charoite for working with the past

Charoite is a recently discovered stone that only comes from one area, near the Siberian Chara River for which it is named. Its most noticeable feature is the swirling pattern of white and lavender, sometimes with specks of black aegerine. It is a good stone for both past-life recall and for releasing negative karmic “leftovers” from past lifetimes. When we feel stuck in a negative pattern that seems beyond our control, conscious use of this crystal can help us move forward.

One pattern it can help break is that of making big plans, but then not following through. Working with this crystal can give chronic procrastinators the push they need to keep moving and meet their goals.

One way to use this stone: Lie down someplace where you won’t be disturbed and place a piece of charoite on your third eye chakra. Meditate on what ideas or patterns you would like to release, and what “leftovers” (whether from you current lifetime or a past one) may be keeping you from reaching your highest good. Allow the crystal to help you break up and take away these blockages. When you are done, invite pure white light in to take the place of the negative things you have released. Show your gratitude to the stone and cleanse it well afterwards.

CHAROITE: Use at the 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra/ Chakra) or at the 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra) to aid on the path of spiritual service, to stimulate creative energies, for inner reflection, to promote a positive attitude, for protection, to promote compassion and empathy, to stimulate mystical experiences, to aid in spiritual healing, for shamanic journeying, to facilitate communication with members of the fairy realm, to increase the power of H.A.D.O or water-crystal healing, to cleanse one’s emotional and psychic bodies, to encourage deeper states of meditation, and to induce a feeling of peace and tranquility.