clear quartz for amplification of energy

Quartz is a common and abundant mineral that comes in a variety of colors and forms. The stone we usually call quartz is clear rock crystal. This is quartz without visible impurities, which naturally forms into a brilliant six-sided prism, coming to a point at the end. It’s an oxide of silicon, and therefore a semiconductor. (Which means that, yes, if Fred Flintstone had been a little brighter, he might have been able to make a computer out of it!) People have been drawn to quartz for literally millennia, using it for tools, jewelry, containers and works of art. Metaphysical references from the Romans and earlier identified quartz as permanently frozen ice. SiO2

Metaphysical uses: Clear quartz naturally amplifies energy. It wants to clean and purify everything in its path, including all the body’s chakras, as well as other items in the physical and spiritual worlds. One of the best ways to experience the power of a quartz crystal in everyday life is to use it to help amplify personal intentions — decide what you want, and use your crystal to magnify your intention until it manifests. (As always, do this in such a way that your intention remains focused on the greatest good, not simply short-term desires.)  Quartz wands are especially powerful when used this way. Clear quartz also has excellent spiritual qualities.  

QUARTZ, COLORLESS: (Also known as Rock Crystal) Clear Quartz crystals can be used at any chakra and are by far the most powerful and energizing crystals of all. Quartz is a powerful healer and purifying cleanser of the physical and ethereal body. Quartz crystals amplify one’s own energies and intentions and thus are ideal for any kind of spiritual work.

Quartz Geodes: We talk a lot about “working” with crystals, but sometimes a crystal fanatic just needs to play! And there’s no better crystal “toy” than a geode. Plain on the outside but spectacular on the inside, they show us that mysterious and magical things can be found in even the most mundane objects. It’s said that when you break open the stone for the first time, special magical power is released when you first reveal the stone’s inner treasure. Even when viewed from a more scientific perspective, geodes show how living things grow, change, and morph into something new and unexpected. For example, a tree might grow old and die, leaving a hollow in the earth where the living root used to be. Water seeps into that root, and over time carries in minerals that slowly crystallize, enclosing a hidden formation of amethyst, agate or quartz in a miniature “cave.” Geodes make a great focal point for meditation and other inner work. They can also make a good “home” in which to keep a pendulum, scrying ball or other special crystal.

Quartz is the basis for many other stones, and this article talks about some of the common ones. We also have a free chart available that shows some of the many formations of quartz.