onyx for strength

Onyx is a form of banded agate with a long history. Its excellent, smooth texture and interesting patterns make it perfect for carving both jewelry and everyday objects, including cameos. The ancients sought it out for this reason, using it to fashion tough and handsome pottery and bowls. The Bible even gives onyx the honor of forming the foundation of the City of Heaven. For some reason, medieval authorities took an intense dislike to this stone; they claimed it made love chill, brought on attacks of “frivolities,” and caused babies to drool. But they admitted a big plus side as well: a strong virtue as a protective and healing stone. Nowadays we’ve come to value the positive side of this beautiful semi-precious gem.

As an astrological stone for Scorpio: Onyx is a stone for strength. Hardiness, constancy, grounding, stamina, self control–all of these qualities come together in the layered beauty of onyx. This would seem to play to the strengths of vigorous Scorpio. But this intense sign, often self-repressive, has also been described as “an ice-cap atop a smouldering volcano.”  The layering of onyx reminds us to take each thing in turn, rather than obsessing about what should be or might have been. Grounding is important, faced with Scorpion passions.

ONYX, BLACK: (Also known as Black Chalcedony) Use at the 1st Chakra (Root Chakra/Base Chakra) to enhance clear focus, to amplify one’s intention, to promote Divine order, to encourage sensibility, for protection and shielding from negative energies, and for grounding.

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