labradorite, a spiritual beauty

Labradorite has a lot in common with moonstone: both are feldspars sharing the same basic makeup (Ca, Na)(Al, Si)4O8), and both show a distinctive, often bluish inner shine that results when light reflects back from the inner planes of feldspar. But its darker color gives labradorite a highly spiritual quality, so that people going through spiritual awakening or development often find themselves irresistibly attracted to it.

Lore: Labradorite is named after the Labrador peninsula in northern Canada. There is a legend there that the northern lights once got trapped in stone. An inuit man went to look for them, and after he finally found them, he tried to free them by striking the rock with the shaft of his spear. But he was only partially successful. Some of the light was freed, and took its place in the sky as the aurora borealis, but some of the light remained trapped in the stone. This is how labradorite came to be.

Fun fact: The schiller (inner glow) of labradorite reminds a lot of people of the glowing moon. But did you know that there actually IS a close relative of this stone on the moon? Labradorite is a combination of two types of feldspar, albite and anorthite. It turns out that the highlands of the moon are largely composed of the latter. In fact, the Genesis Rock brought back from the Moon by the crew of Apollo 15 is mostly anorthite.

LABRADORITE: (Also known as Spectrolite)

Use at the 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra/Brow Chakra) or 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra) for protection, to dispel negative energies, form personal boundaries, facilitate past life ascension or regression, astral travel, aid in accessing the Akashic records and other esoteric knowledge, balance the physical body with the etheric body, increase conscious awareness, facilitate intuition and psychic powers, dispel fears, strengthen trust, facilitate mystical experiences, stimulate the imagination and creativity, aid in acts of magic, reveal truth, connect one with the Divine energy of the universe, bring companionship, and remove stress.