Current Transits: September 25 – October 8, 2014

An Astrological Update by Barry Kerr

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Sun in Libra

The Sun moved into Libra, sign of relationship, on the 22nd of September. Pluto (transformation, power, hidden) has been retrograde in Capricorn since last spring (meaning it has appeared from earth to be moving backward through the zodiac) and now turns direct (forward), just as the Sun enters Libra. Whatever has been hidden in relationships this past half year will now come to the surface, forcing a dramatic and transformative quake-like release of truth, demanding accountability.

New Moon – Sept 23 – 25

This Libra new moon, which actually lasts for three days, is a good time to set your intention to lift your relationship skills to a higher level during October.

During October

Jupiter in Leo is in a friendly trine (120 degrees) with Uranus in Aries, thus expanding your desire to express and assert your individuality in playful, creative and competitive ways, and with a Scorpio Saturn squaring Jupiter (90 degrees) and a Pisces Chiron in quincunx with Jupiter (150 degrees), be aware that you may doubt your own strengths and limit your opportunities to the lower expectations from past painful failures. Don’t look to others for recognition or assurances. It’s only your past wounds niggling at you, causing you to lose faith.

Trust your own wisdom, and with Mars in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces, make sure your assertions of truth are your own and not aimed at overpowering others’ beliefs. Otherwise, expect feedback.

This year, Venus (relationship) is tracking closely to the Sun, so it is home in Libra (relationship) this month, while Mercury (mind) enters Scorpio (intimacy), and then retrogrades back into Libra. The combined affect is to heighten your longing for committed connection to others while alerting your mind to the deeper, shadowy parts of relationship that challenge your ego, but lead to transformation.

Pluto/Uranus Square

Perhaps you’ve heard about the prolonged Pluto/Uranus square (90 degrees apart from each other) that started in early 2011. It is continuing a global theme of institutionalized power versus individual freedom and extends into 2015. Pluto (power), in Capricorn (responsibility), is currently squared with Uranus (individualism) in Aries (self-assertion). While also temporarily squared with the Sun and Venus in Libra, the invitation this month is to notice how the way you experience your personal relationships reflects on how you relate to the powers around and over you. This will come to a swell in late October when the Sun moves into Scorpio.

Full Moon – Oct 8 5:51am

Full Moons are a time of ripening in the lunar cycle, when our intentions for the month come to fruition. So, whatever you intended, consciously or not, at the last New Moon, will play out by now. With Venus next to the Sun opposite the Moon, you will notice an easy expression of warmth and affection with those around you, however you may experience more than the usual conflict between your needs and the needs of other people, causing some social discomfort. Finding a balance may prove difficult but will mean greater understanding of the give and take needed in relationships. Venus’s trine (60 degrees) with Mars and Uranus on the Moon will help you be assertive and able to motivate yourself because you have self-confidence and intuitive insight.

Pluto will be squaring (90 degrees) the Sun and Moon, so expect some drama and intensity. Do you want drama? If not, direct your intensity into creative pursuits at this time. You may feel reluctant to assert your needs, however be careful this does not translate to manipulation.

Self awareness tips during Libra

To evolve your Libra self, give attention to how you are in relationships. Can you assert your boundaries even when it feels as though the other may reject you? Is your assertiveness and defensiveness impulsive or a conscious response to the other person? Are you truly curious about what’s going on in the other person? Do you look for win/win solutions? Are you open to learning about your self in situations of conflict? When you judge or praise others, can you see your self, too? Are you a pleaser, keeping a smile that covers your truth? Do your relationships

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