a type of synthetic, or man-made, glass which is made with copper. The copper forms tiny crystalline clusters within the glass. The most common form of Goldstone is reddish-brown, although, in fact, the color is produced by the copper crystals and the glass itself is actually colorless. Some goldstone varieties use colored glass, usually blue or violet, and more rarely green. Goldstone’s alternate name, “Stelleria”, is based on Goldstone’s starry, night-sky-like appearance. The original Italian name for goldstone is “avventurina” indicating its accidental discovery. Hence, another alternate name for Goldstone is “aventurine glass.” Because of its copper content, Goldstone can be used for healing, although its energy is not nearly as strong as that of natural Copper. 

Lore: Another name for goldstone is avventurina, which comes from the Italian word for “by chance.” This derives from the story about goldstone’s beginnings: that it was developed by chance by alchemists trying to transform copper into gold. Another story goes that a monk working with both molten copper and glass accidentally mixed the two together, and in a classic “You-got-chocolate-in-my-peanut-butter” moment, goldstone was born. Either way, goldstone reminds us that accidents can have happy results. Nowadays, red goldstone is made by suspending copper particles in glass, which results in a reddish sparkling mineral It’s good for balancing physical and etheric bodies, grounding, and motivation. Blue goldstone uses the same process, but substitutes cobalt or manganese for copper, and is good for overcoming negative thoughts and vision work. Green goldstone, glass colored with chromium, is great for amplification of energy and all-around good luck. All forms of goldstone can help relieve arthritis, promote self-love, and replace unnecessary complications with simplicity.

The three types of Goldstone have a lot of properties in common, but each has its own individual character:

Blue Goldstone: Manmade glass colored with cobalt or manganese. Use at 1st, 2nd, & 6th Chakras. Good for self-love, motivation, overcoming negative thought patterns, telepathy, grounding, amplification of energy, good luck, vitality & arthritis relief.

Green Goldstone: Manmade glass colored with chromium. Use at 1st & 2nd Chakras. Good for arthritis relief, self-love, motivation, overcoming negative thought patterns, balance between physical & etheric bodies, telepathy, grounding, amplification of energy & good luck.

Red Goldstone: Manmade glass infused with copper. Use at 1st & 2nd Chakras. Good for arthritis relief, self-love, motivation, overcoming negative thought patterns, balance between physical & etheric bodies, telepathy, grounding, amplification of energy & good luck.

Agate Crystal Family


Picture Name Chakra Properties


  Agate 1, 3 Protection, grounding, stability, harmonizing Yin & Yang, physical strength, balance positive and negative, Working with universal forces
  Banded, Brown 1 Protection from psychic attacks, concentration, centering of the emotional body, memory, present moment awareness
  Banded, White 1, 7 Protection, strength, prevents bad dreams, reduces stress, helps against energy drain, purification, clears obstacles in one’s life
  Black 1 Grounding, protection, inner strength, helps in clear decision making, helps when doling out tough love, keeping peace in stressful households, muscle and joint pain, keeps body in balance, peace and calming
  Blue Lace 5 Peace and calming, speaking one’s truth, crop production, joy, grounding, centered, balanced mind body and spirit, communication with totems, and guides, blocks negative energy, blocks EMP stress
  Botswana, Apricot 2 Emotional balance, heals disorders in reproductive organs (especially women), ease discomfort from menstruation, help minimize problems during pregnancy, fertility, relieve constipation and stomach aches, instill lust for one’s partner, instinctive nurturing, for energetic support during cancer treatment and its side effects.
Botswana, Brown 4, 6, 7 Understanding others’ points of view, realizing inner gifts, reduces anxiety, communication, freedom from worry, speak from the heart
  Botswana, Pink 4 Softens rough personality, optimism, banish fears, gentleness, instinctive nurturing, compassion, fertility, friendships, overcome self-limiting beliefs
  Crazy Lace 1, 3 Protection, grounding, low vibrational stone, stability, strength, balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energies, harmonizes Yin and Yang, clear decision making, helps deal with emotional pain, brings laughter, stamina and energy
  Dendritic 1, 4 Connection with nature, communication with tree spirits, grounding, intuitive wisdom, personal growth, branching out to new pursuits, connection with nature spirits
Fire 1, 2, 3 Strength, connection to Fire element, vitality, reduces fevers, allows one to send bad energy back at those who send it out (like a mirror)
  Leopardskin 1, 2, 3 Communication with animals, helps one determine their animal totem, connection with one’s roots, courage
  Marble 6, 7 Communicating with angels, clarity, clear memory, intuition, clarifying difficult situations
  Medicine Bow 1, 3, 6, 7 Shamanic journeying, ritual or ceremony, connection with totems and guides, wisdom and insight from ancestors, healing on all levels
  Moss 1, 4 Connection to nature (especially plants), balance the chakras, spiritual growth, healing of the physical body, confidence, joy, relieves worries and stress, shamanic journeying, intuitive knowledge (especially herbalism)
  River 1 Reduces negativity, helps with one’s sense of humor, going with the flow, feminine power
  Shiva’s Eye 6 Connection with the energies of Lord Shiva, enhances the power of prayer, deepens meditation, spiritual ascension, karmic upliftment (by removing karmic obstacles and karmic debt), intuition, helps one develop psychic skills, balance and harmony
  Snakeskin 1, 3, 7 Provides energy when exerting large amounts, peace and calming, self-love and relationships, initiate rise of Kundalini, helps on camouflage themselves in crowds or situations, self-esteem, self-awareness, finding lost items, reduce stress and worry
  Tree 1, 4 Roots one to the earth to feel more grounded, deep appreciation for nature and all living things, allows one to channel from tree spirits, aids in all types of growth (physical, spiritual, and mental), encourages exploration, helps clear blockages in Heart Chakra
  Turritella 1, 2 Creativity, heals past emotional pain, sense of oneness with all beings, release unwanted energy, staying grounded during times of great spiritual shifts

The Many Varieties of Quartz (rock crystal)


Picture Name Chakra Properties



(Rooster or Angelic)

6, 7 Harmony and serenity, confidence, overcoming obstacles, joy, abundance, love, empathy, integrity, amplifies energy, selfless light work, restful sleep, lucid dreaming, clear decision making
Blue 5, 6 Communication, detoxification, calms hyperactivity, helps with scatter-mindedness, helps focus, speaking one’s truth, communication between chakras, dream healing, harmony, mental clarity, eases fear
Cherry 4 (MANMADE STONE) Enhance divine energy, reduce pain & inflammation, helps one lose weight, general heart health, transformation (physical, mental and spiritual)
Chlorite 1, 4 Stimulate the metabolism, absorption of nutrients and antioxidants, general physical healing, rehabilitate strained or injured muscles, connection with nature and Mother Earth
  Clear All Most powerful and energizing crystals, powerful healer, purifier, cleansing of physical and ethereal bodies, amplifier of energy and intentions
Diamantina 7 Align the energy body, chakra balance, healing energy from the universe, project universal healing light
  Dream 6 Dream healing, astral travel, enhance lucid dreaming, helps ailing houseplants, calming vibrations to distraught Indigo children
Elestial 7, Soul Star Emotional healing, balance, wisdom, helps with adjusting to change, awareness of one’s immortality, confidence, manifestation, detoxify, connection to the Angelic realm, abundance, intuition, psychic abilities, clairvoyance, meditation
  Faden 2, 3, 6, 7 Psychic energy, spiritual insight, meditation, connection and communication with one’s inner and higher self
  Girasol 6, 7 Stay connected with inner-self during times of turmoil or great change, ascension, helps with deciphering clouded or unclear intuitive messages, connection to the Angelic realm, seeing hidden messages behind a situation, karmic upliftment, safely protect one with a white light, spiritual awakening, healing mind body and spirit, aids channeling
Golden 3, 7 Success, spirit cleansing, self-confidence, helps one see one’s spiritual purpose, focus, creativity, spiritual communication over long distances, enhances psychic abilities, meditation
  Golden Healer 3, 7 Enhance flow of energy during healing work, aids healer or energy worker to stay grounded while healing, opens healer to Universal source of energy for their client, inner strength, personal power
w/ Graphite 4, 6, 7 Strong energy conductor, sends healing energy to others, breaks unneeded or unwanted bonds, independance, relieves anger, channeled writing, connection to ethereal plane,
  Hematoid 1 Cleanse and purify the blood, vitality, protection, relieve pain associated to strained muscles or damaged ligaments or tendons, courage and bravery, guidance on one’s career path
  Herkimer Diamond 6, 7 Astral travel, lucid dreaming, helps one fully access the Dream consciousness while in the Waking State, balances and aligns the chakras, clarity of thought (Good companion stone for Moldavite. When used together they enhance the other’s qualities)


1 ,6, 7 Enhance connection to ancestors, increase esoteric knowledge and understanding of the occult, astral travel, protection while traveling, understanding of Tibetan Buddhist, spiritual beliefs and ritualistic practices, karmic release, divine connection, connection to Water for emotional healing, dissolve the ego, deeper states of meditation, conscious awareness
Lemurian, Clear 6, 7 Drawing Universal energy to the Earth plane, connection to the ancient civilization of Lemuria (aka Mu) and esoteric wisdom from them, communicate the idea of oneness and love to all other crystals on the planet
Lemurian, Pink 4, 7 Brings Universal healing energy to the physical and energetic bodies, opens chakras that have closed due to emotional trauma, brings peace and calming (Also look at Clear Lemurian for additional properties)
  Lithium 4, 6 Banish depression, balances the hemispheres of the brain, peace and tranquility, dispels anxiety, emotional healing (especially related to trauma or grief
  Milky 5, 7 Creativity, overcome intuitive blocks, shields the psychic body, inner peace and tranquility, deepens meditative state, keeps one grounded during astral travelling, prayer, worship
Nirvana, Pink 4, 6, 7 Opens heart chakra, protection for mothers and children, healing disorders of the heart, blood circulation, love and compassion, earth healing, reveals importance of eco-friendly practices, spiritual ascension, peace and harmony
  Nirvana, White 4, 6, 7 Raises energetic vibrations while healing or meditation, astral travel, enhance healing work, connection with knowledge of ancient peoples,  repair on a cellular level


Ouro Verde






1, 3, 7




1, 2, 3


Spiritual illumination, removes obstacles on the path to enlightenment, enhance inner knowing, self-confidence, reminder of karmic debts, astral travel for healing or gathering information



PTSD recovery, emotional balance, removing negative energy, past life healing


Red Wine


1, 2


Grounding, relaxation, internal organs, keeping steady during chaotic times, good for veterans



Rose 4 Unconditional love, peace, compassion, self-love, attitude of Lovingkindness, tenderness, spark a romance, ease mid-life crisis, soothe a broken heart, emotional balance, friendship, trust, forgiveness, understanding, fertility, connection to Water element

(Gold, Green, Red, Silver)

3, 7 Vitality, transferring vibrational healing energies, balance, cleanse the aura, manifest spiritual abundance, scrying divination, channeling, removes barriers that interfere with spiritual growth, opens divine energy of the universe, protection from negative energy, forgiveness and compassion, remove depression, heals and repairs aura, spiritual ascension, increase fertility
  Shamanic Dream 1, 6 Shamanic journeying, conscious awareness, deepen meditative states, meaningful astral travel, heighten one’s intuition and psychic powers, protection during spiritual work, has the ability to stimulate amazing Shamanic Journeying, as well as pulling people back to the earth plane during Astral Travel
Smoky 1 Grounding, protection from negative energies, increase energy during meditation, relieves stress, reduce stress caused by electromagnetic frequencies, removes fear, enhance passion, dispel bad dreams, promotes insight during scrying, concentration, communication, stilling the mind for meditation, manifestation, relieve physical pain, headaches, helpful for those undergoing chemotherapy
(sometimes known as Cactus Quartz)
3, 6, 7 Connection to Spirit Guides, Totem Animals or beings from the Fairy Realm, safety and security (especially after physical abuse), recovery from addiction, connection with one’s inner child, spiritual ascension, meditation, promotes psychic phenomena, accepting universal healing light
Strawberry 4 Seeing good in all things, take time for the sweet things in life and to appreciate them, generosity, connection with inner child
  Tangerine 2 Recovery after trauma, relieve symptoms of PTSD, past life healing, karmic release, emotional balance, enhance creativity, work through self-limiting beliefs, removes negative energies from aura, prosperity, abundance, receive accurate outcomes when practicing divination
1, 7 Grounding, protection against negative energies (amplified protection), release stress, promotes peace and calming, balances mind body and spirit, physical healing

Frequently Asked Questions About Crystals

People have a lot of questions about crystals, and we’re happy to share their enthusiasm! Here are some things people often wonder about:

So I just bought a crystal. Now what do I do with it?

There are so many things you can do with crystals! You can carry one in your pocket, or a bunch of them in a medicine pouch. When the purpose of the crystal has to do with your everyday life, this is often a good bet. You can wear the crystal too, either as a readymade piece of jewelry or by placing a piece in an inexpensive cage necklace. One great thing about these cages is that you can switch the crystal out as your needs change. At other times you might want to keep a crystal where its energy is most needed, like in your home or office. Or keep the crystal close while you sleep — maybe in the pillowcase or under the mattress — to work through your subconscious or dreams. Crystals can go with you in your car, on your altar, in your bra, in the refrigerator — whatever makes sense according to the crystal’s purpose!

Where do all these crystals come from?

We buy from many different sources: gem shows, general distributors, specialized crystal warehouses, out-of-the-way rock shops, and dealers we cross paths with. If we know where a crystal was mined, we’ll share this on the display sign. Unfortunately, a lot of the time we just plain don’t know. We can try to make an educated guess. This is easy with minerals that only come from one location, like mystic merlinite (Madagascar) or larimar (Dominican Republic). Sometimes we can also judge by appearance. For example, turquoise can come from a lot of places, but we can guess that a lower grade piece is probably from China, whereas higher quality pieces often come from the American southwest.

Are the crystals at Mimosa natural or manmade?

Most are natural, but a few are either manmade or need human help to achieve the forms you see in the store. Here are some common ones:

  • Goldstone and opalite are glass containing ground-up metals or minerals.
  • Orgonite is a manmade plastic with mineral and metal inclusions.
  • Bismuth is a natural element, but has to be isolated from its usual companion minerals to form the little pyramid shapes we sell.
  • Some citrine is actually heat-treated amethyst. (More on this in a bit.)
  • Aura quartzes are natural quartz exposed to metallic vapor. (Keep reading for more on this, too.)
  • A lot of turquoise is reconstituted, meaning it’s real turquoise that’s been ground up and reformed. Sometimes coloring or adhesive are also added.
  • Howlite and agate are often dyed and made into inexpensive jewelry and doodads. We’re not too crazy about these fakes, generally, but a few odds and ends have made their way onto our shelves. We’ll always be upfront with you about what these items are made of.

Does size matter?

It’s not the most important thing, but yes, sometimes size makes a difference. After all, symbolism is part of magic, and every stone is unique. Size is one characteristic of the individual stone that contributes to its certain symbolic meaning. So even though black tourmaline of any size helps protect your home, a pebble in the corner may tend to be forgotten, whereas a substantial chunk next to the front door gives off just the vibe you’re looking for.

What about different shapes?

Yes, shapes make a difference too. Here are some common ones and their uses:

  • Wands are especially good for directing energy.
  • Rounded stones help with comfort and healing.
  • A pocket, palm or worry stone is great to carry with you, as a daily reminder of your intentions and goals.
  • Pyramids and points pull in energy.
  • A merkaba connects you with the spiritual realm, including angels and guides.
  • Seer stones are designed for skrying, helping you “see” with your intuition and work with your third eye.
  • Hearts and eggs… well, obviously!

How can I know natural from heat-treated citrine?

You can tell a lot by the color. Natural citrine’s pale yellow shades to gray — not surprising, since it has the same chemical makeup as smoky quartz. Manmade citrine is created by exposing amethyst to high temperatures (in the neighborhood of 1000 degrees). It’s yellow, but with an orange-to-brown tint. Since heat-treated citrine is basically amethyst, its mineral makeup differs from that of natural citrine. The two have basically the same metaphysical properties, yet manmade citrine is physically different. It has also been artificially exposed to intense heat, which is likely to alter its energy.

What are wands?

Wands direct energy. As a healing tool, they move healing energy to specific parts of the body. They can also direct energy to another crystal or some other object, preparing it to receive your intention. Some wands have seven smaller crystals attached because they’re designed to work with the chakras. On others, one end is rounded while the other comes to a gentle point. These wands are designed for massage.

Is aura quartz real or artificial?

It’s manufactured from natural quartz and metallic elements. To create it, quartz is heated to extreme temperatures (like about 1600 degrees) and exposed to vaporized metal. A thin, iridescent film of metal clings to the surface of the crystal. Different metals or combinations of metals produce different colors.

Calcite Crystal Family

Name Chakra Properties
Apple Root (1)
Sacral (2)
Resist temptation, health & vitality, balance male & female energy, heal reproductive organs
Aqua Throat (5) Communication, connect with ancient cultures (especially Atlantis & lemuria), connect with spirit guides & angels, heal past life trauma, spiritual upliftment
(aka Master Shamanite)
Root (1)
Earth Star
Shamanic journeying, meditation, powerful spiritual protection, grounding, dispels negative energies, prevents psychic attacks, spiritual cleansing and purification
Blue Throat (5) Cooling anger, emotional balance, peace & tranquility, truth in communication, strengthen the bones, relieve cold & flu symptoms, relieve joint aches, joy & happiness
Brown Sacral (2) Communication with inner self, playful relationship with one’s inner child, balances emotions, joy and happiness, relieves intestinal upset, helps one see the love they deserve
Champagne Sacral (2)
Solar Plexus (3)
Enhance self-confidence, Inner light shine through, aids digestive system, increase joy and happiness, prosperity, abundance, stabilizes emotions, gratitude
(Incl. Optical)
Crown (7) Dreams, visual imagery, meditation, astral travel, cleansing aura, motivation, removing negative energy, skin blemishes, tension headaches, spiritual awareness, psychic powers, memory, dispels laziness
Cobaltoan Heart (4) Lift the spirits, heal the emotional body, increase feelings of safety, compassion & empathy
Emerald Solar Plexus (3)
Heart (4)
Self-love, heal a broken heart, grounding & protection, shield the aura, balance an overburdened heart chakra
(Incl. Optical)
Sacral (2)
Solar Plexus (3)
Encourages self confidence, letting your inner light shine, joy and happiness, abundance & prosperity, enhance gratitude, emotional stability
(Incl. Optical)
Heart (4) Vitality, remove disease, stimulate plant growth, connection with nature, remove negative thoughts, relieve joint pain, diminish jealousy
Honey Sacral (2)
Solar Plexus (3)
Encourages self- confidence, aids the digestive system, stabilizes the emotional body, joy and happiness, abundance & prosperity
Orange Sacral (2) Banish depression, cleanse & detoxify body, cleanse energy environment, remove negativity, reproductive health, channelling, motivation, dispels laziness, intuition, immune system, remove warts & other skin blemishes
Sacral (2)
Solar Plexus (3)
Crown (7)
Enhances will and self-confidence, instills optimism, calms sarcastic, pessimistic and overly analytical personalities, soothes anger and frustration, balances hormones, detoxes kidneys, calms anxiety, soothes nerves
(Incl. Optical)
Heart (4) Friendship, opening the heart, group cooperation, emotional soothing, difficult work situations
Rainbow All Positive thinking, joy, heals negative feelings. Combines healing properties of all calcites.
Red Root (1) Purify the blood, detoxify internal organs, heals injured muscle tissue, connection with the fire element, aids in birthing and the delivery process, inner strength, calms fear, problem solving, attracts love
Rootbeer Sacral (2)
Heart (4)
Communicate with one’s inner self, playfulness, relationship with inner child, joy and happiness, positive effect on digestive system, removes self-hatred
Strawberry Root (1)
Heart (4)
Vitality, secual and creative energies, removes emotioanl blockages, motivation, willpower, elevates the spirit, removes depression, dispels laziness, determination
Tangerine Sacral (2) Emotional balance, positive energy, resistance to infection, recovery from illness, general immune system enhancer

A Dozen Crystals for Beginners

Sometimes people just getting started with crystal healing don’t quite know where to start. We hope this list will help narrow down the choices, or at least give you some ideas! The stones listed below are all inexpensive and readily available at Mimosa and other rock shops. We’ve selected one stone corresponding to each of the seven chakras and four elements, plus five other excellent choices for the beginning collector:

Crystal Uses
Red Jasper Root Chakra, grounding. Red Jasper also helps you set boundaries, reduce both internal and external pollution, and control passions. (Alternatives: Red Garnet, Hematite)
Carnelian (orange) Sacral Chakra (creativity, sexuality, personality) & Fire Element. Carnelian helps you overcome negative thought patterns and approach your endeavors with new energy. (Alternatives: Fire Agate, Orange Calcite)
Citrine (yellow) Solar Plexus Chakra (vital energy and power). Crystal Sunshine, bringing positive energy, overcome fears, and boost self-confidence.(Alternatives: Golden Tiger’s Eye, Topaz)
Unakite (green with pink) Heart Chakra (emotions) & Earth Element. Many stones are associated with this chakra, but we like unakite because it combines the chakra’s two colors, pink and green. Unakite can also help balance all the chakras. (Alternatives: Aventurine, Moss Agate)
Aquamarine (blue to blue-green) Throat Chakra (communication) & Water Element. Aquamarine has a very soothing energy, promoting cooperation and peace.  (Alternatives: Blue Lace Agate, Angelite)
Lapis Lazuli (deep blue) Third Eye Chakra (insight and intuition). A powerful dream stone which can help you move into higher levels of consciousness and tune into the Universe. Connects you with angels and spirit guides. (Alternatives: Sodalite, Kyanite)
Amethyst (purple) Crown Chakra (spirituality) & Air Element. Not only does Amethyst connect to higher levels of consciousness, it also has many practical uses: replacing bad habits with good, enhancing mental health, improving sleep and memory, as well as all types of healing. (Alternatives: Clear Quartz, Apophyllite)
Quartz Points (clear) Clear quartz is great for directing and focusing energy. Depending on how you plan to use your crystals, you could start with either a single quartz wand or a handful of small quartz points. Quartz can be used with all the chakras.
Black Tourmaline This is our favorite stone for banishing negativity, grounding, and protection.
Rose Quartz (pink) Rose quartz is an excellent “relationship” stone, promoting love in all its forms: romance, friendship, family, and even self-love.
Golden Tiger’s Eye Whatever your gender, it’s good to have one stone to help you access the type of energy usually defined as “masculine.” Tiger’s eye is great for assertiveness, self-confidence, worldly success, and strength.
White Moonstone The same principle applies to “feminine” energy. Moonstone can help connect with your inner goddess, promoting emotional balance, empathy, moon and water energies, and nurturing protection. As a bonus, moonstone is also associated with safe travels.

We hope this helps narrow down the choices a bit, so you don’t feel you have to take everything home at once!

When choosing crystals, you should of course also pay attention to your own intuition. If you feel a certain crystal just “jumps off the shelf” or feels warm in your hand, that’s a good indication the two of you belong together. Some other stones we’ve found resonate with a lot of our customers include: Jade, Smoky Quartz, Selenite, Hematite, Rainbow Fluorite, Green Aventurine, Sunstone and Labradorite.

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It’s All Quartz

by Cathy Douglas

If you were to describe the minerals we sell at the store by chemistry alone, probably half of them would be made of the same thing: silicon dioxide (SiO2). In its purest form, silicon dioxide is clear quartz, also called rock crystal. But when this mineral contains trace elements of other minerals, or when the Earth’s inner forces have changed its form, we see a huge variety in appearance: everything from blue chalcedony to red jasper, and from amethyst to black onyx. The relationship between these forms can be very confusing. While these crystals’ properties are based on many factors besides composition, it can be interesting to know how they’re all related.

Quartz: When quartz is completely pure, it is either clear, white, or a combination of both. White, or “milky” quartz, is simply clear quartz that contains tiny gas bubbles. The more colorful varieties of quartz come from small particles of metallic elements that became trapped in the quartz as it hardened. Some are natural, some artificial:

  • Smoky quartz contains traces of lithium and aluminum.
  • Natural citrine also contains traces of lithium and aluminum, but in a different proportion. Less commonly it may come from amethyst naturally heated within the Earth.
  • Amethyst contains traces of iron.
  • Artificial citrine is usually made by heat treating amethyst, although it may also come from heating a relatively clear piece of smoky quartz.
  • Rose quartz contains titanium, often as tiny bits of rutile (which is simply a needle-shaped formation of titanium dioxide).
  • Oro verde quartz is a greenish-gold quartz formed through irradiation. Often when you see very dark “smoky quartz,” it’s also an irradiated stone.
  • Aventurine is a kind of sparkly quartz formed by inclusions of mica. Most common is green aventurine, which contains fuchsite mica. Aventurines with a more reddish hue contain bits of hematite.
  • Lithium quartz contains (obviously) lithium, often as inclusions of fuchsite mica.
  • Blue tiger’s eye contains crocidolite (blue asbestos) fibers. When the iron in these fibers oxidizes, the stone bearing it becomes red or golden tiger’s eye.

Chalcedony: Color variation is only the beginning. Changes within the earth give us many more beautiful crystals, with an even greater variety of appearances. Pure quartz is clear because its crystal structure all lines up in the same direction as it forms. But of course this process is often disturbed, and the little crystals take random directions as they form. You’d only even be able to see them as “crystals” by looking through a microscope. (In crystal-nerd-speak, we say it’s “cryptocrystalline.”) This is chalcedony (pronounced cal-SED-a-nee), which has variations of its own:

  • Pure chalcedony is white to gray to bluish in appearance.
  • Chrysoprase is chalcedony that is green because of the presence of nickel.
  • Carnelian is chalcedony which iron oxide gives an orange to red color.
  • Bloodstone is a dark chalcedony containing iron silicates, plus splotches of red jasper.
  • Black onyx is actually a very dark form of chalcedony. Sometimes it is made artificially by boiling chalcedony and treating it with acid.

Jasper: Jasper is chalcedony that has gone through even more changes within the Earth; the little mini-crystals have been roughed up and combined with other minerals. There are more varieties of jasper than any of us can count, but here are a few:

  • Red jasper is chalcedony containing hematite.
  • Yellow jasper combines chalcedony with clay.
  • Bumblebee jasper contains yellow stripes of sulfur.
  • There are many, many other jaspers of mottled appearance, with fanciful names such as Picasso jasper and dalmatian jasper. They’re formed when bits and pieces of various minerals get fused into the forming jasper.

Agate and Onyx: Banded chalcedonies go by two different names: When the layering is more or less parallel, the resulting stone is called onyx; when the banding is more circular or irregular, it’s called agate.

  • Dendritic (branching) agates, such as moss agate, contain little branch-like threads of manganese oxide, iron oxide, slivers of other minerals, or sometimes just plain dirt.
  • Orbicular jaspers, such as ocean jasper, are actually agates containing multicolored orbs which may include rhyolite, biotite, feldspar, and many other minerals.
  • Onyx comes in flat black and white layers, so that a cross-section will appear to be striped.
  • Sard is like carnelian, except that the color tends more toward brown. Its banded form is called sardonyx.
  • You’ll often find brightly colored stones labeled as “onyx” or “agate” which are actually dyed.

Opal: Another thing that can happen as geology churns microcrystals is that they can get mixed up with water. If the crystal forms in an enclosed space where the water can’t evaporate, the crystal-plus-water gel hardens to form opal. This stone may contain other impurities as well, which is why opal comes in a rainbow of colors.

It’s hard to believe all this variety basically just comes from quartz! But since the majority of the Earth’s crust is made up of silicon-based minerals, maybe it’s not too surprising.

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