Interview with Greeting Card Artist Linda Morris

Mimosa: Can you tell us how you started making greeting cards?

Linda: I have used some of my paintings and pastel drawings for personal cards for family and friends for a few years. Last year I painted an Angel which I thought represented my wonderful sister in law, Tressa. I posted it on facebook for her and it seemed to create a snowball effect. Other friends and family asked if I would create an Angel for them also. Each Angel seemed to have a deep meaning for the recipient. Since I was creating so many, I decided to call them “Pay it Forward Angels.” I requested that each recipient of the original signed Angel pay it forward with some act of kindness. Each Angel, Goddess or landscape is created in a meditative space surrounded by my crystals, Angels, and Quan Yin’s. The images seem to create themselves as I just go with the Divine flow.

I asked my husband, spiritual artist Andre Ferrella to help me make them into greeting cards to take to the 2014 Kryon Summer Light Conference at Mount Shasta, California, where he was presenting. Much to my surprise I sold out at our booth, and so Lightworkers Greetings came about. The Goddess images came through after that Light Conference. I was very eager to paint them, even on the plane ride home. I believe the magic and mystical energy of Mount Shasta and the beautiful energy at the Kryon Light Conference helped bring them through. Each image has a pendant similar to a photo I took at night in Northern Wisconsin in 2010. There were six bright blue dimensional objects in the night sky. I was told to put one of those objects in with each Goddess image. So they are depicted as a pendant for each Goddess.

Each card is easily framed in a 5 x 7 matte or frame, so they can be re purposed and each is hand signed. I am hoping to have a Holiday Card available for the season coming up, although any of the cards can easily be used for any occasion.

Goddess of Divine Love

Goddess of Divine Love greeting card

Mimosa: Are the cards’ messages based on the images, or is it the other way around? Or do image and message both come to you simultaneously?

Linda: The messages for each card came to me in one day. I “knew” that there was a special meaning for each image. Using the same technique I used to create the Angels, I spent the day writing the message which correlated to the image. I use the same technique as more paintings and messages come through.

Mimosa: Some of your cards depict figures I’m not familiar with, such as the Goddess of Divine Love and the Goddess of Fairies. Where do these images come from?

Linda: I believe each Angel and Goddess image symbolizes an aspect of all of our Higher Selves, our Angels, Guides and the multidimensional Beings surrounding us. I hope that they evoke a message of Love, Hope and Compassion for the sender and recipient of the cards. That is why despite some of them being created for specific individuals originally, they resonate with all of us. The landscapes convey messages of tranquility and peace.

Angel of Dreams

Angel of Dreams greeting card

Mimosa: Would you like to tell us a little about The Rise of the Fallen, the nonprofit you head with your husband?

Linda: The Rise of the Fallen developed based on a form of art my husband Andre Ferrella created called Spirit Boxes. We have created a nonprofit organization honoring the soldiers fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan using this special form of portraiture to honor each soldier. We hope that it brings healing to the families and country and to the planet. Each spirit box conveys the beautiful eternal essence of the individual. The Wisconsin Veterans Museum here in Madison has the collection of fallen Wisconsin soldiers and California is working on honoring their fallen. Our goal is to honor every soldier who has lost their life. You may see the website at

Mimosa: Do you have anything new and interesting in the works?

Linda: I have written an interactive children’s book entitled The True Adventures of Mystical, Mischievous Sophie..Sophie’s Little Secret about the life of our crystal granddaughter Sophie. It’s based on diaries I have kept of her and more books are developing as she grows. I am hoping to get it published soon.