larimar for peace and joy

Larimar is a beautiful blue stone known for enhancing communication, whether with people, animals or even elemental spirits. It has a joyful yet peaceful energy.

Lore: Some stones have worldwide histories rooted in centuries of folklore, but larimar’s history is local and recent — in fact, it’s only been found in one place in the Dominican Republic. This beautiful blue stone seems to have the ocean written on it, like a reflection of the clear Caribbean waters of its origin, and all of its associations are with water. Dominican natives called it blue stone, and believed it was a gift from the sea. It was rediscovered by a Peace Corps volunteer and a Dominican man, who gave larimar its name — a combination of his daughter’s name, Larissa (which can itself mean “gull”), and the Spanish word mar, meaning ocean. The only mining area is a steep hill with a Swiss cheesed with deep, narrow mine shafts that can only be worked by hand. There’s no way of knowing how long the deposit will last.

Other Names: Dolphin Stone, Blue Pectolite, or Atlantis Stone

Properties: Use at the 5th Chakra (Throat Chakra) for promoting peace and calming, to stimulate emotional healing, to connect one with Goddess energy, and to promote communication with one’s spirit guides and totem animals.

One way to use this stone: To enhance communication with spirit guides, elementals or other beings, try meditating while holding a piece of larimar. You could even try holding it against your head, just behind your ear, to better hear what your guides have to tell you.