celestite for meditation and prayer

Celestite is an ore of strontium, the element used to produce brilliant red fireworks. But the mineral itself is a beautiful pale blue color, which is where it gets its “heavenly” name. It forms beautiful geodes, and in fact the largest known geode is a 35-foot celestite. While it’s too fragile to use in jewelry, it’s a wonderful stone to use for prayer and meditation. SrSO4

Care: Celestite is a brittle mineral and pieces of celestite geodes break off easily, so handle it carefully. It’s also best to keep it away from water and direct sunlight. And since it contains strontium, please don’t use it for making crystal elixirs.

CELESTITE, BLUE: (Also known as Blue Celestine) Use at the 5th Chakra (Throat Chakra) to enhance telepathy, to facilitate communication with one’s spirit guides and totem animals, to stimulate the intuition, to enhance feelings of peace and compassion, to stimulate hope, to overcome loss and conquer grief, to enhance group communication and aid in working toward a common goal, and to open the throat chakra to allow one to speak his or her inner-truth.

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