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Your first thought may be that the fox is cunning and swift, and that this might go for you as well. While foxes are both cunning and swift, they have many more qualities as a guide and totem. This quick canid is excellent at adapting to any situation or overcoming any obstacle with creativity and wit. Their wisdom and intelligence guide us to all possible ways to overcome problems and obstacles. With the fox as your totem, you are more introverted, as foxes tend to keep to the shadows and watch from a distance. While this may seem dark, it really just means you actively take an interest in the lives of those around you, and that you care enough to pay attention. However, this doesn’t mean that foxes can’t be playful or outgoing. While they may not exactly be a social butterfly, foxes do have a gregarious side. This goes well with your ability to adapt to any situation, including ones where you have to portray a different aspect of yourself. Seeing a fox in a dream may indicate that someone is deceiving or tricking you. But being a fox, this will give you the wisdom to overcome this trickery. Being a fox also means you may find yourself more active at night than during the daytime. As foxes are nocturnal, you may also find your creativity or wit working overtime during the peak hours of the night.  

2 thoughts on “Fox

  1. Mickey T Rochon

    The Fox totem description is really wild. One of my sons name is Fox. He is 18 and this analysis pretty much describes him. Lol have a great day everyone, Mickey.

    1. Mimosa Post author

      That’s really cool! Intuition is a crazy thing, but energy is real. Births and deaths seem to bring it out the most.

      Want to hear something crazy? I’ve loved tomatoes all my life. But when I was pregnant with my first son, all of a sudden I couldn’t digest them or even stand the taste. After he was born, I went back to my tomato-loving ways, but it turned out HE could never tolerate them.

      It’s like the things we can’t really know, we nevertheless feel in our bodies, and in the crazy notions that sometimes pop into our heads.


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