Current Transits for October 2015

by Barry Kerr

The Sun moved into Libra on September 23

Having spent the first half of the zodiac journey developing the ego “self”, our inner Venus now attracts opportunities to apply our self-knowledge to creating relationship. Come hither, Libra!

It is the Libra in us all that knows that the path to wholeness, in this world, is through relationship with others. The dance between two or more egos invites divine connection. Libra’s spiritual intention is to begin the softening of the boundaries that our ego has formed within the illusion of separateness that this physical world presents as reality. When we are ready for this, relationship and commitment is inviting and exciting. If our ego is holding tight to the illusion, we fear relationship as a threat to self-preservation, though the longing to engage still moves within us.

Through Libra, we are all learning to share, to see things through another’s eyes, to become aware of and support their needs and communicate our own with diplomacy and tact. When doing this well, we remain strongly grounded in our “self”, while also willing to cooperate and create win/win situations. When unconscious, we fear losing our self and become aggressive or defensive, pushing others away, or we fear aloneness and lose touch with our self, over-identify with another, compromise or capitulate altogether. This can lead to a debilitating co-dependence, or trying to always be “nice”, with an obsessive attachment to fairness and justice and a fear of conflict.

What needs healing and growth?

The wounded Libra in each of us feels alone or separate. We long for an “other” to “complete” us and bring balance to our lives. This can be experienced as a fear of being alone, acted out as described above. We may seek harmony around us in any way possible and put on masks of peace and contentment while feeling imbalance and conflict within.  

To heal our Libra selves, we need to embrace that what we seek in others is already in our self. Their beauty is ours. Their lovingness is ours. Their darkness is ours. In this way, we reclaim pieces of our self that need acceptance, appreciation and love, and add to our sense of wholeness, completion and balance. Likewise, as we see ourselves in others, we see through the illusion of separateness. We see their soul reflecting our soul. Each time that happens, we come to know who we really are as spiritual beings, already whole and complete and always connected. In that self-knowing, there is no aloneness to fear.

Additional Support (current planetary transits)

Full Moon Eclipse in Aries on Sept 27.  With the Aries moon opposing the Sun in Libra, this eclipse marks a powerful time to take action or assert yourself regarding a relationship. This has been building for the previous two weeks toward this moment. Eclipses imply a longer lasting impact in our lives, so be aware in this one. If you’ve felt afraid of taking action, perhaps feeling a threat of being left alone personally or socially, this is the time to step through your fear.

Uranus trine Venus. Intuitive Uranus has been building your strong and courageous Aries warrior with inner knowing regarding your relationships and values (Venus). Trust this to help you discern what is allowing you to shine in your relationships and what is keeping you in inauthentic placation. It’s time to celebrate you and let others do the same.

Mercury squares Pluto. As this full moon forms, Mercury is retrograde and squaring Pluto, which just turned direct after retrograding since April. Thus, it is important to integrate whatever introspective understandings you’ve attained about your sense of power and how you use it in communications. Since Venus also recently went direct after a month of retrograde, there are important awarenesses to include about values and relationships. All in all, a powerful time of outward potential shifting due to inward advances in consciousness.  

Mars and Jupiter oppose Neptune.  Active Mars combines in Virgo with expansive Jupiter to bring an abundant amount of energy to you to take practical steps in action. The challenge is to allow Neptune’s spiritual influence to guide your actions from your greater heart. Otherwise, deception or illusion could obscure your intentions.

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