opal for heart healing

Opal is a variety of quartz in which water particles have become trapped between layers of silicon dioxide. This water refracts light, giving opal an inner “fire”. When the crystal forms in an enclosed space where the water can’t evaporate, the crystal-plus-water gel hardens to form opal. This stone may contain other impurities as well, which is why opal comes in a rainbow of colors.

Lore: A lot of opal lore begins with the notion that in some sense opal is alive, maybe because of the play of colors that comes when you move the stone. Because of this living quality, opal was the original “mood stone,” sparkling when its owner was happy, or shooting fire if the owner was angry. But quite a few stories about opal talk about misfortune. For example, Queen Victoria loved opals, so for her coronation she chose an opal pin to fasten the back of her off-the-shoulders dress. When the pin popped out during the ceremony, the world got to see a little more of the young queen than was proper. Of course the opal was blamed. A darker legend comes from Australia, currently the main place opal is mined. Miners there talk about the mysterious “night stones,” opals so fiery they glowed in the dark. They would descend into the mines at midnight to find them–a practice that no doubt added to the mystery of the stones, but caused a lot of accidents as well. Because of these and many other similar stories, some people call opal “beautiful but dangerous.”

Blue Opal: Use at the 4th Chakra (Heart Chakra) or at the 5th Chakra (Throat Chakra) for promoting compassionate attitudes, to encourage heart-based speech and actions, for enhancing Shamanic work, to center the self, to quiet the ego mind, and for peace and tranquility.

Pink Opal: Use at the 4th Chakra (Heart Chakra) to instill love and compassion in the user, to enhance prayers and intentions for the good of all beings, to help heal afflictions of the heart, to cool fiery tensions caused by family disagreements (especially those stemming from sibling rivalry), to encourage forgiveness, to instill a feeling of nurturing and tenderness toward all beings, for healing heart trauma (physical or emotional), to protect the heart chakra, to add a new spark to old relationships, to provide comfort for those who are terminally ill, to guide one down one’s life path, and to promote emotional stability and security.

Pink Dendritic Opal: Use at the 1st Chakra (Root Chakra/Base Chakra) or at the 4th Chakra (Heart Chakra) to expand the energies of the heart chakra throughout one’s entire physical and energetic bodies, to anchor the energies of the heart chakra in one’s everyday life so that he or she may remember to treat all beings with love, kindness, and compassion, to extinguish feelings of anger and replace them with peace and understanding, and to aid one in recognizing the oneness of all beings. As this is a variety of Andean Pink Opal, these properties also apply.

Boulder Opal: Use at the 5th Chakra (Throat Chakra) or at the 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra/Brow Chakra) to balance and align all chakras, to restore one to optimum health after times of stress or negativity, to allow one to remain positive and optimistic until his or her hopes, dreams, and wishes have been fulfilled, to promote harmony in friendships and partnerships, and to allow one to see auras.

Fire Opal / Cherry Opal: Use at the 1st Chakra (Root Chakra/Base Chakra), 2nd Chakra (Sacral Chakra/Spleenic Chakra), 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra/Brow Chakra), or at the 7thChakra (Crown Chakra) to stimulate vitality and passion for life, to enhance connection to the fire element, to instill creative inspiration, energetic support when dealing with depression or apathy, to enhance telepathic communication, to stimulate one’s psychic abilities, and to promote spiritual ascension.

Hyaline Opal: (Also known as Hyalite) Use at the 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra/Brow Chakra) or at the 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra) to raise one’s energetic vibrations, for spiritual ascension, to remove feelings of jealousy or anger, to connect one with his or her inner child, and to combine and balance the energies of the air and water elements within the body.

Violet Flame Opal: Use at the 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra) or at the 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra) for developing your psychic skills, to connect with the ascended masters and your spirit guides, to tap into the cleansing power of St. Germaine’s Violet Flame, for spiritual growth, to open the Crown Chakra, to help you be open to your psychic gifts without blocking them (consciously or subconsciously), and to help you connect with your spirituality in everyday life.

Care and Safety: Due to their water content, opals can be fragile and water-sensitive, and can also be damaged by excessive drying. It’s best to store them in a cool place, away from direct sunlight or moisture. They should never be used in elixirs.