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A talk about reiki, auras and spiritual development with longtime Mimosa event presenter Jeremy Anacker.

Mimosa: When did you first realize you could see auras?

Jeremy: When I was seventeen I was invited to a spiritually oriented group and I sat in back with a friend. As the presenter told his story and was expressing how he applied various transformation principals, a white light started rolling over the crowd and then hit me at the back of the room. I might have been more dismissive of the phenomena if it was not obvious to me that I felt lifted by it as it hit me. I looked over to my friend who was oblivious to what was going on. This began the uncovering of my denial that I was seeing things around me all of the time. It set me up to get very committed to bringing healing energy to the various environments that I found myself in. Especially where there were lower energies.

Mimosa: Do you  believe any of us have the ability to practice Reiki or see auras?

Jeremy: Reiki is a very simple technique and only certain people feel called to practice the modality. If a person is interested in being a healer and they begin the practice it always works. It has become important for me to state and restate a very important point at the Reiki Sharing and in any group that I lead: “The most spiritually advanced person is the one that trusts the life force and the universe completely.” I have known some very un-evolved Aura seers so I know that this ability does not by itself make one the more advanced person in the room. For me witnessing the energy has helped me be aware that the universe is being animated and orchestrated by the every-where-present source energy. With that said, I believe that with work just about anybody can get a glimpse of the energies that dance around the human form. This can be very helpful in that one has direct experiential evidence that there is more to us than the physicality of our body. Very often the students that I interact with are already experiencing the energy around them through their own sensing or knowing. Showing up to a group can be validating for them and it is a chance to be amongst others who know that they are not crazy.

Mimosa: How does the Reiki Share work?

Jeremy: It can serve as an introduction to this very simple touch healing modality as basic information is given to new participants and they are encouraged to receive a treatment. Many new participants are very thrilled and surprised with the effortless results as they might feel as though they melted into the table or that they have expanded into the room. Other participants find that they need to try two or three separate sessions in order for their energy to prime up their energy for the process. At Mimosa during our Sunday night gathering we have from anywhere between 1 and 4 tables up and running at any given time. There are many Reiki Shares where there is a strict rule that only attuned Reiki practitioners do the healing work. At our Reiki Share new participants usually come right in and do healings right away. To me it is very inspiring to find people willing to give the process a try right away. They are also always encouraged to get a Reiki Attunement if they feel called to continue growing in the healing process.

Mimosa: Can you tell us a little about your channeling work?

Jeremy: Channeling itself has become relatively popular. Many people know about the bestselling book, “Ask And It Is Given” by Abraham Hicks. There is also the work of Edgar Cayce, Kryon, Seth, Ramtha and more where the channeler goes into a trance state and allows for a higher expression to give spiritual messages and guidance. In recent years guidance on how to achieve abundance in one’s life has become very popular. There are also many that are very helpful with everyday problems such as difficult decisions with relationships or career paths. I have been working with an energy who gives a very broad and big picture style of wisdom while also working to energetically lift the participants. It calls itself Rhammah. We have a very dedicated group of core participants that are attracted to my channeling work and there are many who come and go. No one is ever pressured to believe any dogmas or made to feel bad if the work is not for them.

Mimosa: If someone is interested in learning Reiki, how should they get started?

Jeremy: Years ago, I started out by signing up for a personal treatment while not even knowing what it was about. There is also the Basic Reiki Concepts class that I lead once a month on the fourth Sunday. I give a basic intro alongside some basic lessons that will help interested people to find a way to relate to the world of healing work and how the practice of Reiki can help them on their journey. Many who attend this event stay for the Reiki Sharing that follows.

Mimosa: What’s your definition of spiritual progress?

Jeremy: I think that just about everybody spends a great deal of time progressing by gathering information and trying out techniques. On the information level one can learn about the various paths and frameworks that people have benefitted from. In my classes I always hope to show participants how to remove the barriers to the truth. This emphasis is very different than learning about the truth as one is encouraged to discover it for themselves. In order to do this a great deal of unlearning needs to occur. I would say that ultimately we unlearn the many layers of control that our egos are hooked into and we learn to trust the ultimate supreme source of life. At some point one can discover themselves as completely non-separate from this source.

Mimosa: Can you name one person, living or dead, who has had a great influence on you?

Jeremy: Dr. Wayne Dyer has been such a great bridge builder as he has managed to speak in very simple terms to everyday people about very big ideas from various traditions in a way that is incredibly practical and transformative. In my Reiki classes I often use his quote, “No amount of feeling bad for someone is going to make them better.” I also run into a lot of people on our community who have gone over his material whether it be his books, his CDs or his PBS television specials. He has prepared many people for the next step which in my view is to join up and get active in a transformation community of like minds.


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  1. Fay Kelley

    What a great, down-to-earth, de-mystifying approach to Reiki and energy healing. Bravo for not requiring attunements to allow those who are interested in healing to discover their birthright and to encourage people to go within rather than looking to externals! Nice job!


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