How to Make a Room or Aura Spray

It’s easy to create your own room and aura sprays. These sprays are useful for clearing the energy of your space, refreshing your energy body, or simply providing a sensory link to whatever mood you’re trying to create.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A spray bottle. The indigo glass bottles we sell at the store look pretty and will keep bright light away from the contents, but really any spray bottle will do.

Water. Spring water or distilled water is best, though you may use tap water if you prefer. Our tap water in Wisconsin is very hard, which means that over time it will leave residue in the spray bottle — something it’s probably best to avoid. Tap water may also contain unwanted additives such as fluoride.

Disinfectant: We use a small amount of witch hazel for this, but you can also use vodka. (For this purpose, cheap stuff is fine!) This is to keep the mixture fresh over time.

Essential oil or oils: The Aura Cacia oils we sell at Mimosa work great for this, but really any brand is fine. Just make sure it’s a pure essential oil rather than perfume oil, since anything containing lipids will separate from the water instead of mixing. Popular scents include sage for cleansing, lavender for relaxation, citrus for energizing. For more ideas about which oils to use, see this article. It’s fun to experiments with blends of two or three oils, but single-scent sprays are great too.

Optional: A small crystal to boost the energy and/or the intention of the spray. A quartz crystal will boost the energy of any spray, while a small chunk of Tibetan rock salt is excellent for purification and cleansing. If you haven’t used crystals much, this article might help with some other ideas.

How to mix: For every 2 oz (about ¼ cup, or 60 ml if you’re going metric) of finished spray, you’ll use 1 tsp. vodka and 8 drops of essential oil, filling the rest of the bottle with water. Make sure to focus mentally on your intention for the spray as you work. If it’s not too embarrassing, you can even “talk to” the spray! If you choose to add a small crystal, save this step for the end, as a way to “seal” your intention into the spray.

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