fairy stone concretions go back to nature

These fascinating shapes formed in Canadian glacial lakes when calcium carbonate settled into glacial clay formations. We call them “fairy stones,” the English version of their Algonquian name, though their shapes have inspired many other whimsical names such as “mud babies.” After forming in lakes these concretions washed downstream, where curious people would pick them up and puzzle over their rounded, often human- or animal-like shapes. Another name for them in harricana, meaning “river biscuit,” which is also the name of one main river where they’re found. Canadian natives collected the stones as protective amulets, both to carry and to place in the home, to protect against bad spirits and bring good luck. They were very lucky when given to others, so that an especially beautiful one might make a gift for a loved one. Though I’ve never seen any reference to them being used as toys, they look so much like people, animals and objects that it’s hard not to imagine Algonquian children collecting and playing with them.

Metaphysical properties: Use fairy stone at the 6th Chakra to: make wishes come true; open portals to other worlds; communicate with fairy realm (also ents, sprites, nymphs & dryads); bring magic to love life, and foster peace & calming.

The image above shows a fairy stone that one of our psychic readers, the wonderful and very artistic Ronna Trapanese, crafted into a chakra goddess.