lepidolite for emotional stability

Lepidolite is a lithium-rich form of mica, whose name translates to “scaly stone” — very appropriately, since you can usually flake off pieces with your fingernail. It’s very light to the touch, and lightens moods as well, evening out excessive highs and lows. Lepidolite can help people detach from mental health issues, overly strong emotions, and things that are simply out of one’s control. If crystals had mottos, lepidolite’s might be, “Not my circus, not my monkey”! Lepidolite has been mined for a couple centuries as a major source of lithium and certain rare minerals, including rubidium, which is used to date very old rocks. It has only come into wide use recently as a healing and magical stone.

Safety and care: As a form of mica, lepidolite is very soft and fragile, and layers can break off easily. It also contains aluminum, so please don’t use it in elixirs.

Properties: Use at the 4th Chakra (Heart Chakra) for balance, to promote feelings of compassion, to enhance peace, calming, and tranquility during stressful times, to aid in forgiveness, to encourage harmonious relationships, to reduce geopathic stress, to encourage feelings of comfort and safety, and to encourage new friendships to blossom. Also known as lepidolite mica.