Crystal message: “Open your heart to the compassion that the universe has to offer. Receive this as a gift from universal source and feel yourself full of gratitude, supported and nurtured by the world around you.”

Common Properties:

– Creates emotional stability

– Enhances feelings of love

– Promotes feelings of safety and security

– Provides emotional protection

– Enhances self-love

– Re-opens your Heart Chakra after heart-break or loss

– Supports you when you’re dealing with feelings of grief

– Helps you to become comfortable with yourself

– Removes interference from the ego self

 Color pink Colors: Pink; Salmon; Mauve
 Morgan's chakras  Associated Chakras: Sacral (2nd); Heart (4th)
 Tauruscancer  Zodiac Signs: Taurus; Cancer
A composition of natures basic elements

water element

 Elements: Earth; Water
 bleeding heart Companion Flowers: Bleeding Hearts
 lotus  Companion Essential Oil: Lotus
 invisible-vera-cruz-amethyst-150x150  Companion Stone: Vera Cruz Amethyst
 afghanistan  Common Origins: Afghanistan, Brazil, China

Notes: Morganite is the pink variety of Beryl.

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