jet for mourning & protection

Jet is a living material: coal exposed to water. Burnt pieces of firewood washed out to sea may in time transform into jet. The mineral’s most famous fan was no doubt England’s Queen Victoria, who favored jewelry made of jet and hematite during her long years of mourning. Queen Victoria popularized the idea of wearing somber clothing and jewelry for mourning, but English jet had already been used for centuries for rosaries and other religious artifacts. English monks and nuns found praying with a  rosary of jet particularly effective for combating delusions, depression, bad dreams, and evil spirits. Irish wives burned jet to ensure the safety of their husband while them men were out at sea. This protective stone has also been worn in many places to counteract the evil eye.

Jet originates from fossilized wood, and in nature is a dull, dark material. But it can be polished to a high shine, and so makes very nice jewelry. When compared to other black, polished stones, it is very light and feels almost “plasticky.” Here’s what crystal healer Ashley Leavy says about distinguishing jet from other, similar black stones: “Jet has a little bit more of a silvery black appearance than just a straight black color. It’s also very lightweight because it’s carbon-based. You’ll notice its weight difference in comparison to other tumbled stones. It also usually has a very high polish on it depending on its place of origin. An exception to this rule about the highly polished surface is tibetan jet. This type of jet can have an almost matte finish. Tibetan jet is rarely seen in larger, rounded, tumbled stones. It’s typically found in flatter pieces because the nature of the material.”

Metaphysically, it is a powerful protective stone, one which is especially good for “sweeping” negative energy that has come about from arguments or other negative interpersonal encounters. It helps heal grief and calm fear, putting things into perspective. With its help, even people who suffer severe anxiety or depression can learn to heal themselves, becoming more self-reliant.

JET: Use at the 1st Chakra (Root Chakra/Base Chakra) or at the 2nd Chakra (Sacral Chakra/Spleenic Chakra) to balance the male and female energies within one’s body, to connect one with his or her ancestors, to aid one in learning to appreciate nature and the plant kingdom, to instill respect for all things ancient (as well as for the elderly), and to boost one’s energy and overall vitality. Element: Earth  Flower: Black Elderberry Essential Oil:  Oregano  Companion Stone: Amber