cavansite for spiritual direction

Cavansite is a recently discovered stone that seems to grab everyone with its vibrant blue color. Its name comes from a simple abbreviation of the names of the minerals that make it up: Calcium vanadium silicate. It forms in little globules or rosettes, often on a white-to-brown matrix of heulandite or stilbite. Although it’s somewhat fragile, it’s often made into beautiful jewelry. It’s a good crystal for spiritual growth, especially when you’re coming out of a time of crisis or change. Cavansite can help you reach better self-knowledge through spiritual means, and improve all types of communication. If you’ve recently been feeling spiritually restless or unbalanced, there’s no better crystal for helping get firmly back onto your chosen spiritual path.

Properties: Use at the 4th Chakra (Heart Chakra) or at the 5th Chakra (Throat Chakra) to facilitate deep emotional healing, to connect one with the energies of the sea and the water element, to enhance one’s ability to express love by means of creative endeavors, to stimulate compassion and create a gentle and nurturing attitude, and to clear and balance one’s chakra system. It’s good for meditation and connection with spirit guides.

One way to use this stone: Cavansite can aid you in all kinds of dream work, spiritual guidance while sleeping, and sleep journeying. Set your intention of what you want to do; it might help to write this intention down in your dream or crystal journal, or simply on a slip of paper. Then set your cavansite on a bedside table or somewhere else near the head of the bed while you sleep. (Unless the cavansite is firmly embedded in its matrix, it’s going to be too fragile to put under the pillow.) As soon as you wake up, record whatever you experience. Don’t try to interpret it right away; just write it down as you experienced it. Later you can meditate on these experiences, and see what message comes out of them. This can be a very powerful way to connect with your spirit guides.