Interview with Clairvoyant Medium Brenda Hammon

Mimosa is truly blessed to have Brenda Hammon as one of our regular readers. Brenda is a clairvoyant medium, delivering gentle but direct messages from guiding spirits for the benefit of her clients. In addition to working through Mimosa, she’s also been a favorite medium at other storefront locations and at the Wonewoc Spirit Camp, and regularly presents psychic gallery group readings and other events. Even with those impressive credentials, in person she’s down-to-earth, playful, and really fun to be around!

When you were growing up, did you ever feel you had unusual abilities?

When I was growing up I never really felt like anything I saw or heard was anything unusual because it had always been there. I remember believing in UFOs and all things magical, and always just knowing that these things were real. When I was little I could always read the energy of the adults around me, and many times I heard what they were going to say before they said it. I just always thought everybody could hear and see things. As a child I would have very prophetic dreams also, which at times was a bit scary.

You have some mad skill with manifesting, and even won a new car recently. What’s your secret?

Manifesting is fun-Thank you for the compliment! I have been using the power of faith. Not hope, which to me feels ‘graspy’ but FAITH-feeling and knowing that I am being led to my desires and that I can manifest anything and everything that I desire. I believe that our desires are heaven-sent and it is the Universe’s way of moving us forward in our lives. I use creative visualization and “I am” messages to keep myself grounded. It is so important to just let yourself be in the flow of source energy and have faith the Universe is leading you. Trust and have faith. I trust every day that the Universe is sending all those to me that I can be of service to, and I have faith in my ability to give them spirit’s messages.

How is a psychic gallery different from work with an individual client?

In a psychic gallery a reader must sort out all the different energy in the room and be able to identify who the message is for. Sometimes in a group, messages can also be meant for more than one person. Spirit is wonderful that way as they will place people in the gallery together for the benefit and healing of all involved. Gallery readings can be a lot of fun, and spirit loves laughter and community also! I would always advise that you come to a gallery reading with an open heart and mind and be prepared to heal and grow together as a group. Although I would get very private messages for you, if it is something that would embarrass you I would not give specifics. Very private messages are best for individual readings. In an individual reading, you will receive messages the entire time meant specifically for you-from your guides, guardians, Angels and loved ones. You have the chance throughout or at the end to ask questions and get clarification.

Does being sensitive to other people’s energy ever create difficulties?

Being sensitive to other people’s energy is hardest for me in a close relationship-as you can sense when words and spirit do not match. It can be quite difficult to know that person is lying (of course, as a mom of four this has come in handy more than once!). I also have problems in large stores where there is so much energy from other people that is connected to worry or finances. I try to go to the grocery store at off hours, or make my trips brief.

Tell us a little bit about your day job working with developmentally disabled adults.

For the last four years I have run a recreation program for adults with developmental disabilities-it is one of the best jobs in the whole world (besides doing readings of course). I get to take people bowling, to sporting events, to camps and every month we hold a dance where you will find us doing the YMCA, the hokey-pokey, and the chicken dance :). It is a rewarding job and I am grateful to be in a position where I can dedicate my time to helping others have fun and get involved in their community.

Do you ever receive personal messages from loved ones on the other side?

I can channel messages through writing for myself and I can get messages in that manner from my loved ones, Angels, guides and spirit. I can hear messages for myself at times also-when I truly listen. I feel the most connected outside, walking in nature, so I try to get outside for a walk as often as possible. I like to talk out loud to spirit as I walk, and I keep myself grounded, connected and grateful through this practice.

Is it harder to read a stranger, or someone you’ve known for a long time?

I don’t really find that there is a difference giving a reading to a stranger or friend as long as you are stepping out and just letting spirit take over. The hardest people to read are the ones who are determined not to be read, and tell you ‘no’ when the answer is really ‘yes’. I just bless those individuals and give them the messages I am receiving for them, regardless of response, because I truly have learned to trust exactly what messages are coming through for my clients.I know that some part of them is absorbing the message and when the time is right they will actually ‘hear’ it. No judgement at all, we are all at a different point on our paths.

How do you experience automatic writing? 

I cannot really find words to explain automatic writing. It just happens. I journal in the morning and ask for guidance. I have to read it back after I am done, as I don’t always remember exactly what came through. During a reading I write down guidance I receive through hearing or seeing, and then as I write other messages come through-it is a magical experience. I think it is part of what makes my readings so very helpful and beneficial-as it is such pure guidance.

Do you feel you’re basically a visual person? If so, how does this relate to your clairvoyant skills?

As an artist, I am a very visual person, and I can easily see things for my clients. I use this in my readings, as I am shown a lot of information, but I use hearing, feeling and knowing also. They all hold hands together to deliver the best messages. I will be shown things and I ask “why?”, “why is this important? and I am shown or told the answer.

What do you do to keep your inner fairy princess happy?

I love this question-it makes me smile!! I don’t think about having an inner fairy princess but I love the image. I walk, I spend time with my children, family and friends. I head to the water as often as possible, my favorite local trail runs along the river. I take art classes and love all art supplies. I love pink and collect items with hand painted pink roses. Paper, markers and stationary make me very happy. I have been known to binge watch both Project Runway and Deadliest Catch. I love to travel and see new places. I also require alone time to truly be balanced and happy-reading, bubble baths and a hot cup of tea are my go-to’s to relieve stress.

Please come and see me at Mimosa! Readings are my all-time favorite thing to do in this world. I am blessed and honored to have these gifts and enjoy being of service to my clients.