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Karmic Patterns in the Aura

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by Jeremy Anacker

The human aura is like a balloon of energy that exists around the physical body. There are many dimensions to know about as you pursue knowledge and a direct intuitive knowing of this compelling phenomenon. Naturally this leads one into a process of healing and awakening that can result in greater peace and spiritual freedom. On your journey you will run across many ideas about how to heal. I have found it very helpful to use a very simple way to frame healing work under one principle of consciousness. One of my favorites is to think of harmful blocks or objects in the energy field as heavy and unhelpful mental agreements made at some earlier point in life and then practiced repeatedly over time. The restricted thought energy then accumulates in one’s energy body. For example, an early event in childhood can help a young person to decide that she is unsafe and that it is of utmost importance to say NO to various life adventures. From this point, the years go on as she says no to joining various clubs such as the girl scouts, soccer, swimming or maybe even doing things as simple as going on bike rides around the block. As she goes into adult life, she might end up feeling unfulfilled. She may have worked hard at her career, an area in her life where she felt safe; however, because she never truly went beyond her comfort zone she might not have been able to find a soulmate connection or to have stimulating and positive friendships. At this point her heart may feel heavy with a lack of life experiences. It often takes a bit of sophistication to see that a thinking pattern around an unhealthy style of seeking safety coupled with the idea of wanting more has been strongly developed. As she gains a sense of healthy desire and has little insight on what to do about it there is a dark energy block in the heart center. An energy healer such as myself can be of assistance in providing relief of the limited energy by clearing it out or removing any blocks, but still the perception that she is not safe is very well practiced over a long period of time. Because an uplifting style of adventure energy has not been developed in her field she doesn’t attract good growth opportunities from the universe. In this type of situation I might try to help this person identify the early life event and then look for the limited thinking that resulted. From there, a strategy and a set of thought redirection techniques can be put into place and applied until benefits reveal themselves. She may also have to change some her life patterns and begin to take more risks. The risks might include joining a volleyball club or spiritual community, or taking up various activities such as social dancing or even public speaking. In such a situation, in order to maximize her life progress and establish the new set of life routines, an ongoing coaching process can also be of great benefit.

There are occasions where a heavy energy pattern is noticed and it needs to be addressed as a set of past life agreements. The way the conditioned perceptions play out in this scenario are as vast as anything that is put together in one’s own lifetime.

Reflect on the following: A man suddenly realizes that for his whole life, horses seem to feel unsettled around him. They tend to shift uneasily and back away, neigh uncomfortably or do some other unsettled style of behavior. This man is intuitive and good natured enough to find the need to sit down and reflect on how this might be happening. He closes his eyes and somehow he sees himself in an earlier time in history as a very large and burly blacksmith. Images of horses and memories of his cruel treatment of them flood his mind. At this point, the man feels extremely mournful and regretful about these long list of events. He now understands that horses do not trust him. It is like they can smell the memories of the previous life and the mean spirit of these earlier times on him in this current incarnation.

What does he do now? Well, it helps to understand that he has an aura that emanates vibrations out into the environment and ultimately into the universe. In many ways life is responding to this energy signature which is patterned around thoughts, perceptions and agreements that the individual has made on some profoundly deep level of his eternal being. The unhelpful bundles of energy in his aura can also be seen as a piece of his overall karma and now he can clear the areas of trouble with various intentional techniques. I also have found it very useful to emphasize the use of a well placed and meaningful moment of mournful regret so as to completely clear the energy. This is a radically effective way to clear many things such as any residual rationalization of harmful acts, the conscience of the soul, the unhealthy patterns of guilt based thinking or the shame that can come up as one faces such a past. As a last step I suggest that the individual find a way to deliberately amend this karma by contributing somehow to the well being of one or more of these truly majestic and beautiful beings. He could do any number of actions such as commit to the practice of being deliberately kind to all animals, pray for well being of all horses, donate money to a related cause or even to adopt a horse and give it a good life in an open field with a caring facility. I know that the example here is a true one as the man experienced a major change as he was suddenly able to go up to any horse and they would show that they felt safe and comfortable in his presence.

What do you do now that you have this information? Now you are aware that the life you have and the events in it are a part of your Karmic destiny. While it is great to read up on the topic of past lives and to pick up various techniques and clear it also really helps to have various forms of dynamic dialogue with others. Reflecting on and owning this awareness with others in an intentional community accelerates the growth into greater awareness. Group energy can serve as a boost for the intuition and inspiration that it takes to make beneficial changes in yourself. Also be prepared to know from your own authority that the many life situations that you experience are your perfect teacher and that you are always getting assistance from the universe for your journey into awakening and self discovery.

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