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by Kelly Lingen

If you’ve ever admired a sparkling display of pendulums in a new-age shop before, you probably noticed that there were many different shapes, colors, and baubles that comprised them – not to mention a variety of materials such as crystals, metal, and wood, too. The uniqueness of each pendulum, its shape, color, and material makeup – these aren’t the only differences that separate one pendulum from another. There are actually different types of pendulums as well!

Not knowing the differences from one pendulum to the next can really add to the confusion when you’re trying to choose one to work with, even for an experienced dowser. If you’d like to know more about the different types of pendulums you can work with, read on. One of them might be just the right type for you!

Beginner’s Pendulum: A beginner’s pendulum can usually be identified by its very simple and basic design. Typically a beginner’s pendulum consists of a gemstone weight and a sterling silver or silver plated chain. The shape of the weight is often rounded at the bottom resembling an inverted teardrop. At the end of the chain you will usually find a bead, charm, or small crystal. While most pendulums have something of this nature at the end of the chain or cord, it’s especially common for beginner’s pendulums to have this feature as it helps the “newbie” dowser get comfortable holding their new pendulum.

Chakra Pendulum: Not only are chakra pendulums beautiful, they’re easy to identify, too. Need a hint? Just look for a pendulum that features the colors of your chakras: typically red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple/clear chakra featured along the sterling silver chain, in either gemstone chips or beads. Others have the chakra colors displayed in or on the pendulum weight itself. I’ve seen weights that have gemstones representing each chakra aligned vertically on a pendulum weight. I’ve also seen a “cage” weight with each chakra gemstone inside the cage – either all at once or one at a time. Chakra pendulums can be used for all manners of dowsing, but are especially designed for chakra balancing, clearing, and healing.

Chambered Pendulums: Chambered pendulums are pretty darn cool if you ask me! They go unnoticed sometimes because they are usually pretty plain on the outside. Often made of wood, chambered pendulums are just that – chambered. It you look closely at one, you’ll see that you can remove the top by carefully unscrewing it. The bottom half of the weight is a tiny chamber that you can put something in. Chambered pendulums are especially useful when dowsing for other people, especially when dowsing at a distance or dowsing for a missing person.

*Please note: Never put liquids of any kind inside a chambered pendulum if it’s made of wood. Liquids will soak into the wood and cause permanent damage to your pendulum.

Egyptian Pendulum: While readily available, Egyptian pendulums are not always as easy to find as some of the other types. Egyptian pendulums stand out in the crowd, though, that’s for sure! Slender in appearance, the top of the pendulum weight stands regal and proud. To me, it resembles a chess piece. The bottom of the weight is simple and smooth, and it comes to a slim, rounded point. Egyptian pendulums come in a variety of materials including but not limited to gemstones, porcelain, and wood. They are excellent for all matters of dowsing but are especially helpful when it comes to locating or selecting land, precious resources (metals and water), and lost objects.

Hexagonal Pendulum: Hexagonal pendulums are very similar to beginner’s pendulums in their simplicity, but their hexagonal shape is what gives them their uniqueness when it comes to healing. An inverted hexagonal cone, these pendulums closely resemble the shape of a beehive. What does this symbol represent for us? How about community? If you’d like to work with a pendulum that will improve and heal communication issues, relationships, and collaborations, perhaps this is the right match for you.

The next time you’re out shopping for a new pendulum, take a closer look at the selection in front of you and see if you can identify some of the different types of pendulums mentioned here. Who knows? Maybe one of them will end up being just the right match for you!

Happy Dowsing!

About Kelly: Besides being an employee at Mimosa, Kelly Lingen is an instructor for the Love & Light School of Energy Medicine, a freelance writer, and the mother of five. Although she enjoys writing and teaching on a variety of subjects, her specialties include crystal healing, dowsing, art as a spiritual practice, and natural living.

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