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Astrological Update for September, 2014

by Barry Kerr

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During September, while the sun travels through practical and earnest Virgo, Venus also is in Virgo while Mercury, which rules Virgo, is in Libra. Venus, planet of relationships, and Libra, sign of relationships are inviting and supporting you to apply your super observant Virgo/Mercury mind toward how you create and experience your primary relationships. What do you notice? How do you give and receive feedback from the people in your life?

The Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, kissing the new moon on Sept 24 at 1:13am CST, as Venus hovers nearby in Virgo. The new moon is always a good time to set fresh intentions, start toward new goals, and begin projects, so this one is the perfect time to set your intention to lift your relationship skills to a higher level during October.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the prolonged Pluto/Uranus square (90 degrees apart from each other) that started in early 2011. It is continuing a global theme of institutionalized power versus individual freedom and extends into 2015.

At this new moon, Jupiter in the sign of Leo comes into a friendly trine (120 degrees) with Uranus in Aries, thus expanding your desire to express and assert your individuality in playful, creative and competitive ways, and with a Scorpio Saturn squaring Jupiter (90 degrees) and a Pisces Chiron in quincunx with Jupiter (150 degrees), be aware that you may doubt your own strengths and limit your opportunities to the lower expectations from past painful failures. Don’t look to others for recognition or assurances. It’s only your past wounds niggling at you, causing you to lose faith.

Trust your own wisdom, and with Mars in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces, make sure your assertions of truth are your own and not aimed at overpowering others’ beliefs. Otherwise, expect feedback.

Self awareness tips for Virgo

To evolve your Virgo self, pay attention to how you participate with others. Do you act on your feelings of compassion? Serve others effectively? Or just judge and criticize? How much does your mind analyze and categorize, notice details, trying to make order out of disorder? This is what our minds are designed to do, but it needs balance with our heart and intuition. Is your mind helping you create healthy routines, or causing obsessive and harmful habits? Or do you rebel against routines and order because you are disappointed with the world? Are you living primarily in your head, a mental cloud of disconnect from feelings, or are you grounding into your body and to the earth, feeling your feelings, and taking care of yourself?

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