Experiencing Past Lives

by Dina Martinez

For years I’ve heard people talking about past lives. I think the first person I actually heard it from was Shirley MaClaine. It was all just so weird, and since I was living in the South everyone around me insisted that it was delusions from the devil and demonically inspired fancy. People on TV said that she was crazy.

On my spiritual and personal journey I’d heard about reincarnation and people who were anywhere from Cleopatra to Michelangelo. But why were these people who believe in this stuff always famous figures in history? I mean, there are only so many people that can be Cleopatra! Yet so many people claim to be her. It was all kind of frustrating, as long as this was my example.

“Maybe it is the devil.” I thought. My roots were very firm in fundamentalist Christianity; if my Mom, Dad and Pastor told me something, then it must be true. Imagine my surprise when, several years later while driving to work, I had a spontaneous memory! I’ll save the full story for the workshop, but having this experience was kind of foundation-shaking for me. At this point, even I thought I might be crazy.

I turned to the Bible, in which I found a few passages that made me, gasp, question my beliefs. For example:

And if you are willing to understand what I, mean, he is Elijah, the one the prophets said would come. And if ever you were willing to listen, listen now! (Matthew 11:14­-15, The Living New Testament).

I began to find that this just might NOT be what I believe. So I began a journey to find out more than what’s in between the covers of a book I was told was the inherent word of God. I prayed a lot and asked a lot of questions. What I found was that bits and pieces work for me.

In regards to Past Lives I’ve had people tell me that I was this or that. Whether I was told that I was a Princess in the Middle East or a Samurai Warrior I felt that I just didn’t get why I would just be told. For me, spirituality and this journey to enlightenment is MY journey and not someone else’s. This journey is for ME to experience and for me to find out and if someone just tells me, “Oh you were this or you were that,” how does it help me? Why do I need this information?

I do Past Life Explorations and work not because it’s fun to know that you were someone in antiquity, although it is fun. I do it because I love how it can change people’s current lives. Give them a new perspective. That is in fact why we seek and search out information. We seek it out so that we can change, better our lives and experience this life for whatever it is and whomever we come into contact. The Past Live Experiences are meant to enhance our lives and to help us understand some things we’ve never understood about ourselves before.

Is it beneficial to consult a professional when seeking out more enlightenment? Yes, absolutely. We can absolutely learn from those who have gone the journey before us — those who have worked so hard to develop their abilities to help others. Open yourself to experiencing these past lives with the expectation of learning something about yourself. Let it impact you in the Now as you move forward in this incarnation.

Whether you come to one of my Past Life Exploration workshops or I do a private session with you, it’s important to come with a desire to grow and be open to having a good time. All this stuff is supposed to be fun and bring greater joy to our lives. You’ll get in the thick of the fun. Let’s see who and what we were!

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