Current Transits: October 2015

Astrological Update for Oct 9 – 23, 2014

by Barry Kerr

Mercury Retrograde Oct 4 – 25

What is this Mercury Retrograde thing people keep talking about? Several times each year, Mercury appears to move backward in the sky. We call this illusion “retrograde”.  It’s as if we here on earth are in a car that is passing another car on the highway and for a moment it appears that the other car is moving backward. Astrologically, it’s a time when our logical human minds are challenged to question, reconsider and otherwise invite important overlooked information into our awareness. This questioning is often precipitated by communications, transportation, agreements and other Mercurial matters seeming to get stuck or complicated or unraveling. In the face of these unforeseen troubles, we backtrack and apply our minds to rethinking what we started, thus, hopefully, gaining new insights and making adjustments.

Mercury started retrograde on Oct 4 in the sign of Scorpio, a water (feeling) sign. In this Libran month, as we seek to create deep and intimate bonds with others, our minds are now challenged to question how we are doing that, how do we bring our mindfulness to our intimate emotional relationships? When Mercury, retrograding, moves back into Libra on the 10th, the air (mental) quality of Libra will boost your minds ability to grasp the insights behind your emotional confusion. Use this time to ponder, ask questions, clear up misunderstandings, reform expectations. When Mercury goes direct (moves forward) on Oct 25, you will be in a better place to experience resolution and deeper intimacy in your relationships.

New Moon – Oct 22 – 24

The next New Moon is October 23, 4:56pm, at the very first degree of Scorpio. The ongoing Pluto/Uranus square now brings retrograding Mercury into the mix, thus focusing the mindful questioning on issues of freedom, independence, power and transformation of the ego. Since new moons set up emotional intentions at the beginning of each monthly cycle of manifestation, as we head into the month of Scorpio, you would do well to use this new moon to reap the harvest of the Mercury retrograde and set your intentions for your relationships with mindful clarity.

Good Libra questions to ask during this Mercury retrograde:

Give attention to how you are in relationships. Can you assert your boundaries even when it feels as though the other may reject you? Is your assertiveness and defensiveness impulsive or a conscious response to the other person? Are you truly curious about what’s going on in the other person? Do you look for win/win solutions? Are you open to learning about your self in situations of conflict? When you judge or praise others, can you see your self, too? Are you a pleaser, keeping a smile that covers your truth? Do your relationships support how you want to be in life?

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