Green Tara

Buddhist Bodhisattva

Buddha of enlightened activity, savior goddess of compassion

Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

The word “tara” means star. The taras are a group of Buddhas particularly popular in Tibetan Buddhism, representing various spiritual attainments.Green Tara is a compassionate helper in difficult and dangerous situations. In her role as a savior, she is able to overcome despair in even the most hopeless situations. Modern Tibetans pray to her when they are sick, beginning a journey, or looking for success in some venture. But the first Dalai Lama also identified eight symbolic perils, representing negative thought modes, that Tara can help us overcome: lions (pride), wild elephants (delusion and ignorance), forest fires (hatred), snakes (jealousy), robbers (wrong views, including fanatical views), prisons (greed and miserliness), floods (desire and attachment), and demons (doubts caused by delusion).



  • Her lotus seat represents the purity of emptiness.
  • Her right hand gesture is the mudra of granting boons
  • Her left hand gesture is the mudra of refuge
  • Her left leg is relaxed in a pose of contemplation, while her right leg is outstretched and ready for action.
  • She holds a blue lotus, symbolizing purity and power.

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