Heart of Earth Mother Chakra Reading

The Chakras are an ideal roadmap for personal growth and development.  In 2017 we are journeying through the Chakras and focusing on one Chakra a month. October brings us to the Heart of Mother Earth Chakra, the chakra the farthest down, the one that plugs us into the heart chakra of Gaia. This month, the Heart of Mother Earth asks you to ponder the famous quote by the philosopher and mystic Hermes Trismegistus: “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.” Are you as connected to mother earth and all of her energies as you are to the heavens and source energies?

Brief Overview of Chakras: The Chakras are the main energy centers in our subtle body. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura or electromagnetic field. There are main Chakras, minor, subpersonal, and transpersonal Chakras. The Chakras’ function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. Each chakra is associated with certain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual interactions. Each chakra has personal growth themes, functions, and purposes.  The concept of the Chakras has been around for thousands of years; but the energy coming to us from the cosmos is changing. We are receiving potent and new energies of high frequency light from the universe. The 7 main chakras were appropriate for us these past 2000 years. As we move into a new era, new chakras above and below the physical body are forming and others are waking up from dormancy to help us evolve into our new future.

The Heart of Mother Earth Chakra is a subpersonal chakra and is located at the heart chakra of Gaia/Mother Earth. (Yes! The earth has Chakras and energy centers). It is not in our physical body, but in our etheric/energy body. It is the farthest chakra down in our extended energy system and it is where we plug directly into the heartbeat of Earth. Its color is usually seen as brown, magenta, olive, deep red, or some other earth tone. This chakra is our ultimate connection to the physical plane and mother Gaia. She keeps you safe and protected. She is the great mother. She is also the great energy recycler and transmuter.

October 2017 Heart of Mother Earth Chakra Forecast: In my work as a spiritual counselor and holistic healing facilitator, I see many clients and students who want to learn how to connect with their higher self, universe, source energy, sun, moon, stars, angels, and spirit guides. They want to establish a meditation practice and build and develop their intuitive and psychic abilities. The “As Above” energies. I definitely do not see as many concerned about connecting to the “So Below” energies of Gaia, the elements and elementals, the fairies, gnomes, elves, nature, plants, and animals. The earth energies I spoke of in September’s Reading (hurricanes, monsoons, wildfires) are still quite intense as now Volcanos are also erupting. Mother Earth is demanding our attention right now. “As Above, So Below.” As you connect to the heavens, make sure you also nurture and develop your connection to earth. How do you connect to the Earth? How can you strengthen that connection? Immerse yourself in nature. Garden and dig your hands in the dirt. Drum and dance. Go hiking, kayaking, swimming. Bring plants and crystals into your home. Walk barefoot. Go outside and listen to the sounds of nature.  Hug a tree!

Heart of Mother Earth Chakra Aromatherapy Blend

  • 3 drops Rose essential oil
  • 5 drops Patchouli essential oil
  • ½ ounce vegetable oil like jojoba or coconut

The above blend is a topical blend. Blend the essential oils into the vegetable oils and mix well. Rub a few drops of the blend onto your heart chakra at the center of your chest. Inhale the aroma and visualize your heart chakra merging with the earth. As you do this, state the following affirmations: “I am connected to the heart of mother earth. I am safe and secure.”

About: Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA is a Spiritual Counselor, Holistic Health Consultant, Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Master Gardener, and Reiki Master Teacher with a PhD in Health Psychology. Her business, Mind, Soul, and Self LLC is based out of Wisconsin. For more info on Dr. Christina and her upcoming Chakra Retreats, Chakra Classes, Chakra Bootcamps, or to schedule an individual reading or appointment, please visit mindsoulandself.com. Many Blessings and Be Well!

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