peridot for spiritual protection

Peridot (pronounced either PEAR-a-dot or PEAR-a-doe) is the gemstone variety of the mineral olivine. It is the birthstone for August.

Lore: The lore of peridot has remained remarkably consistent through time. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and others associated it with the sun, and through the dark ages, medieval times and into modern times, many authorities claimed that this solar association made peridot the most effective crystal for protection against evil. Various writers from that time recommended peridot for necromancers, people plagued by hauntings, and anyone possessed by an unclean spirit. It was also a most effective stone to use against frightening things that happen at night — anything from nightmares and night terrors to sleep paralysis, which was thought to be the work of a creature called the Night Hag. Recommendations for peridot’s use were also very consistent: you would wear a bead of it strung on the hair of a donkey around your left arm for general protection from dark forces, or set in a donkey’s jaw to make a kind of weapon against any kind of “devil.” (One must wield this club with the left hand). If peridot is set in metal, that metal should be gold, which also has solar associations. Modern crystal practitioners still recommend peridot for healers and people with psychic abilities, because of its power to protect them from negative energy that may be attached to clients and other people.

Properties: Peridot (also known as Olivine) may be used at the 4th Chakra (Heart Chakra) for protection, to disintegrate negative energy, for healing the body, mind, and spirit, to manifest physical and spiritual abundance, and to increase luck.