golden tiger’s eye is a powerhouse

Tiger’s eye is a form of quartz in which the SiO2 crystals have grown together with asbestos fibers, giving it a distinctive silky sheen. We’ll talk here about the basic golden form, but there are several related stones:

  • A blue variant, also called Hawk’s eye
  • A red variant
  • Tiger Iron, a banded mineral containing tiger’s eye, red jasper and hematite

Tiger’s eye is a great stone for putting “pedal to the metal,” taking charge of what you want and bringing it into reality. It’s also a traditional stone for warding off the evil eye. Since it contains asbestos, please don’t use it for elixirs.

TIGER’S EYE, GOLDEN: Use at the 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) for grounding, to increase psychic powers, to encourage the rising of the kundalini through the chakras, for protection, to stimulate compassion, to aid one in sorting through details and to aid in completing tedious tasks, to pull together many details in order to make sense of a whole, to aid in removing negative habits, to instill self-confidence and inner-strength, to promote equality, to banish depression, for energetic support in healing the bones and eyes, supporting reproductive health, to help one succeed on tests and exams, & to encourage success in business meetings.

Stone lore: The association between “The Eye of the Tiger” and bravery didn’t start with Survivor’s song or Stallone’s movies; it goes back at least as far as the Roman Legion, where soldiers wore tiger’s eye jewelry into battle for protection and courage. But this wasn’t its only use, even then. Divination was very popular in Rome, and soldiers in the field could use tiger’s eye as a quick method to gain insight and clarity — and, of course, a soldier often doesn’t have time to wait. Military men also used this stone as an early warning to detect potential deception. Tiger’s eye contains luminous layers of asbestos within a quartz matrix, forming complex but regular patterns, making it excellent for scrying. The directionality of these pieces has a magic to it as well; the pyramid pictured here would be great for channeling universal energy! There’s much more to tiger’s eye than just “the thrill of the fight.” (And now I’m going to have that song in my head for the rest of the day…)