Interview with artist Ria Sharon

Ria Sharon is an artist currently working on an Animal Guidance oracle deck, who crafts items based on the deck’s images and symbolism. Mimosa currently carries her candles and pendants.

Mimosa: How did you come to create the things you make?

Ria: When I was 13, I left my home in the Philippines and came to live with my aunt in Madison. She is a counseling psychologist so I spent my teen years steeped in Women Who Run with the Wolves, Jungian archetypes, and mythology. She introduced animals as guides to me back then and I’ve been under their spell ever since!

I’m fascinated by how well animals serve as channels for our intuition and yet, how accessible they are – everyone has a favorite animal, everyone has had a significant experience with an animal. They are part of our shared vocabulary as a species, regardless of culture – the Celts, the Native Americans, the Polynesians, the Aztecs, and even my pre-Filipino ancestors all share animal mythology.

Being of mixed heritage and having emigrated from another country, I’m always looking for common ground. Animals speak to me as part of the language of our souls. So in the spring of 2016, I committed to making an oracle deck of animal guidance (which is still in the works). As my collection of illustrations grew, I started to create wearable art and everyday artifacts out of them that help craft personal self-care rituals – so we can remember that within us are all the aspects we share with the animals and that this medicine is available to us at any time.

Mimosa: What about your work makes it different and special?

Ria: The illustrations are the focal point of my work. My art style is an amalgam of cultures (just like me). I’m inspired by an ancient wisdom tradition from the Philippines – the belief that a maker can infuse objects with positive energy and that others can connect with and benefit from this intention. Being certified in both Healing Touch and Reiki, I consider my art practice a spiritual and healing practice and that’s a really important aspect of the work that I share at Mimosa.