Moon Calendar for 2019


Humans have always used the moon and sun to keep track of the dates and seasons. The Moon, the night sky’s brightest celestial being, is an essential part of our lives. The Moon pulls and pushes on our oceans, creating the tides, and helps keep the Earth’s orbit stable. Its gravitational pull reaches all the way into the Earth’s core, slowing down the rotational speed. The Moon literally keeps our planet in check, constantly pulling and pushing, as if we were engaged in a mystical ballroom dance. Yet even before knowing how much it controls our lives, we gave the Moon meaning.

A Full Moon occurs approximately every 28 days, which is the time the Moon takes to travel around our Earth. As it makes a full rotation in about the same amount of time, we always see the same side — the beautiful, cratered, and battered side. In it, some cultures see rabbits, or men, or a lady. But whatever they see, it’s something magical.

Many myths and legends surround the Moon, and every culture has its own idea. The Chinese believed there were twelve different moons, all made of water, each with its own month and meaning. The Algonquin tribe of North America also gave the Full Moons names and meanings, and these are still popular in North America. They used the Moon to tell the seasons, and to know the best times for planting crops and hunting. Many cultures see the Moon itself as feminine, helping women with fertility; since the moon’s orbit is about the same length as a woman’s menstrual cycle, it can help her make an educated guess about when she might be ovulating.

The Moon’s many phases are essential to Wiccan and Pagan practices. Each stage of the moon brings new and different energy to their magic, and certain spells work best at certain times. One common practice is known as Drawing Down the Moon, the purpose of which is to fill yourself with the Full Moon’s divine light, or Essence of the Goddess. Anyone can invoke Her, by simply looking up and willing Her Essence. Taking in the Full Moon’s energy helps increase self-confidence, release all worries and stress from one’s body, and essentially clear oneself of negativity. Drawing in the Moon’s energy is beneficial for all souls, helping one release the negative and accept the positive. It’s about directing energy in a positive way.

You can use any amount of Moonlight to fill yourself with Divine Light. Different phases have different meanings, so it’s important to be really clear with your intention when drawing in the energy. Each Moon Phase reflects a different face of the Goddess.

Phases of the Moon

new moon New Moon/Crescent Moon: The Moon is dark. Now is the time to seek new knowledge and new beginnings. Start fresh, try something new — perhaps a new project.
waxing moon Waxing Moon: The Moon’s light is starting to grow. It’s the time for abundance in your life. Invoke Her light to bring Good Luck, attract love and conceptualize new ideas.
first quarter moon First Quarter Moon: This is a time of action. If you’ve been meaning to do something, now is the time to do it.
waxing gibbous Waxing Gibbous Moon: There is forward momentum as the Moon moves into her fullest phase. You’ll start noticing results from your new beginnings now.
full moon Full Moon: The Moon is at the peak of her energy and the most positive. This is the primest time to take in her divine light.
 disseminating moon Disseminating Moon: As the light begins to fade, energies turn inward. It may be a good time to hold off and bide your time. Reflect on what you’ve learned.
 third quarter moon Third Quarter Moon: Now is the time to polish your skills. Use what you have and make the best of it. Look over your work, and make it better. Get rid of anything that just isn’t working in your life.
balsamic moon Balsamic Moon: Now that she is reaching her final stage, it is time to release all of your pent up energies. If you’ve been unhappy at your workplace or relationship, now may be the time to let go.
teensy waning moon Last Waning Moon: The Full Moon is passing and the light is growing smaller. This is the time to banish addictions or problems that cause you anguish.

Full Moons 2019

January 20, Lunar Eclipse/Full Wolf Moon: The name comes from the sound of howling wolves during this full moon. The wolves remind us to confer with our pack in times of great challenge, and honor our traditions. Wolves are very vocal beings, communicating openly and often. Not just through literal vocalization but also through body language and eye movements. Express yourself during this Full Moon. Full Moon Zodiac – Leo: This Full Moon in Leo is the time to invoke the energy of the Full Moon for courage or fertility.

February 19, Full Snow Moon: Another nickname for this moon is the Hunger Moon, as there is also a lack of food during this month. The amount of snow was usually so high in this month that even hunting was near impossible. This Full Moon is a time to come together with your loved ones. Full Moon Zodiac – Virgo: The Full Moon in Virgo is a good time to manifest employment or the invoke her energy for health and dietary concerns.

March 20, Full Worm Moon: As the snow melts, the ground is going through repeated stages of thawing and freezing, and earthworms start to peek out. This moon is also called the Full Sap Moon, as it is the time to start tapping Maple trees. It is also known as the last Moon of Winter. It is a time of renewal as the Earth begins to wake up from its nap. This Full Moon is about rebirth and fertility. During this time of the Full Moon, try branching out, try something new. Full Moon Zodiac – Libra: A Full Moon in Libra means good news for invoking Her power for artistic creativity. It’s also good for working with personal relationships as well as emotional balance.

April 19, Full Pink Moon: This name comes from the seasonal blooming of pink phlox, a bright explosion of color. This Full Moon is also known as the Egg Moon or Sprouting Grass Moon. During this time you may be feeling a little flighty or ungrounded. The Earth has been frozen, but now the earth is soft once more, and it’s time to ground yourself. During this Full Moon, imagine roots coming from the bottom of your feet and spreading deep within the dirt and sediment. You are strong and balanced, like a are beautiful tree.  Full Moon Zodiac – Scorpio: Scorpio’s Full Moon allows for one to go through transformations. Also helps one work in using Her Divine Light for sexual matters.

May 18, Full Flower Moon: This Full Moon represents the end of spring and the welcoming of Summer. Because of the abundance of flowers and life, Faeries are prominently found. Communication to the Faerie Realm and the trees is heightened. There is a strong power flowing from the trees and plants during this Full Moon. There are myths that flowers grow in the moonlight and even dance. During this Full Moon the Faeries remind us to relax a little and enjoy life. Creative energies are flowing. Full Moon Zodiac – Sagittarius: This is a good Moon to try invoking the energy of Divine Light in aid for legal issues, publication, traveling and revealing the truth.

June 17, Full Strawberry Moon: The name evokes strawberry picking season, but this Full Moon is also known as the Rose Moon in France. In this prime season both roses and strawberries are at their best. During this Full Moon you will need to strengthen yourself and fix your inconsistencies. It’s a good idea to remember to reward yourself for all your hard work, and know that you are essential. Full Moon Zodiac – Capricorn: The Full Moon in Capricorn is excellent for using the Moon’s energy to bring you ambition and success in career and political matters.

July 16, Full Thunder Moon: Also known by the Algonquin tribe as the Full Buck Moon, because this is the time when bucks’ antlers grow a lot. It’s also very stormy, which means there is a lot of energy flowing around. It’s important to ground yourself, but to embrace this surge of energy as well. Use the more tranquil storms to carry you to another plane and meditate. Try manifesting or simply just sitting quietly and enjoying the sound of rain. Open yourself up. Full Moon Zodiac – Capricorn: The Full Moon in Capricorn is excellent for using the Moon’s energy to bring you ambition and success in career and political matters.

August 15, Full Sturgeon Moon: This Moon is also referred to as the Red Moon in honor of the hot summer days that are beginning to fade. The Algonquin tribe named it for the lakes and rivers being abundant with fish. This Full Moon is the calm after the stormy weather. It’s a great time to strengthen your relationships. Hang out with friends, and even make new ones. Give thanks for all you’re grateful for. Pamper yourself and your loved ones. Full Moon Zodiac – Pisces: This is a good time to work on psychic abilities and your creative outlet.

September 13, Full Harvest Moon: This Moon also goes by the name of Full Corn Moon (as you may have heard in the famous Disney Pocahontas song “Colors of the Wind”.) It is a time of harvesting crops before the cold sets in and the ground freezes. If this Full Moon appears in late August, it’s known as the Full Harvest Moon; if it occurs in early September, it’s known as the Full Corn Moon, since this is the time to pick corn for winter storage. This is a time to let go and forgive, and for abundance and growth. Out with the old, in with the new. Full Moon Zodiac – Pisces: This is a good time to work on psychic abilities and your creative outlet.

October 13, Full Hunter’s Moon: Known as the Harvest Moon if it falls close to the Autumn Equinox, though the Algonquin tribe referred to it as the Full Hunter’s Moon, as this was when they hunted game for winter. It’s also known as the Full Dying Moon, to symbolize the dying of the old year, to lull the Earth to sleep for the Winter. This is also a great time to communicate with animal spirits and to find your animal guide or totem. You may have been born with a Spirit Animal Guide, or you may have instinctively picked one. Full Moon Zodiac – Aries: Now is the time to invoke the Goddess’ skills in leadership. She will help you become the leader you want to be with all the authority you need.

November 12, Full Beaver Moon: The Algonquin tribe would trap and kill beavers during this month, in order to use their fur. This is a time to protect yourself. Surround yourself in white light, and remember to love yourself. It’s good to try to ground yourself before the warmth of the world fades and the long winter comes. It’s important to remember the Sun will keep shining. So be the Sun, and shine. Full Moon Zodiac – Taurus: Now is the time for manifestation of love or material things. This is a great time to ask for things we want.

December 11, Full Cold Moon: Otherwise known as the Long Dark Nights or Full Yule Moon. During this month the nights are long, dark and frigid. We remember those in need of warmth, and sitting with our loved ones before the blazing fire we are reminded that there’s love and warmth even in the cold of winter.We are not alone. We protect each other; we are the Sun. We celebrate that the year has come full circle, knowing that soon the Earth will warm and breathe again, full of new life. Full Moon Zodiac – Gemini: This is the best time to work on communication. You can use this energy to manifest travel time or even help with your writing.

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